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  • BBC Learning English Quiznet Languages 1. _______ is spoken in many countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Morocco, Tunisia, etc. a) Arab b) Arabian c) Arabic d) Arabesque 2. If you were in Amsterdam, what language would you hear? a) Dutch b) Deutsch c) Hollandaise d) Netherlish 3. In England, they speak English - but what do they speak in Thailand? a) Thalian b) Thailish c) Thai d) Thailic 4. Which of the following is NOT correct? a) Chinese b) Japanese c) Portuguese d) Germanese 5. Sergey comes from Russia so his ________ tongue is Russian. a)...

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  • While reviewing the Pre-Tests, you should encourage students to determine in which areas they are weak and need more practice-While reviewing ihe Post-Tests, you should emphasize the skills and strategies involved in determining the correct answer to each question- While reviewing the Complete...

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  • Top 10 Strategies to Raise Your Score gives you test-taking strategies. Part I provides TOEFL vocabulary basics, including strategies for learning and remembering new words. Part II provides a diagnostic test to determine your strengths and weak

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  • • Part III provides the basic vocabulary review. The words you'll encounter start with those that are relatively simple. They become relatively difficult as you continue through the book. Various learning strategies, such as learning root words, are reviewed.

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