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  • This study is conducted to identify the key factors and propose a roadmap for successful lean transformation in Vietnamese manufacturing firms. Eight managers of two companies having successful lean performances and two lean experts from university and consulting company are invited to participate in semi-structured interviews to verify key factors of a successful lean transformation as well as to promote a lean roadmap with tools used for lean transformation in the context of Vietnam.

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  • The sweep and lean variables are modified to enhance the efficiency, based objective. RANS equations are solved to get the flow field and objective function values. Based neural network, model has been constructed and the blade shape has been modified to enhance the performance. The surrogate performances are evaluated for applicability in turbo machinery blade.

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  • This research paper suggests use of Lean Six Sigma as a strategic framework for Sustainability. The Sustainability objectives are required to be part of organizational goal tree.

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  • This book is compiled to provide the reader a critical appreciation of key tools of Lean and Six Sigma and their implementation into both manufacturing and service organizations through drawing upon the research findings of a range of specialist scholars (including academics and practitioners) who have either proposed a conceptual model of framework for Lean/Six Sigma or have empirically gathered an extensive range of new data from organizations in the manufacturing and service sectors across a number of countries.

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  • Chapter 16 - Lean systems. This chapter includes contents: Basic elements of lean production, benefits of lean production, implementing lean production, lean services, leaning the supply chain, lean six sigma, lean and the environment, value stream mapping.

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  • In this study we attempted to measure physical fitness in terms of women's aerobic capacity (VO2 max). Objective: to evaluate the socio-economic status, to analyze the physical and physiological parameters and to evaluate the physical fitness of the selected urban women using a step ergometer. The study sample consisted of 60 women from urban areas. The data were collected by the interviewees using the personal interview method using a structured interview program previously assessed. Physical measurement tools such as road anthropometric, scale, skinfold clamps, digital B.

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  • Besides magnetic resonance imaging, dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) seems the most reliable tool to evaluate body composition and is often considered as the gold standard in clinical practice. Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) could provide a simpler, portative, and less expensive alternative.

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  • All kinds of processes – those that make things or deliver services or operate companies – can be made more productive, and society’s continued well-being requires it. This book is for all those with a stake in improving how companies run. It introduces the concept of “swift, even l ow” and explains how that concept stands behind popular business tools such as “lean” principles and Six Sigma. More than that, it shows how swift, even l ow can lead to deep, strategic insights and fresh ideas.

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  • DevOps for Developers delivers a practical, thorough introduction to approaches, processes and tools to foster collaboration between software development and operations. Efforts of Agile software development often end at the transition phase from development to operations. This book covers the delivery of software, this means “the last mile”, with lean practices for shipping the software to production and making it available to the end users, together with the integration of operations with earlier project phases (elaboration, construction, transition). ...

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  • Here we investigate the extent to which common Internet application protocols remain dis- tinguishable even when packet payloads and TCP headers have been stripped away, leaving only extremely lean data which includes nothing more than the packets’ timing, size, and direction. We begin our analysis in §3 by exploring protocol recognition techniques for traffic aggregates where all flows carry the same application protocol. We then develop tools to enhance the initial analysis pro- vided by these first tools by addressing more specific scenarios.

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  • Product-Aligned - Cross Functional Manufacturing addresses inefficiencies of manufacturing systems that are compartmentalized according to function. The separation of groups into design, production, etc. is deemed highly inefficient, and can result in unnecessary trial-and-error processes due to a lack of coordination between the functions. 15 Lean, alternatively, works across manufacturing functions, and is aligned towards specific products. For example, a “Lean Team” was created at Auburn’s Machine Fabrication Shop.

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  • To achieve these ends, Lean Manufacturing promotes a fundamental rethinking of how to produce and deliver goods and services and meet the above production challenges. Largely, this rethinking represents a fundamental paradigm shift from “batch and queue” mass production to production systems based on a product aligned “single-piece flow, pull production” system.

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  • The increased international competition forces companies to sustain and improve market share through the production of a high quality product in a cost effective manner and in a shorter time. Set-based concurrent engineering (SBCE), which is a core element of lean product development approach, has got the potential to decrease time-to-market as well as enhance product innovation to be produced in good quality and cost effective manner. A knowledge-based environment is one of the important requirements for a successful SBCE implementation.

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