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  • Huang, Yen and Lu (Chapter 18) review the role of SPECT in the diagnosis of idiopathic Parkinson’s disease and its differentiation from other conditions characterised by parkinsonisms such as dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB) and vascular parkinsonism. Accurate diagnosis is clearly critical for treatment and prognosis, and the authors provide a very useful overview of recent developments in dopamine transporter imaging which have led to important advances in this area.

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  • This book has been written to fill a need for a basic but comprehensive text dealing with all aspects of paediatric ENT. It is aimed at trainees in our specialties who are developing an interest in the paediatric aspects of their work, at established ENT surgeons and audiologists who have decided to specialise in this most enjoyable subspecialty, or who wish to know more about paediatric ENT, and as a work of reference for those who encounter particular problems in their paediatric patients.

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  • Myocarditis is a clinical syndrome characterized by inflammation of myocardium. It can be produced by a myriad of etiologies including infectious, autoimmune, myocardial toxins, hypersensitivity reactions and physical agents. Virtually any infectious agent can produce myocardial inflammation and injury. Human myocarditis is most frequently caused by viral infection. Ongoing viral infection, myocardial destruction, and adverse remodeling can lead to persistent ventricular dysfunction and dilated cardiomyopathy.

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  • Health care workers have the opportunity and the obligation to identify, treat, and educate women who are being abused. Health care institutions can make significant contributions to addressing violence against women by supporting clinicians and clients. Developing and institutionalizing national health-sector policies, protocols, and norms about violence call attention to the problem of gender-based violence, and help ensure quality care for survivors of abuse. This Outlook issue focuses on the reproductive health consequences of violence against women.

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  • Open Access publishing has finally become available to Thoracic Surgery. This is a rather simple publishing concept that removes the charges and the need for compulsory subscription. This therefore enables readers worldwide to broaden their access to scientific publications online and, best of all, for free. The numbers are staggering. As I was writing this Preface, I went to the publisher’s web site and found the following: 3,8 million downloads for all books published, championed by Electrical Engineering (29,2%) whereas Medicine is making its way up (13,9%).

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  • Thư viện của Quốc hội mục-trong-Xuất bản dữ liệu Otosclerosis và xương bàn đạp phẫu thuật / khối lượng biên tập viên, Wolfgang Arnold, Rudolf Häusler. p. ; Cm. - (Những tiến bộ trong oto-laryngology-tê giác, v. 65), thư mục và lập chỉ mục. ISBN-13: 978-3-8055-8113-4 (bìa cứng. ALK giấy) ISBN-10:

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  • This book covers selected topics in Otolaryngology, providing a journey into the advancements in various aspects of the field. A collection of manuscripts of this nature involves extensive exposure and accumulation of knowledge from many experienced teaches over many years. It covers both basic and clinical concepts of otolaryngology. Each author contributed his/her own perspectives on each topic adding his/her own theories, future trends and research findings.

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  • Property transactions data for private real estate portfolio managers are obtained from the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF), which collects transaction-level data for for private entities (primarily pension funds). For a private pension fund, having one’s properties be part of NCREIF’s portfolio is generally considered highly desirable, in that this gives the fund prestige.

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  • A great supplement to your studies is our field trip programme. You’ll visit a wide range of properties owned, occupied or operated by individuals or organisations. This is an important addition to your study of property management, valuation and investment. We will arrange business and professional contacts for you during studies. This will expose you to operating procedures, research facilities and employment opportunities. Practical assignments are organised to provide you with the appropriate professional skills. They also give you an essential link between theory and practice.

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  • Tăng trưởng và lây lan của ung thư thanh quản. J Otol 3:446 â € "459 Carlon G (1990) Il ung thư biểu mô della laringe. Piccin, Padna Remacle M, Eckel HE, Antonelli Một et al (2000) nội soi cordectomy: một đề nghị phân loại của Ủy ban công tác, Laryngological Hội Châu Âu. Eur Arch Otolaryngo

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  • Environmental statements should consider the direct and cumulative impacts of proposed offshoreinstallations,both within the turbine array and on the wider seabed environment.This should include the construction of turbines and meteorological mastsand their foundations;scour protection;burial andarmouring of cables on the site and connection to the shore;and potential hydrological or sedimenttransport effects.The impact assessment of associatedconstruction works should include onshore,inter-tidaland offshore works,as sensitive archaeological sitesmay occur in all these locations.

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  • The Department of Transportation, for example, does not fully consider how increased investment in passenger or freight railways might alleviate the need for additional road and highway expenditures, and does not coordinate the landside port improvements it funds with Army Corps of Engineers waterside invest- ments at the very same ports.

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  • Cost competition between state regulators and the OCC, and among state regulators themselves, has been fueled by two important structural changes that have occurred in the banking indus- try over the past two decades. The number of bank charters has declined, largely because of increased bank merger and consolidation activity, and the size and complexity of banking organiza- tions has increased. The first change—a decline in the number of charters—means that the OCC and state regula- tors are competing for a declining member base.

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  • I’ll wager that no one reading this essay knows (or perhaps wants to know) the author of the ridiculous sentence in its title. Since the publication of Roland Barthes’s “Death of the Author” 40 years ago, many readers have acquired a seasoned skepticism about the authority and dependability of the authorial voice.1 Although Barthes suggests that the emergence of the reader comes at the expense of the author, authors (and artists) did not die.

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  • The maternity leave is made up of 3 months (12 weeks) under the Kenya Employment Act 2007. A female employee is entitled to three months maternity leave with full pay and immediately on expiry of maternity leave before resuming her duties she may proceed to annual leave and/or sick leave with the consent of the employer; compassionate leave; or any other leave. A male employee is entitled to 10 working days (2 weeks) paternity leave to support their spouses during pregnancy or breastfeeding. The ILO maternity protection convention 2000 No.

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  • We started the treatment by giving alpha-blocker. His PSA at first visit was 4.20 ng/mL, and became slightly elevated to 5.47 ng/mL after two months. Transrectal prostate biopsy revealed prostate cancer confined in the right lobe. Gleason scores were 6 (3 + 3) in two out of 14 cores. He underwent standard TURP of the transition and central zone, and then we made a deeper resection of the peripheral zone of the right lobe. The operation took 80 minutes with no blood transfusion and water intoxication, and the resected weight was 27.0 g.

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  • The vestibule of the inner ear senses head motion for spatial orientation and bodily balance. In vertebrates, the vestibular system consists of three fluid filled semicircular canals, which detect rotational acceleration, and two gravity receptor organs, the utricle and saccule, which respond to linear acceleration and gravity (Figure 1). The utricle and saccule are also referred to as the otolithic organs because they contain bio-crystals called otoconia (otolith in fish).

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  • This paper addresses some of the microeconomic implications of this policy regime change, focusing on the flows of bank credit to the enterprise sector and analysing independently the determinants of corporate credit from the side of lenders and borrowers. To this effect we use results from the recent literature to formulate and specify equations reflecting the motivation behind lending and borrowing decisions. These equations are estimated econometrically using firm level data for Bulgarian firms for the period 1995-1999.

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  • On the provider side, Beck, Demirguc-Kunt, and Martinez Peria collected indica- tors of financial outreach (such as number of bank branches and ATMs per capita and per square kilometer as well as the number of loan and deposit accounts per capita) from 99 country regulators for the first time in 2004. 12 These data were updated and expanded by the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) in 2008 and 2009 and by the International Monetary Fund in 2010. These data sets are important sources of basic cross-country indicators developed at a relatively low cost.

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  • Strengthening Job Market Helps PIT Revenues. The PIT is the state’s largest General Fund revenue source and grows over time largely in line with the main component of taxable personal income: the wages and salaries of Californians. The most recent data for 2010 indicate that wages and salaries made up 73 percent of California resident tax filers’ adjusted gross income (AGI) and accounted for 63 percent of PIT revenue. Accordingly, the strength of trends in the state’s job market plays a major role in the PIT’s overall growth rate.

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