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  • Published by State University of New York Press, Albany © 2007 State University of New York All rights reserved Printed in the United States of America No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission. No part of this book may be stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means including electronic, electrostatic, magnetic tape, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the prior permission in writing of the publisher....

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  • American Literature: Prose, fiction and nonfiction of the American colonies and the United States, written in the English language from about 1600 to the present. This literature captures America’s quest to understand and define itself. Part 1 of ebook "American Literature: Prose, Drama, Poetry" presents content related to "American Literature: Prose" as: Beginnings (the 1500s and 1600s), toward independence (the 1700s), nationhood (the 1800s), modernism (the 1900s), current trends. Inviting you to refer.

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  • Separate chapters deal with reading, writing, speaking and listening, and these different threads are drawn together in sections on knowledge about language – including spelling, grammar and punctuation – and study of texts – including media, poetry, drama, response to literature and the use of non-fiction texts. The final chapter deals with policy and schemes of work.

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  • Brian P. Cleary is the creator of the best-selling Words Are CATegorical(tm) series, now a 13-volume set with more than 2 million copies in print. He is also the author of the Math Is CATegorical(tm) series and the single titles Rainbow Soup: Adventures in Poetry, Rhyme and PUNishment: Adventures in Wordplay, Eight Wild Nights: A Family Hanukkah Tale, Peanut Butter and Jellyfishes: A Very Silly Alphabet Book and The Laugh Stand: Adventures in Humor. Mr. Cleary lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

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  • What Are Homonyms and Homophones?, and To Root, to Toot, to Parachute: What Is a Verb? He is also the author of Rainbow Soup: Adventures in Poetry, Rhyme and PUNishment: Adventures in Wordplay, Peanut Butter and Jellyfishes: A Very Silly Alphabet Book, and The Laugh Stand: Adventures in Humor. In addition to his work as a children's author, Mr. Cleary has served as a tutor in an adult literacy program.Jason Miskimins grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and graduated from The Columbus College of Art & Design in 2003. He currently lives in North Olmsted, Ohio, and has worked as an...

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  • Ready to laugh until you're horse? Brian P. Cleary, author of the best-selling Words Are CATegorical(tm) series and the poetry collection Rainbow Soup, is off on a gnu hilarious adventure in language--PUNS! This imaginative collection of silly and sophisticated puns uncovers double meanings that are kind dove hiding in everyday phrases. A helpful pun-unciation guide is included on porpoise to help ewe give it a try!

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  • I love the humor and wit in all of Brian Cleary's language books. The picture and verse are hilarious and the examples are clear. Kids really enjoy these books and, because they are so engaging, they make a good introduction to teaching parts of speech. I have them all and use them with students ages 7/8 - High School.

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  • THIS CHAPTER will explain some of the unique characteristics of poetry and show you that it’s probably easier to read and write about poetry than you thought. Tips for understanding theme and then using the language of the poem to help you craft a response will be demonstrated.

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  • Ebook There was an old woman who lived in a Shoe" is a popular English language nursery rhyme, with a Roud Folk Song Index number of 19132. Debates over its meaning and origin have largely centered on attempts to match the old woman with historical female figures who have had large families, although King George II (1683–1760) has also been proposed as the rhyme's subject.

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  • In this volume of interviews and collected writings, Joy Harjo acts as a guide, taking us on a journey into her identity as a woman and as an artist, poised between poetry and music, encompassing tribal heritage, productive reassessments, and comparisons with the American cultural patrimony. But even before presenting herself in an exquisitely literary context, she proudly underlines her Indian roots, and this allembracing assertion unceasingly leaves a profoundly coherent mark on form and content.

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  • Brian Douthit's poetry has been compared to Wordsworth, Frost, Shelley, Byron and many others. In terms of art, it has been described as a "word-Picasso" or "sublime Monet." Readers often say they feel serene or even breathless after reading his pieces. Whatever the reaction, all seem to agree his poetry is beautiful and eloquent, and in a class of its own. You too may experience the addictive compulsion to read them over and over again and be lifted to a new dimension by his extraordinary grasp of language and by the amazing talent and artistry contained within these pages....

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  • THIS CHAPTER will explain some of the unique characteristics of poetry and show you that it’s probably easier to read and write about poetry than you thought. Tips for understanding theme and then using the language of the poem to help you craft a response will be demonstrated. ou are probably just like thousands of others who hear the word “poetry” and respond by saying either, “I don’t like it,” or “I never could understand it.” It is true that poetry is more complicated than other forms of literature, and it takes more skill and patience to penetrate. Because poems...

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  • Rating:Not yet rated.Published: July 22, 2011Category: Fiction»Young adult or teen»PoetryWords: 1276 (approximate)Language: EnglishEbookDescription'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the coven...Tagsvampires, vampire, holiday, poetry, adult, holidays, christmas, youngadult, poem, ya, young, christmaseve, nightbeforechristmas......

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  • Having read the new work entitled "ALIDA," or Miscellaneous Sketches of Occurrences during the late American War, which abounds with elegance of language, sublime poetry, and useful lessons--as an American, I have a pride in saying, that our press has seldom been honoured with a work as improving and interesting to the reader, and as well written as any to be found either among the older or modern authors.

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  • This paper describes an unsupervised, language-independent model for finding rhyme schemes in poetry, using no prior knowledge about rhyme or pronunciation. Rhyming corpora could be extremely useful for large-scale statistical analyses of poetic texts.

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  • It is proposed by the author to publish the result of his observation on the mythology, distinctive opinions, and intellectual character of the aborigines. Materials exist for separate observations on their oral tales, fictitious and historical; their hieroglyphics, music, and poetry; and the grammatical structure of the languages, their principles of combination, and the actual state of their vocabulary. The former topic has been selected as the commencement of the series.

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  • Milton composed his early verse in Latin,in the fashion of a classically educated person. In 3rd year at Cambridge he expresses his desire to abandon such fashionable poetry in order to write in his native language. Like Homer & Virgil before him.Milton would be the epic poet of the English national.

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  • Wordsworth was the first to give a new turn to discussion as the nature of poetry by connecting it with feeling and making it dependent upon imagination. His views on language and poetic diction are even more strikingly original.They were so original,indeed that they provoked much criticism when they were first produced.

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  • Our findings reveal that the novelty of love metaphors in poetry does not lie in concepts but in linguistic expressions thanks to the four above techniques, among which combination is employed much more than the others in both languages. Furthermore, both conceptual and linguistic metaphors of love are found to be similar between English and Vietnamese poetry, which is supposed to result from the universality of metaphor.

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