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  • A leading text for undergraduate- and graduate-level courses, this book introduces widely used forms of remote sensing imagery and their applications in plant sciences, hydrology, earth sciences, and land use analysis. The text provides comprehensive coverage of principal topics and serves as a framework for organizing the vast amount of remote sensing information available on the Web. Including case studies and review questions, the book's four sections and 21 chapters are carefully designed as independent units that instructors can select from as needed for their courses.

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  • Environmental Land Use Planning brings together leading scholars in the field of environmental problem solving to examine environmental problems and effects on land uses; analytical methods and tools in the field; and the role of governments, community grants and tradable permits in environmental planning. The chapters are based on empirical research from countries around the globe including Canada, USA, China, Nigeria, Germany, Serbia, Venezuela, and Brazil.

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  • The paper presents and discusses the methodology used and the results obtained by the application of the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) on a set of socio-economical and land use data collected in the Duy Tien district (Ha Nam province), Vietnam. Objective of this study is to use PCA as a data reduction method to verify if a relation could be established between the quantities of waste generated in a region and its land use and socio-economical characteristics.

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  • Changes in the use of land reflect a variety of environmental and social factors, necessitating an equally varied suite of data to be used for effective analysis. While remote sensing, both from satellites and air photos, provides a central resource for study, socio-economic surveys, censuses, and map sources also supply a wealth of valid information. Land Use Change: Science, Policy and Management presents spacial theories and methodologies that support an integrated approach to the analysis of land use change.

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  • This paper presents the results of soil characteristics study and orientation for rational and sustainable use of major soil types in Thai Thuy District, Thai Binh Province, where is facing many environmental problems. The interactive process between river, sea and human activities over time has resulted in the characteristics of 10 soil types, which are grouped in 4 main classes (acid sulfate soil, saline soil, alluvial soil and sandy soil). They have been used for agricultural production (mainly for rice and other crops growing).

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  • Centre for Applied Research in Remote Sensing and GIS, College of Science, VNU 2 Norwegian Mapping Authority, Norway. 3 University of Social and Human Sciences of Ho Chi Minh City 4 Earth Remote Sensing Data Analysis Centre, Tokyo, Japan. 5 VTGEO, Institute of Geology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology ABSTRACT. The Mekong Delta in the south of Vietnam is a highly dynamic landscape with rapid changes in land use. Costal forests of mangrove (Rhizophoraceae, Sonneratiaceae and Avicenniaceae) and the more inland Melaleuca forests are changed into shrimp ponds and rice fields.

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  • This study aimed to analyse and evaluate the land suitability for certain fruit trees in Thuy Bang commune using GIS techniques in combination with a multi-criteria approach. At first, the databases for GIS analyses had to be developed. The data were obtained through scientific literature review, expert opinions, interviews, and professional officers.

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  • The genesis of this book began on the sunny shores of southern France in September 1993. For five days in the delightful Mediterranean coastal town of La Londe Les Maures, a gathering occurred of a group of scientists interested in furthering both the understanding and use of thermal infrared (TIR) remote sensing data for analysis of land surface processes.

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  • The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of agricultural pollution on periphyton in streams and rivers of southern Que´bec. influence the strength of the temporal variation. Some data did not respect normality after be- ing transformed. However, as noted by Scheffe´ (1959) and Montgomery (2001), ANOVAs are relatively in- sensitive to moderate deviations from normality and Land use analyses Mean values for the physico-chemical variables at each site are shown in Table 2 and land use information is shown in Table 3.

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  • A purchaser should assess the environmental risks associated with a property being purchased. In Canada, government o"cials do not “certify” that a property is free from such risks. A property’s environmental status can be ascertained by inspecting applicable company and public records. In virtually all cases, a purchaser will want to do an “environmental audit” of the property which may include conducting scienti!c testing and a technical analysis of the property. Lending institutions often require such an audit before advancing any funds.

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  • World Bank documents and speeches now emphasise the need to assess the links between social and environmental changes and macroeconomic performance. Bank President Wolfensohn’s main current reform proposal is to refine and implement his Comprehensive Development Framework (CDF); an attempt to present an integrated, holistic analysis of the relationship between human, structural and environmental change and its traditional goals of macroeconomic stability and economic growth.

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  • The French work was based on the available Black Smoke (BS) data. A correlation analysis between BS and PM10 (TEOM method7 ) was first carried out. It was found that at urban background sites, BS and PM10 (TEOM) are about equal. Following this, linear relationships were sought between the BS data and land use categories in the areas surrounding the measurement sites. Multiple regression analysis was performed for three categories of sites: urban, suburban and rural. Based on these regressions and using the land use data set, a PM10 map was established.

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  • On basis of surveys and analysis of in-use softwares for cadastral database, this paper proposes policies to develop a unified and compatible software technology system to enhance effective land management works.

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  • In this study, we used SPOT HRV satellite data of 2004, 2011 and ground survey data for analysis of changes in biomass of forest cover in Yok Don National Park, Central Highlands of Vietnam. This method has been effectively employed for mapping of land cover with overall classification accuracy of 84.30% to 86.63%.

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  • The main objective of this study was to implement a spatial model with a multicriteria assessment approach for rice (Oryza sativa L.) land suitability by using geographic information system (GIS) techniques. The land mapping units resulting from the overlay of the selected theme layers had unique land quality information on which land suitability was based.

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  • In this paper, the vibration analysis of the land-vehicle is applied for a special INS/GPS integration. The Strapdown INS (SINS) using two Kalman Filters (KF) has been built so that the system can be operated flexibly between feedforward and feedback modes in case of GPS outage. The experiment results show that this INS/GPS system can be used for practical applications.

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  • This paper presents an approach for reducing uncertainty related to the process of land-cover change (LCC) prediction. LCC prediction models have, almost, two sources of uncertainty which are the uncertainty related to model parameters and the uncertainty related to model structure. These uncertainties have a big impact on decisions of the prediction model.

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  • Trình bày một số kỹ thuật viễn thám cơ bản trong quá trình phân tích ảnh viễn thám nhằm nâng cao chất lượng giai đoạn ảnh viễn thám

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  • P A R T I I I Housing and Real Estate Whereas the monocentric city model attempts to explain broad spatial patterns in prices and land use within urban areas, the subfields of housing and real estate are generally conducted at more micro levels of analysis.

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  • This book is written for those physicists who want to work on Wall Street but have not bothered to read anything about Finance. This is a crash course that the author, a physicist himself, needed when he landed a financial data analyst job and became fascinated with the huge data sets at his disposal. More broadly, this book addresses the reader with some background in science or engineering (college-level math helps) who is willing to learn the basic concepts and quantitative methods used in modern finance.

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