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  • We analyze data from the 1993 Indonesian Family Life Survey (IFLS1), distinct in its collection of a broad array of current and retrospective socio-economic and health information among individuals, households, and communities2 . The selection of households is representative of 83% of the Indonesian population, thus capturing the cultural and economic diversity among Indonesia’s regional populations.

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  • The third step involved examining the relationship between Spanish performance at the end of second grade and English performance at the end of third grade and end of fourth grade through a series of regression analyses. This technique allowed us to test the relationships between initial factors (initial reading performance in Spanish) and outcome factors (performance in English reading at the end of third and fourth grades), controlling for initial performance on other factors that could influence this relationship.

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  • Evaluating mutual fund performance is a topic of long-standing interest in the academic literature, but few if any studies have addressed the selection of an optimal portfolio of funds. Instead of using the historical data to estimate performance measures or produce fund rank- ings, this study uses the data to explore the mutual-fund investment decision.

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  • Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) was developed during the same period as PEM, in the early 1990’s. PGP was originally designed for securing Internet mail. PGP shares most technical features, such as digital signatures and public-key based encryption, with PEM. Like PEMit uses a proprietary, non-MIME-compatible, message format [3]. However, later MIME-compatible variations have evolved [22]. PGP’s main difference from other proposals is its key management system. It does not use X.509 Certificates, but rather a proprietary syntax.

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  • Hence, the average age of the air pollution related fatalities is much higher than for victims of fatal road accidents (30-40 years of age). Theoretical as well as empirical evidence indicates a decreasing WTP with increasing age, with reduced remaining life expectancy and with reduced quality of life. For the present study, the relationship adopted is provided by the latest research of Jones-Lee.

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  • There are several actors involved in the development of marketing communications and their subsequent dissemination to the target audience. The key relevant actors are illustrated in Figure 3. Food manufacturers and food retailers (and their respective trade associations and representative bodies) range from large global food and non-alcoholic beverage producers to small local vendors and kiosks, including supermarkets and quick- service restaurant chains.

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  • Interest rate exposure is generally described as the risk of a reduction in a pro- jected or anticipated measure of net interest income (target measure) resulting from changes in market interest rates. 1 Yet from a practical perspective such a defi nition is somewhat fl awed, as the use of an anticipated (or projected) mea- sure of net interest income is fraught with risks. Any inappropriate assum ption in the projection phase will produce an inaccurate target measure and, conse- quently, result in an inaccurate assessment of interest rate risk.

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  • The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) provided daily data on air pollution levels collected at the nine monitoring stations located throughout the city. Six of these monitors have been in operation since 1987 and are operated directly by the CPCB. The other three monitors, added to the monitoring network in 1990, are operated on behalf of the CPCB by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI).

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  • Take your four boxes and lay them out on your base using the plan on page 2. Check you are happy with the height of each ‘building’. You can make the cereal boxes into shorter buildings by carefully cutting to size – this can be easier if you flatten each box first, then reform using sticky tape to secure. Romans usually made their walls out of stone and covered them with cement to make the walls smooth and very strong. Create the Roman look by covering each of the sides of your boxes with cream-coloured paper. You can paint white paper cream by mixing white paint with a dash...

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  • Es werden zwei verschiedene Prozesse zur Herstellung von Formaldehyd unterschieden. Einerseits wird die oxidative Dehydrierung von Methanol mit Hilfe von Silberkatalysatoren und andererseits die Oxidation von Methanol mit Hilfe von Eisenoxid/Molybdänoxid Katalysa- toren angewandt. Am einzigen österreichischen Standort wird die oxidative Dehydrierung verwendet. Die Ka- pazität dieser Anlage liegt bei 91 000 Tonnen pro Jahr, berechnet als 100 % Formaldehyd. Im Jahr 1998 wurden 83 600 Tonnen produziert, wofür 102 000 Tonnen Methanol als Roh- material benötigt wurden.

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  • A slight loss of refrigerant is recognized by ‘bubbles’ in the liquid-indicating sight glass installed in the liquid line of a system, a loss of performance, partial frosting of the evaporator and lower than normal operating pressures. Refrigerant may be added in vapour form to the low side of the system if the refrigerant is azeotropic such as R502. This means that it reacts as a single substance refrigerant. The zeotropic refrigerant blends do not react in a similar manner and they should be added to a system in liquid form. ...

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  • The term usually used to describe the way insurance companies decide when to pay benefits is “benefit triggers.” This term refers to the criteria and the methods that the insurance company uses to evaluate when you are eligible for benefits, and the conditions you must meet to receive benefits. This is an important part of a long-term care insurance policy. Look at it carefully as you shop. The policy and the outline of coverage usually describe the benefit triggers. Look for a section called “Eligibility for the Payment of Benefits” or simply “Eligibility for Benefits.

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  • In 2009 and 2010, the 15th anniversaries of the Cairo and Beijing conferences, respectively, were commemorated. The year 2010 also marks the 10th anniversary of the Millennium Summit, from which emerged the Millennium Development Goals. Encouragingly, with so much attention focused on these landmark events, we have seen no wavering of commitment to the issues they defined. There has been acknowledgement, however, of how much remains to be accomplished if the visions inspired by them are to become actualized.

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  • I came to view the process by which a central bank manages the interbank rate in a different light a few years ago in a paper on the zero bound on interest rate policy. 8 Obviously, at the zero bound it is no longer possible for a central bank to operate on the interest opportunity cost spread. The spread is zero. Nevertheless, a central bank still may be said to manage the interbank rate when it is zero. Thus, something other than open market operations and the interest opportunity cost spread must matter for the implementation of interest rate policy. Irving...

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  • This report is intended to provide stakeholders — clients, customers, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), associates and all those concerned about global climate change — with an update on our progress toward our goals and commitments. We view it as a bridge between our most recent Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) report, published in 2009, which includes environmental initiatives from 2007 and 2008, and a comprehensive Bank of America corporate social responsibility report planned for 2011, which will also adhere to the GRI reporting framework.

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  • Your education loan debt represents a serious financial commitment that must be repaid. A default on any loan engenders serious consequences, including possible legal action against you by the lender or the government, or both. Law school graduate debt of $100,000 amounts to almost $1,187 a month on a standard 10-year repayment plan. Federal loans offer graduated and income-sensitive repayment plans that lower monthly payment amounts but increase the number of years of repayment.

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  • Every new technology brings with it both excitement and anxiety. No sooner was the Internet upon us in the 1990s than anxiety arose over the ease of accessing pornography and other controversial content. In response, entrepreneurs soon developed filtering products. By the end of the decade, a new industry had emerged to create and market Internet filters. These filters were highly imprecise. The problem was intrinsic to filtering technology.

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  • Operationally, the problem is that, as noted earlier, while value-based management provides a criterion for strategies to be selected and evaluated, it does not say how these strategies can be constructed. Before a strategy can be put forward for SVA, a method for identifying the need for strategic change must exist. Then there must be a process of constructing strategic options that have prospects of creating competitive advantage and enabling the business to generate cash flows that exceed costs including the cost of capital.

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  • Compared with the overall school district population, our survey sample is both whiter and wealthier, an occurrence similar to previous surveys conducted in these school districts (Schellenberg, personal communication, 2007).

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  • On 18 August, a military convoy based in Bossangoa was ambushed by rebels just east of Markounda in north-central CAR. The town of Bele is now under the control of the APRD rebel group. Three soldiers were seriously injured in the ambush, and were medi-evacuated to Bangui. The mayor and most of the villagers have subsequently sought refuge in Markounda. On the same day, a drunken soldier reportedly shot a 17 year old female in Markounda. The girl is now undergoing treatment with MSF in the town. On August 19, four men were killed, and three more...

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