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  • "Lesson English for Law: Speaking 2" is designed to provide you with 4 lessons time management; calendars; document retention; legal billing.

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  • "Lesson English for Law: Writing 2" is designed to provide you with 4 lessons time management; calendars; document retention; legal billing. Help you practice your English writing skills more effectively, apply to the study of Law.

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  • In writing this book we received help from a number of people. We would like to thank in particular David Althus, Kier Ashton, Cate Banks, Robert Burrell, Jeremy Hopgood, and Katie O'Rourke for help with the research; Robert Burrell, Bill Cornish, Shaun McVeigh, Alain Pottage, Alain Strowel, Julian Thomas, Adam Tomkins, and Leanne Wiseman for reading and commenting on drafts; Virginia Catmur of Cambridge University Press for copy-editing the typescript; and King's College Research Strategy Fund and the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies External Research Fund for ®nancial support....

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  • After reading this chapter, you will be able to answer the following questions: What is federalism? How does the U.S. government’s system of checks and balances operate? What effects does the commerce clause have on the government’s regulation of business? How does the Bill of Rights protect the citizens of the United States?

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  • "Lesson English for Law – Reading 2" with the theme document retention; important documents people keep for a long time include; birth and marriage certificates, driving licenses, degree certificates and other qualifications, financial and medical records....

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  • ADC Communications (Australia) Pty Limited (hereinafter “the Company”) is a sale and manufacturing organisation and offers advice to its authorised installers and their customers. The information and diagrams contained in this document is for illustration purposes only (as at the document date) and does not purport to give specific advice or guidance to meet the requirements of a particular installation. Any design layout or bill of materials based on this document is for illustrative purposes only and does not form a legally binding contract with the Company.

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  • Four decades have passed since the fi rst edition of this textbook. During the 1960s and 1970s, the Supreme Court waged a campaign to reform the criminal justice system through the selective incorporation of Bill of Rights safeguards into the Fourteenth Amendment. Having constitutionalized criminal procedure, the Supreme Court then elaborated a set of constitutionally mandated restraints on police behavior. The “goodness” or “badness” of a legal precept, nevertheless, depends on how well it works in practice. This can only be known through empirical validation.

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  • Cybersecurity is a complex set of issues involving legal, economic, and national security considerations. In the House, at least nine committees have some significant jurisdictional claim on cyber issues. In May, the White House submitted its legislative language for discussion. The Senate has attempted to construct a comprehensive cyber bill for the last two consecutive congresses. Given the difficulties, it is reasonable to ask why the House should devote time and energy to an issue that is not at the top of the public’s expressed priorities. ...

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  • The legal ramifications of breaches in data confidentiality and integrity can also be extremely costly for organizations. The US Government has enacted and is currently developing regulations to control the privacy of electronic information. In fact, there are currently approximately 50 bills before the US Congress related to the regulation of online privacy and security. The existing and pending regulations generally stipulate that organizations in violation could face a range of penalties.

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  • If you’re bidding on a website and the scope of services described in your proposal includes testing, hosting and/or maintenance, you are taking on additional legal responsibilities that need to be described in the agreement. Try to limit any additional liability as much as possible. On all interactive projects, you’ll want to be very specifi c about how much support or maintenance you will provide after delivery, and whether or not those services will be billed in addition to the original contract price.

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  • To remedy these evils, the authorities at Amsterdam resolved to have recourse to that system of bank payments, which had so long been in use at Venice. This was the origin of the BANK OF AMSTERDAM. The original subscribers to the bank paid into its vaults certain sums in the current coin, for which they received a credit on its books equivalent to the intrinsic value of the deposit.

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  • Constitutional conventions are rules of practice considered binding on those to whom they apply, but they are not legally enforceable. They are of immense importance in regulating the ways in which the legal framework of the British Constitution is operated in reality. Good examples of constitutional practice governed by convention are the office of Prime Minister (not recognised by statute until 1905), the system of Cabinet government, and the principle that the Sovereign does not refuse royal assent to Bills passed by Parliament. All these emerged in the 18th century....

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