Largest uncertainty

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  • In this chapter we discuss relations between information theory and statistical mechanics. We show that the canonical and grand canonical distributions can be obtained from Shannon’s principle of maximum uncertainty [1, 2, 3]. Moreover, the time evolution of the entropy of an isolated system and the H theorem are discussed.

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  • In recent years, energy prices have become increasingly more expensive and volatile. This trend has added to auto ownership costs and uncertainty about future operating expenses. Moreover, parking in many of the world’s largest cities is limited and costly further adding to private vehicle expenditures. Many nations worldwide have adopted carsharing (or short-term auto access) as a means to reduce personal transportation costs and the negative impacts of widespread auto use including: congestion, inefficient land use, energy consumption, and emissions.

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  • Global GDP growth has lost steam in the course of 2012, and leading indicators point to further weakness in the remainder of this year. Among the largest non-EU advanced economies, Japan's post-disaster recovery is pausing, while in the US growth appears to be gradually firming after a protracted period of subdued performance. However, the uncertainty related to the path of US fiscal policy over the coming months remains high. At the same time, many emerging market economies have recently been moving towards a more moderate rate of economic expansion, which in part reflects...

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  • On July 15, 2008, in the wake of the failure of Indymac Bank – one of the largest bank failures in history – and a mounting cloud of uncertainty enveloping the banking industry, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (“FDIC”) issued its Final Covered Bond Policy Statement (“Final Policy Statement”). In a move many view as an effort by the FDIC to bolster the mortgage market and provide banks with a new liquidity tool (and funding alternative to the struggling securitization market), the Final Policy Statement may open the way to a U.S. market in covered bonds.

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  • Our paper offers two contributions to the literature: First, we investigate RNDs for the German stock market, which is the largest stock market in the euro area. Second, we evaluate whether a comprehensive set of factors can explain the changes in the uncertainty about future equity prices. Hence, we analyse which types of information affect the perceptions about future stock market movements as contained in DAX option prices.

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