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  • This research investigated the main factors that influence labor quality in the handicraft sector of Bac Ninh province. A total of 261 laborers in this sector were interviewed according to 48 various aspects of labor quality. Exploratory factor analysis was employed to group different variables and a regression model was used to predict the impact of the main factors on the quality of labor.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Contemporary labor economics" has contents: Labor economics - Introduction and overview; the theory of individual labor supply, labor quality - Investing in human capital; population, participation rates, and hours of work; the demand for labor; alternative pay schemes and labor efficiency,...and other contents.

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  • After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Identify forces beyond management control that affect the availability of labor; explain the reasons that cause people to leave their home countries; discuss the reasons that some countries have guest workers; explain factors associated with employment policies, including social roles, gender, race, and minorities.

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  • The author wishes to thank AusAID and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development project approval and funding from AusAID. Also like to thank the staff of the Can Tho University, Agriculture University and Institute of Agricultural Sciences Highlands have contributed their time and labor for the project activities. Ministry of Science and Technology (DOST), Ben Tre province thanked their assistance in the farmer survey and selection of sites to evaluate small-scale solar dryer. Smilja Lambert of Mars, Inc..

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  • The authors wish to thank AusAID and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vietnam project approval and funding from AusAID. Also like to thank the staff of the Can Tho University, University of Agriculture and Forestry and Agriculture Highland Academy of Sciences has contributed time and labor to operate the project.

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  • Chapter 19 - Establishing performance standards. After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Explain the meaning and significance of quality and quantity standards in labor control, identify the three steps used to establish standards and standard procedures for employees, explain the need for an organizational plan,...

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  • This means that Vietnam cannot continue to rely on the size of its workforce for continued success; it needs to focus on making its workforce more productive. In this paper, the author presented requirements of integration on current workforce of Vietnam. Through analysis and synthesis the author suggests some useful solutions in training to improve quality of Vietnam’s labor force for effective integration.

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  • Labour is the most important activity of a human being creating both material products and social values. High labour productivity, quality and efficiency are significant factors which determine the level of development of a country. By regulating the rights and obligations of employees and employers, labour standards, and labour utilization and management, the Labour Code not only contributes increased production but also plays an important role in society and in the legal system of the nation....

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  • Before considering a definition of Total Quality Management, for contrast let's review the traditional approach to quality. During the Industrial Revolution, a major change that allowed manufacturing to achieve significant efficiency gains was a division of labor for all aspects of manufacturing work.

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  • THE principle of osmosis has been known as a means of water removal for some time. However, controlled application of osmotic treatments (OT) to food can be considered among the newest of improved techniques. Food products obtained for final consumption through OT are intermediate moisture products of improved quality, compared to conventionally dried materials. The treatment involves immersing foods in aqueous solutions of sufficiently high concentration at moderate temperatures.

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  • Work and Employment. Women play an extremely important role in all dimensions of agricultural production. In certain regions, women's time input equals men's, but in other regions traditions restrict their work to the household where they are involved in crop processing (threshing, cleaning, drying, preserving) and also are in charge of most of the household-based activities (water and fuel collection, cooking, cleaning, sewing, tailoring, weaving, and child rearing). Women play an increasingly important role in opium production, livestock production and processing of dairy products.

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  • In February 2007, NACHC produced the document “Elderly Services In Health Centers: A Guide to Position Your Health Center to Serve a Growing Elderly Population.” That document presented issues for health centers to consider to meet elders’ health care needs and to take advantage of opportunities presented by the growing elderly population.

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  • The presence or absence of diseases is strongly associated with individual health but did not fulfil the multidimensional concept of health. Health is characterised by dynamic and multi-factorial influences on the physical, psychological and social functioning of an individual. On the one hand, an objective health status includes the set of diagnosed physiological and psychological diseases of an individual.

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  • The forms are abstract, yet we see a living being present. He looks up expectantly and somewhat fearfully as his eyes are surrounded in a blue mask-like form, with wide black bands above forming the eyebrows. The eyes are beautifully, sensitively carved and seem to emerge from the soft flesh of the lids which have a very sharp, exact edge. Why does he have this disagreeable expression? He does not like the world—has too much contempt.

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  • The possibility of unsafe abortion should be reduced through the provision of good quality, affordable and accessible abortion services, within the limits of the law. Quality family planning services also reduce the prevalence of abortion. Women and their communities should be sensitized to the importance of seeking timely care for the symptoms of reproductive tract infection, and for the need to receive clinical care under safe and clean conditions.

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  • the Somali people have suffered through decades of poverty, under-investment, conflict, insecurity, displacements and natural disasters. reproductive health suffers considerably in such an environment, as more than in any other field of health, meeting needs depends on a comprehensive, functioning health system. recent survey and health information such as the last MicS in 2006 reaffirm the high levels of need of women in Somalia (high fertility and high maternal mortality - MMr 1,400/100,000 live births) and low levels of access to quality services.

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  • Declining water quality is an acute problem around the world, particularly in developing countries where there are notable increases in agricultural and industrial production, coupled with a lack of adequate wastewater treatment. In many developing countries, waterways traditionally used for drinking water or other community needs have been heavily contaminated. In China, many rivers are so badly polluted that not even industry can use the water and nearly two-thirds of the country’s largest cities have no wastewater treatment facilities.

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  • The following is a primer for understanding some basic facts about small businesses’ role in employment and the data that are available to form opinions and develop hypotheses. The paper is broken into sections discussing the static view of the labor market, the dynamic view, current events, and concluding remarks. The static view illustrates small and large firm shares of the job market; these are essentially snapshots in time. The dynamic view tracks how firms got from point A to point B, and what happened to jobs along the way. For instance, the static view shows...

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  • RREEF Real Estate’s primary goal is to preserve capital through managing investment risks across economic, market and property factors. We believe that sustainability, environmental quality, and resource consumption present risks that should be managed by the same structure and process as other risks. investment decisions are based on sound research and due diligence information collected and reviewed in a systematic fashion.

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  • A survey of members of the Incentive Travel and Meetings Association (ITMA) and of incentive travel and conference organising agencies (key results published in ‘Conference & Exhibition Fact Finder Magazine – November 2002) found that 63% of all incentive travel programmes arranged for UK clients take place within the UK and Europe. The average size of events organised by the majority of companies (63%) was between 50 and 99 people, and no increase in the size of groups was anticipated in the next two years.

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