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  • The Web is unique among all forms of digital communication, in that top to bottom, the Web is language. Language that you can learn to read and write. From the visual designs of your pages, to the structure of your pages, to the Web servers that deliver your pages to readers, the Web is nothing but language. And those who wish to be rhetorically successful on the Web must command the languages and accompanying concepts behind the languages in order to best communicate with the unique audience for any given Web site....

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  • Volunteers report on a variety of staff meeting survival tactics. Some do Zen exercises in their heads. Others doodle. Some prepare lessons. Others plan their vacations. The winners are those who listen. Some listen for information. Others analyze the speakers' language skills, listening for clues to their students' use of language and rhetoric. Some listen to the group dynamics and the power plays. Others listen to the bits they are interested in and tune out for the rest. But just as you are taking measure of your colleagues, so they are taking measure of you.

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  • In this paper, attempts are made to analyze the use of rhetorical devices in Hillary Clinton’s speeches. The analytical framework of the study is adapted from So (2005) which synthesizes Tribble’s (2002) framework with the SFL’s notion of metafunction of language.

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  • Effective Academic Writing 2: The Short Essay, is the second level of a new academic writing series. The series teaches the writing modes and rhetorical devices students need to succeed in academic work. Grammar presentation and practice are correlated to the Grammar Sense series.

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  • Such studies show how writers' cultural backgrounds influence their organisation of writing; what they choose to use as evidence in supporting their main ideas; how they express their main ideas; and how they write in the foreign language (Benda, 1999). They also show how different rhetorical preferences are reflected in textual organisation in different languages (Grabe & Kaplan, 1989).

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  • help for using digital recording devices. A full model student essay in Chapter 3, entitled “Out Patients,” demonstrates effective research and documentation of an online community. More writing coverage throughout the book includes expanded fi eld-writing sections in each chapter, focusing on important topics such as using language effectively, considering an audience, and working with rhetoric. New objectives at the start of each chapter indicate the writing skills covered in the chapter, guiding students to develop essential critical-thinking and rhetorical skills....

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  • Text Structure and Rhetorical Quality In the DET, each student’s writing was given a banded score of 1-5 for content, organization, and language, respectively. Based on the banded scores for these separate areas, each essay was also assigned a weighted band of 1-5, which was calculated by giving one weighting for content and double weightings for both organization and language. For the posttest scripts, a tutor who had the experience of teaching ES5001A and of marking DET was engaged to mark all the essays based on the same set of DET descriptors.

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  • This paper discusses the application of a previously reported theory of explanation rhetoric (Maybury, 1988b) to the task of explaining constraint violations in a hybrid rule/frame based system for resource allocation (Dawson et al, 1987). This research illustrates how discourse strategies of explanation, textual connectives, and additional justification knowledge can be applied to enhance the cohesiveness, structure, and clarity of knowledge based system explanations.

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  • Data-driven approaches in computational semantics are not common because there are only few semantically annotated resources available. We are building a large corpus of public-domain English texts and annotate them semi-automatically with syntactic structures (derivations in Combinatory Categorial Grammar) and semantic representations (Discourse Representation Structures), including events, thematic roles, named entities, anaphora, scope, and rhetorical structure. We have created a wiki-like Web-based platform on which a crowd of expert annotators (i.e.

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  • We derive the rhetorical structures of texts by means of two new, surface-form-based algorithms: one that identifies discourse usages of cue phrases and breaks sentences into clauses, and one that produces valid rhetorical structure trees for unrestricted natural language texts. The algorithms use information that was derived from a corpus analysis of cue phrases.

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  • This paper presents the integration of cohesive properties of text with coherence relations, to obtain an adequate representation of text for automatic summarization. A summarizer based on Lexical Chains is enchanced with rhetorical and argumentative structure obtained via Discourse Markers. When evaluated with newspaper corpus, this integration yields only slight improvement in the resulting summaries and cannot beat a dummy baseline consisting of the first sentence in the document.

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  • Worldwide, professionalization of higher education seems required within universities and furthermore eagerly-awaited by market places and industry. Vietnam is no exception. Professional development of teachers in french departments, bilingual schools and institutes is an important issue nowadays. Do we have to train linguistic students, their future teachers and ourselves a new way from now on? Here are the first results of a new research. They raise several questions and doubts.

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  • PRESENTING IN ENGLISH is a breakthrough in teaching English for professional purposes. Resulting from research into what really makes presentations so successful, its radical new approach combines the language and skills needed to give truly effective presentations. It is aimed at intermediate to upper intermediate students and employs simple rhetorical techniques.

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  • Writing Academic English, Fourth Edition, is a comprehensive rhetoric and sentence structure textbook/workbook for high-intermediate to advanced English language learners who are in college or are college bound. The book teaches writing in a straightforward manner, using a step-by-step approach. Clear, relevant models illustrate each step, and varied practices reinforce each lesson. The first part of the book provides a quick review of paragraph writing and summarizing, followed by a chapter that introduces the essay.

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  • The writing of second language learners of English often presents problems that are different from those found in the writing of native English speaking students. These include culturally conditioned rhetorical patterns that sound ‘strange’ to the native speaker ear as well as unfamiliar grammatical errors that are simply not found in native speaker writing.

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  • Homer, in all probability, knew no rules of rhetoric, and was not tortured with the consideration of grammatical construction, and yet his verse will endure through time. If everybody possessed the genius of Homer, rules and cautions in writing would be unnecessary. To-day all men speak, and most men write, but it is observed that those who most closely follow Homer's method of writing without rules are most unlike Homer in the results. The ancient bard was a law unto himself; we need rules for our guidance.

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  • This paper demonstrates that generating arguments in natural language requires planning at an abstract level, and that the appropriate abstraction cannot be captured by approaches based solely upon coherence relations. An abstraction based planning system is presented which employs operators motivated by empirical study and rhetorical maxims. These operators include a subset of traditional deductive rules of inference, argumentation theoretic rules of refutation, and inductive reasoning patterns. ...

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  • In order to build robust automatic abstracting systems, there is a need for better training resources than are currently available. In this paper, we introduce an annotation scheme for scientific articles which can be used to build such a resource in a consistent way. The seven categories of the scheme are based on rhetorical moves of argumentation. Our experimental results show that the scheme is stable, reproducible and intuitive to use.

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  • Though most text generators are capable of simply stringing together more than one sentence, they cannot determine which order will ensure a coherent paragraph. A paragraph is coherent when the information in successive sentences follows some pattern of inference or of knowledge with which the hearer is familiar. To signal such inferences, speakers usually use relations that llnk successive sentences in fixed ways. A set of 20 relations that span most of what people usually say in English is proposed in the Rhetorical Structure Theory of M a n n and Thompson.

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  • The Effective Academic Writing series teaches the writing modes, rhetorical devices, and language points students need for academic success. Each unit introduces a theme and writing task and then guides the student writer through the process of gathering ideas, organizing an outline, drafting, revising, and editing. Students are given the opportunity to explore their opinions, discuss their ideas, and share their experiences through written communication.

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