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  • This book is a great resource of 17 different topics for conversation which usually may occur at Matura Exams for foreign language learners. Contents The Slovak Republic Bratislava The Slovak System of Government The Slovak System of Education Traditions. Holidays and Feastdays Science and Technology The Country Environmental Weather, Time Food Health Character Description Clothes and Fashion Sports and Games Travelling Cultural Life in Our Town Music and the Fine Arts Bibliography...

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  • "The New Oxford Picture Dictionary" and its components provide a complete, four-skills language development program. The program is: practical - a wide range of topics introduce new words in their most common context; easy to use - vocabulary items are presented without ambiguity or the need for translation versatile - the Dictionary itself and its components have unlimited applications; and flexible - the Dictionary can be used alone or with its components.

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  • This article reports a case study on a popular informal science learning community via social media in China, named GuoKr (meaning “nutshell” in English). Data were collected through a variety of Chinese social media and social networking sites, web-based community portals, and discussion boards. Content analyses and data mining were conducted to investigate how GuoKr successfully attracted and engaged public in informal learning on scientific topics in particular.

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  • New Headway Talking Points is designed to lead students through a process of skill development in speaking skills from the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework (CEF) level A2 to CEF level B2. Each of the 20 units is based on a different topic, and the activities progressively develop the students’ skills in spoken interaction (dialogues, discussion, negotiations) and spoken production (talks).

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  • A Student Grammar of Spanish is a concise introduction to Spanish grammar, designed for English-speaking undergraduates. Assuming no prior knowledge of grammatical terminology, it explains each aspect of Spanish grammar in clear and simple terms, provides a wealth of glossed examples to illustrate them, and helps students to put their learning into practice through a range of fun and engaging exercises. Clearly organized into thirty units, each covering a different aspect of the grammar, the book functions both as an essential reference guide and as a comprehensive workbook.

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  • Multimedia as we know it has gained tremendous importance over the last decade. It spans quite a few areas of computer science involving programming, algorithms, communication technology, various media of communications and so on. It has raised the quality of communication by adding more than one media of communication such as audio, video, text, graphics and animation. Its importance in terms of medical science, engineering, entertainment, education, distance learning, and to all aspects of life, cannot be overstated.

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  • How does a child make sense of her world? Every day, children are exposed to a plethora of stimulation, only little of which has apparent structure. Take visual stimulation, for example: With every motion of the eyes, the head, or the body, the retinal image changes – at least to some extent.

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  • Joint sentiment-topic (JST) model was previously proposed to detect sentiment and topic simultaneously from text. The only supervision required by JST model learning is domain-independent polarity word priors. In this paper, we modify the JST model by incorporating word polarity priors through modifying the topic-word Dirichlet priors.

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  • The effectiveness of blended learning was evaluated through the integration of an online chemistry platform, LabLessons. Two modules, Formation of were designed by college mentors alongside classroom chemistry teachers to engage and allow high school students to better comprehend these scientific topics. The pre-lab modules introduced the students to experiments they were expected to perform in class the following day.

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  • Most people think of online courses when they talk about e-learning, but aspects of social media can also be considered e-learning. In 2011 the Knowledge for Health Project (K4Health) began work with local partners to implement an e-learning and professional development policy for Medical Laboratory Scientists based on the needs identified by United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Nigeria. Six e-learning courses were developed and promoted through several channels including social media.

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  • E-learning and knowledge management are increasingly accepted as established practices in the field of early childhood education. Living in the age of Web 2.0, young children can learn through experience, application, and conversation in community, physically or virtually, with peers, parents, teachers, and other adults, beyond the classroom and across the media. These concepts are of growing interest in communities of practice and knowledge networks.

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  • Our paper examines the design of a course that utilized the real-time information network Twitter to spark reflective thinking and communication based on classroom topics. A major goal was to increase discourse amongst students and enhance learning through encouraging student time on task. The innovation followed guidelines set forth in the Learning and Teaching as Communicative Actions theory to augment student learning experience via more active communication and increased content sharing among students, towards a goal of building a social learning community.

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  • Mathematical modeling is one of the competencies that have been focused in the curriculum of many countries in the world such as Australia, Germany, Singapore and USA. In Vietnam, the Mathematics curriculum promulgated in 12/2018 clarified that modeling competency would be one of the domain-specific competencies that contribute to the formation and development of the mathematical competency in particular, and numeracy in general.

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  • Student Grammar of French A Student Grammar of French is a concise introduction to French grammar, designed specifically for English-speaking undergraduates. Keeping technical detail to a minimum, it explains the fundamentals of the grammar in accessible and simple terms, and helps students to put their learning into practice through a range of fun and engaging exercises. All the essential topics are covered, with chapters on verbs, nouns, adjectives, pronouns, determiners, prepositions, adverbs, negation, numerals, sentences and clauses....

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  • Here are my online notes for my differential equations course that I teach here at Lamar University. Despite the fact that these are my “class notes” they should be accessible to anyone wanting to learn how to solve differential equations or needing a refresher on differential equations. I’ve tried to make these notes as self contained as possible and so all the information needed to read through them is either from a Calculus or Algebra class or contained in other sections of the notes.

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  • This book is consisting of 24 chapters which are focusing on the basic and applied research regarding e‐learning systems. Authors made efforts to provide theoretical as well as practical approaches to solve open problems through their elite research work.

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  • The Complete Book of Questions and Answers is an outstanding learning tool. The topics in this book offer intriguing information that supports what your student is learning in school. People of all ages will pick up fascinating nuggets of information just browsing through this fun, easy-to-understand book.

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  • As states and local school districts implement more rigorous assessment and accountability systems, teachers often face long lists of mathematics topics or learning expectations to address at each grade level, with many topics repeating from year to year. Lacking clear, consistent priorities and focus, teachers stretch to find the time to present important mathematical topics effectively and in depth.

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  • In this study, 52 students in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia used an e-learning system to study a chemistry topic. Students’ e-learning activities were recorded, and their perceptions and expectations regarding e-learning were determined via an open-ended questionnaire after the study. There were more students who perceived e-learning as a difficult system to use than those who found it suitable. Most students did only few quizzes and spent less time on e-learning materials.

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  • Integrated teaching links the basic sciences and clinical subjects to get in depth knowledge. It is exciting and motivates learning. This study was conducted to know the insights of integrated teaching and learning experiences of students in medical curriculum. A prospective qualitative study was conducted involving 64 participants through purposive sampling. After ethical clearance students were briefed about integrated teaching and project.

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