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  • The Labor Code specifies the labor standards; the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the employees, the employers, the labor representative organizations, the employer representative organizations in the labor relation and other relations directly related to the labor relation, the State management of labor.

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  • Labour is the most important activity of a human being creating both material products and social values. High labour productivity, quality and efficiency are significant factors which determine the level of development of a country. By regulating the rights and obligations of employees and employers, labour standards, and labour utilization and management, the Labour Code not only contributes increased production but also plays an important role in society and in the legal system of the nation....

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  • While most editors will spend their first editorial explaining at length the arduous path the brought the fruit of their labor to life, I feel I have a higher goal to aspire to. Getting php|a off the ground has introduced us to some genuinely new experiences— nothing beats being awake at two o’clock in the morning (when you couldn’t read the lettering off a truck if it hit you) trying to pick a highly legible font that will work both on the screen and in print. Still, I don’t think you want to hear about that....

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  • Besides having the best EHR for their practice, it is also Greenway’s belief that physicians need fiscally responsible incentives to increase adoption of HIT at a greater pace. Physicians and their practices are the backbone of the American healthcare system and since they are also small businesses, they are the backbone of our economy as well.

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  • Worker flexibility is key given the dynamic nature of the U.S. labor market and ongoing technological change. In 2003, for example, a quarter of American workers were in jobs that were not even listed among the Census Bureau’s Occupation codes in 1967, and technological change has only accelerated since then. Environmental-related occupations – which are expected to experience tremendous growth over the next decade – did not exist in comparable data prior to 2000.

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  • Like most networking software, TCP/IP is modeled in layers. This layered representation leads to the term protocol stack, which refers to the stack of layers in the protocol suite. It can be used for positioning (but not for functionally comparing) the TCP/IP protocol suite against others, such as Systems Network Architecture (SNA) and the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model. Functional comparisons cannot easily be extracted from this, because there are basic differences in the layered models used by the different protocol suites.

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