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  • In this chapter, students will be able to understand: Know when to use consumer loans and be able to differentiate between the major types; identify the various sources of consumer loans; choose the best loans by comparing finance charges, maturity, collateral, and other loan terms; describe the features of, and calculate the finance charges on, single-payment loans; evaluate the benefits of an installment loan; determine the costs of installment loans and analyze whether it is better to pay cash or to take out a loan.

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  • Learning outcomes in this chapter: Identify the benefits of using personal financial planning techniques to manage your finances; describe the personal financial process and define your goals; explain the life cycle of financial plans, the role they play in achieving your financial goals, how to deal with special planning concerns, and the use of professional financial planners;...

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  • In this chapter, students will be able to: Understand the relationship between financial plans and statements, prepare a personal balance sheet, generate a personal income and expense statement, develop a good record-keeping system and use ratios to evaluate personal financial statements, construct a cash budget and use it to monitor and control spending, apply time value of money concepts to put a monetary value on financial goals.

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  • In this chapter, students will be able to: Understand the role of cash management in the personal financial planning process; describe today’s financial services marketplace, both depository and nondepository financial institutions; select the checking, savings, electronic banking, and other bank services that meet your needs; open and use a checking account; calculate the interest earned on your money using compound interest and future value techniques; develop a savings strategy that incorporates a variety of savings plans.

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  • This chapter design a plan to research and select a new or used automobile; decide whether to buy or lease a car; identify housing alternatives, assess the rental option, and perform a rent-or-buy analysis; evaluate the benefits and costs or homeownership and estimate how much you can afford to pay for a home; describe the home-buying process; choose mortgage financing that meets your needs.

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  • In this chapter, you will learn to: Describe the reasons for using consumer credit and identify its benefits and problems; develop a plan to establish a strong credit history; distinguish among the different forms of open account credit; apply for, obtain, and manage open forms of credit; choose the right credit cards and recognize their advantages and disadvantages; avoid credit problems, protect yourself against credit card fraud, and understand the personal bankruptcy process.

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  • This chapter includes contents: Discuss the importance and basic principles of property insurance, including types of exposure, indemnity, and co-insurance; identify types of coverage provided by home owner’s insurance; select the right home owner’s insurance policy for your needs; Analyze the coverage in a personal automobile policy (PAP) and choose the most cost-effective policy; describe the other types of property and liability insurance; choose a property and liability insurance agent and company, and settle claims.

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  • Learning outcomes in this chapter: Describe the role of estate planning in personal financial planning, and identify the seven steps involved in the process; recognize the importance of preparing a will and other documents to protect you and your estate; explain how trusts are used in estate planning;...

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  • Chapter 14 recognize the importance of retirement planning, and identify the three biggest pitfalls to good planning; estimate your income needs in retirement and the level of retirement income you’ve estimated from various sources; explain the eligibility requirements and benefits of the Social Security program;...

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  • This chapter discuss basic principles of income taxes and determine your filing status; describe the sources of gross income and adjustments to income, differentiate between standard and itemized deductions and exemptions, and calculate taxable income; prepare a basic tax return using the appropriate tax forms and rate schedules; explain who needs to pay estimated taxes, when to file or amend your return, and how to handle an audit.

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  • This chapter explain the concept of risk and the basics of insurance underwriting; discuss the primary reasons for life insurance and identify those who need coverage; calculate how much life insurance you need; distinguish among the various types of life insurance policies and describe their advantages and disadvantages;...

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  • Chapter 9 discuss why having adequate health insurance is important, and identify the factors contributing to the growing cost of health insurance; differentiate among the major types of health insurance plans, and identify major private and public health insurance providers and their programs; analyze your own health insurance needs and explain how to shop for appropriate coverage;...

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  • Chapter 11 discuss the role investing plays in financial planning process and identify several different investment objectives; distinguish between primary and secondary markets as well as between broker and dealer markets; Explain the process of buying and selling securities and recognize different types of orders;...

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  • In this chapter, students will be able to understand: Describe various types of risk to which investors are exposed, as well as the sources of return; know how to search for an acceptable investment on the basis of risk, total return, and yield; discuss the merits of investing in common stock and be able to distinguish among the different types of stocks;...

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  • This chapter describe basic features and operating characteristics of a mutual funds and exchange traded funds; differentiate between open- and closed-end mutual funds as well as exchange traded funds, and discuss the various types of fund loads and charges; discuss types of funds available to investors and the different kinds of investors services offered by mutual funds and exchange traded funds;...

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  • Lecture Personal financial planning – Chapter 2: The time value of money. The time value of money is one of the basic ideas in finance. As such, it is very important that you understand how to use it in decision making.

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  • Lecture Personal financial planning – Chapter 3: Beginning the planning process. Communication, data gathering, and goal setting are interrelated topics. Our objective is to begin the planning process smoothly so that goal establishment and data gathering occur correctly and the required information is received.

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  • Lecture Personal financial planning – Chapter 4: Household finance. Household finance and PFP theory reflect the basic thought that a household can be perceived as a business and include all resources in making its decisions.

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  • Lecture Personal financial planning – Chapter 5: Financial statements analysis. The goals of this chapter are: Recognize the importance of financial statements to PFP, produce and evaluate a balance sheet, construct a cash flow statement, compare finance and accounting based techniques.

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  • Lecture Personal financial planning – Chapter 6: Cash flow planning. The goals of this chapter are: Apply cash flow analysis to household finance, treat cash flow planning as a central activity in PFP, utilize budgeting techniques effectively, develop savings approaches, employ financial ratios as an evaluation method.

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