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  • This paper deals with an identification model control system using recurrent neural networks to estimate the angle main mirror in azimuth moving of large radio telescope electric servo drive. The architectural approached to design recurrent neural networks based on “Nonlinear Auto Regressive with Exogenous inputs – NARX models” is analyzed. It is convenient to apply this design in the field of prediction and modeling control system.

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  • A sample of 34 solar flares recorded in Hanoi using the VATLY radio telescope between April 2012 and January 2014 at frequencies of 1415 and 1417.6 MHz is compared with the corresponding observations made at 1415 MHz by the solar observatory of Learmonth (Australia). While good overall agreement is obtained, a few differences are noted and studied in some detail. In particular, the use of different feeds in Hanoi and Learmonth reveals a case of very large polarization of the flare emission.

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  • Astronomy is the most ancient science humans have practiced on Earth. It is a science of extremes and of large numbers: extremes of time – from the big bang to infinity –, of distances, of temperatures, of density and masses, of magnetic field, etc.

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  • In our quest to elucidate the origin of the universe and the formation of galaxies, particularly that of the Milky Way in which we live, astounding progress has been made in recent years through observational and theoretical studies. Not only have gigantic surveys covering a large fraction of the sky brought statistics enlightening evolutionary paths of galaxies, but powerful instruments, such as radio interferometers and ground- and space-based optical/ infrared telescopes, have been able to map individual objects with high sensitivity and spatial resolution.

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