Labor force structure

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  • This monograph documents recent (2005–2008) RAND Corporation research on combat air force aircrew management problems resulting from the competing goals of producing sufficient experienced combat pilots and operating within the constraints of force structure reductions. The monograph summarizes the supply-and-demand problems the fighter force has faced over the past decade, summarizes the decisions made in an attempt to solve them, and describes the RAND dynamic simulation model used to help t

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  • World Development Indicators 2011, the 15th edition in its current format, aims to provide relevant, high-quality, internationally comparable statistics about development and the quality of people’s lives around the globe. This latest printed volume is one of a group of products; others include an online dataset, accessible at http://data.worldbank. org; the popular Little Data Book series; and DataFinder, a data query and charting application for mobile devices.

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  • We present an array of force spectroscopy experiments that aim to identify the role of solvent hydrogen bonds in protein folding and chemical reactions at the single-molecule level. In our experiments we control the strength of hydrogen bonds in the solvent environment by substituting water (H2O) with deuterium oxide (D2O). Using a combination of force protocols, we demonstrate that protein unfolding, protein collapse, protein folding and a chemical reaction are affected in different ways by substituting H2O with D2O.

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  • Eastern Europe has undergone far-reaching transition from the former Soviet system of collective and state farms to new agrarian structures. This has unfolded in many ways, depending on countries’ factor endowment, institutional structure, the share of agriculture in the overall labor force, infrastructure, and the way the reforms were implemented. In areas of low population density where collectives were divided into small plots allocated to members, the plots were quickly rented back by companies with access to finance and machinery.

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  • Benefits Realized by the Customer: BGX/ACE systems support rapid change, maintenance and turn-up of new services, creating faster generation of revenues and decreased costs of technical labor and service downtime. Technicians are no longer forced to work in crowded splice cases. The risk of cutting the wrong fiber or knocking down live service is virtually eliminated. BGX/ACE systems arrive preprovisioned, eliminating guess work from fiber identification. Technicians access the network at virtually any time without inconveniencing customers and without requiring expensive new structures....

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