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  • The Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL), through the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), has proposed that a large-scale wind test facility (LSWTF) be constructed to study, in full-scale, the behavior of low-rise structures under simulated extreme wind conditions. To determine the need for, and potential benefits of, such a facility, the Idaho Operations Office of the DOE requested that the National Research Council (NRC) perform an independent assessment of the role and potential value of an LSWTF in the overall context of wind engineering research.

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  • Omics-profiling is a collection of increasingly prominent approaches that result in large-scale biological datasets, for instance capturing an organism’s behavior and response in an environment. It can be daunting to manually analyze and interpret such large datasets without some programming experience.

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  • Since the 1930s, the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Forest Service’s International Institute of Tropical Forestry (the Institute) has studied mahogany and its management. In the 1960s, F.B. Lamb, the author of the classic book on mahogany (1966), was an Institute collaborator. Before gene flow and genetic erosion became popular terms, my predecessor Frank Wadsworth established a gene bank at the Luquillo Experimental Forest.

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  • In Sweden, a large­scale experiment with the 'supportive' variant 16  was held. When the driver exceeds local speed  limits, the gas pedal would resist with more pressure. However, the driver could overrule ISA by pressing down the gas  pedal with more power. The experiment showed a decrease in speed, and a decrease in travelling time. The users  reported they were driving safer (or at least feeling so) and smoother. On the other hand, they found driving to become  less fun, and had a feeling of being watched all the time.

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  • The following topics and problems directly or indirectly explore sustainability issues that could benefit from rigorous, faculty-supervised research. Some issues are specific to UC Irvine; others extend well beyond the University.

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  • The current work therefore develops an extreme nonlinear numerical model that can express the seismic response of the LRB for beyond design basis earthquakes. A full-scale LRB was fabricated and dynamically tested with various input conditions, and test results confirmed that the developed numerical model better represents the behavior of the LRB over previous models. Subsequent seismic response analyses of isolated nuclear power plants using the model developed here are expected to provide more accurate results for seismic probabilistic safety assessments.

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  • Promiscuity in molecular interactions between small-molecules, including drugs, and proteins is widespread. Such unintended interactions can be exploited to suggest drug repurposing possibilities as well as to identify potential molecular mechanisms responsible for observed side-effects.

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  • Mekong Delta in Vietnam plays an important role of national economy and has highly diverse natural conditions and resources. In the context of climate change, sea level rise, and increasing the impacts from water utilization in the upstream Mekong River and natural resource exploitation within Mekong Delta, it is needed to have the scientific and practical foundations, strategies, solutions and models for large scale transformation in Mekong Delta towards sustainability and climate change response.

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  • To evaluate and compare the prognostic performance of four nutritional indicators body mass index (BMI), serum albumin (ALB), prognostic nutritional index (PNI) and nutritional risk index (NRI) in oral cancer patients, and to predict the response to chemotherapy in patients with different nutritional status.

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  • Potassium (K) is one of the major nutrients taken up by the plant in large quantities. Adequate amount of potassium is known to increase crop resistance to various diseases and also having important role in bulb formation in onion.

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  • Drug combinations have the potential to improve efficacy while limiting toxicity. To robustly identify synergistic combinations, high-throughput screens using full dose-response surface are desirable but require an impractical number of data points.

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  • Recent major earthquakes around the world have shown the vulnerability of infrastructure and the need for research to better understand the nature of seismic events and their effects on structures. As a result, earthquake engineering research has been expanding as more and more data become available from a large array of seismic instruments, large scale experiments and numerical simulations.

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  • In addition to ventilation, indoor temperature and humidity conditions, which can change both diurnally and seasonally, have the potential to substantially affect the emissions of VOCs from building materials and alter occupant exposure. In large-scale chamber experiments with new carpet systems, sheet vinyl flooring and wall paint, the air temperature was increased from 23 o C to about 30 o C over a period of 60 h (Hodgson, 1999).

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  • Since the global financial crisis began in 2007, there has been a lot of hand-wringing about the independence of central banks. Some commentators today would suggest that the recent large scale purchases of government bonds by central banks inherently represent a compromise of their independence from elected officials. Others will assert that the central banks which purchased private-sector securities, thereby jeopardizing their balance sheets and supposedly making political asset allocations, are the ones which have put their independence at risk.

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  • There is also considerable scope for a South-South exchange of good prac- tice. Again, when done right, larger-scale farming can provide opportunities for poor countries with large agricultural sectors and ample endowments of land. To make the most of these opportunities, however, countries will need to bet- ter secure local land rights and improve land governance. Adopting an open and proactive approach to dealing with investors is also needed to ensure that investment contributes to broader development objectives.

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  • The World Bank recognizes that large-scale agricultural investment poses significant challenges that can be addressed successfully only if stakeholders collaborate effectively. Together with the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, International Fund for Agricultural Development, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, and other partners, it has formulated seven principles that all involved should adhere to for invest- ments to do no harm, be sustainable, and contribute to development. These principles are summarized in box 1.

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  • The aim of this paper is to investigate the use of sample reweighting, in a behavioural tax microsimulation model, to examine the implications for government taxes and expenditure of population ageing in Australia. Tax microsimulation models are based on large-scale cross-sectional surveys containing substantial information about the characteristics of individuals and house- holds.

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  • In the Asian monsoon and adjacent regions, the aerosol forcing and responses of the water cycle are even more complex. Both direct and indirect effects may take place locally and simultaneously, interacting with each other. In addition to local effects, monsoon rainfall may be affected by aerosols transported from other regions and intensif ied through large-scale circulation and moisture feedbacks.

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  • At the heart of Greenplum Database is the Parallel Dataflow Engine. This is where the real work of processing and analyzing data is done. The Parallel Dataflow Engine is an optimized parallel processing infrastructure that is designed to process data as it flows from disk, from external files or applications, or from other segments over the gNet interconnect (Figure 9). The engine is inherently parallel—it spans all segments of a Greenplum cluster and can scale effectively to thousands of commodity processing cores.

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  • Historically, charitable trusts and foundations have sought to prevent acute social problems in the UK, using grants to demonstrate and fund interventions that improve social outcomes and reduce the number of individuals requiring crisis interventions. Trust and foundation resources are limited however – only £4.4bn9 per year compared to government budgets of £603bn10 – enabling them to demonstrate effective interventions, but not to make them available to everyone who would benefi t.

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