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  • Perioperative hemorrhage may depend on coagulation competence and this study evaluated the influence of coagulation competence on blood loss during cystectomy due to bladder cancer. Methods: Forty patients undergoing radical cystectomy were included in a randomized controlled trial to receive either lactated Ringer’s solution or Dextran 70 (Macrodex ®) that affects coagulation competence.

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  • Fluid warming, recommended for fluid rates of > 500 ml h-1, is an integral part of patient temperature management strategies. Fluid warming devices using an uncoated aluminium containing heating element have been reported to liberate aluminium resulting in critical aluminium concentrations in heated fluids. We investigated saline solution (0.9%), artificially spiked with organic acids to determine the influence of fluid composition on aluminium release using the uncoated enFlow® device.

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  • In this situation the microorganisms can easily invade the udder and cause mastitis. Mastitis will affect the quality of milk and production capacity of the cow not only in current lactation and also affects subsequent lactation. In the field condition Tamil Nadu dairy farmers are regularly using the potassium permanganate teat dip solution for cleaning the udder and teat before and after milking

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  • Subclinical endometritis affects approximately 30% of lactating dairy cows, causing significant economic losses to the dairy industry. Yet, there is no efficient treatment available for this condition. The present study examines the effect of uterine flushing in repeat breeder cows with sterile normal saline solution 30 ml on day selection (oestrus), 4, 8, and 12.All the experimental groups the uterine flushing was common, the therapeutic protocol differ in each group after the uterine flushing.

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  • 30 feed millers from Punjab were randomly chosen and subjected to questionnaire method to seek the information regarding various socio-economic characteristics of feed miller, production practices, perceptions regarding aflatoxin contamination of their manufactured feed and methods applied to eradicate the problem. Majority (53.3%) of the respondents belonged to middle age group and (40%) of the feed millers had high school level of education. It was observed that (50%) of the feed millers had a good experience of 5-7 years in feed manufacturing. Majority of the feed millers (53.

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  • Two Cochrane reviews were identified.56,57 One considered the effectiveness of metformin monotherapy compared with placebo or any active combination.56 The other review included studies of metformin alone or in combination with other treatments compared with placebo or a range of other treatments, with the aim of reporting deaths due to lactic acidosis and non-fatal cases of lactic acidosis.57 Similarly, an RCT was identified which compared serious adverse events (AEs) and plasma lactate levels between metformin and non-metformin treated groups....

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  • Investigations of protein–solute interactions typically show that osmolytes favor native conformations. In this study, the effects of representative compatible and counteracting osmolytes on the reactivationof lactate dehydrogenase from two different conformational states were explored. Contrary to expectations, proline and trimethylamine oxide inhibited both the initial time course and the extent of reactivation of lactate dehydrogenase from bovine heart following dena-turation in guanidine hydrochloride, as well as following inactivation at pH 2.3.

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  • Before working on consumption, WWF looked at the existing advice about food choices. We saw that this was already a very crowded area and we didn’t want to add to the maelstrom of information. We had already noticed that the environmental ’hotspots’ had much in common with the health ones. In an attempt to bring some of these messages together, we decided to look at current governmental eating advice – the Eatwell plate – and to see how it could be adapted to include the environment. The idea was to produce a definition of a sustainable diet that is nutritionally...

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  • THE principle of osmosis has been known as a means of water removal for some time. However, controlled application of osmotic treatments (OT) to food can be considered among the newest of improved techniques. Food products obtained for final consumption through OT are intermediate moisture products of improved quality, compared to conventionally dried materials. The treatment involves immersing foods in aqueous solutions of sufficiently high concentration at moderate temperatures.

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  • Physica l Properties of Solutions Setup Because the vo lume of the solution described is 1 L, thenumber of moles is also the molarity for each solute. R = 0.08206 L . atm/mol . K, T in Ringer's lactate are as follows: NaCI(s) KCI(s) CaCI 2 (s) NaCH 3CH2COO(s) = 310 K, and the van't Hoff factors for the solutes.

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