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  • To travel from premodernism through modernism and into post-modernism might take several centuries and even millennia. American legal thought, remarkably so, has made the voyage in just over two hundred years. My purpose is to tell the story of this mercurial journey. To narrate this story successfully, I divide the book into two parts. The first and briefer part (chapter 2 only) explores the general concepts of premodernism, modernism, and postmodernism.

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  • To travel from premodernism through modernism and into post-modernism might take several centuries and even millennia. American legal thought, remarkably so, has made the voyage in just over two hundred years. My purpose is to tell the story of this mercurial journey. To narrate this story successfully, I divide the book into two parts. The first and briefer part (chapter 2 only) explores the general concepts of premodernism, modernism, and postmodernism.

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  • I also wish to thank Prof. Dr. Thomas Dyllick, the co-advisor of my dissertation. His intellec- tual capacity always enabled him to provide constructive feedback and orientation, which he always presented in a very friendly manner. And whenever I myself had doubts about any particular weakness in my dissertation, I could be sure he had already identified it. Finally, my thanks go to Prof. Dr. Christoph Lechner who – without having a formal role in my dis- sertation – never hesitated to challenge my thoughts and provide helpful feedback.

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  • The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) works exclusively in Latin America. It has just concluded a study and published a book called So- cial Investment Funds in Latin America: Past Performance and Future Role. It occurred about two years ago that social funds have become overwhelm- ingly popular all over the world. They started out as a way of respond- ing to adjustment and have developed in different ways, doing various things. The IDB decided to look at them to determine what is working and what is not working.

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  • Aleksander Peczenik unexpectedly died in 2005 at the age of 68. At that time, he was still very active both as the chairman of the IVR (International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy) and as a scientist. During his prolific scientific career, Peczenik wrote several books, and it is a hazardous enterprise to pick out one of them as the most important one. If this hazardous enterprise needs to be undertaken, however, On Law and Reason would be a responsible choice.

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  • People write books for many reasons. Some write for money, while others have stories to tell. Some write to fill personal or social needs. I wrote as a result of a number of factors that seemed to coalesce at one time. The first factor was a client who didn't pay me. I thought at the time that the advice I had given was good. Since I had done the research for the opinion, why not put the information I had gleaned from various sources to good use?

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  • When this book was first conceived, my aim was to analyse the concept of family employed in a number of different areas of substantive Community law. The thought of writing a book which also included a detailed discussion of the family law of the European Union never entered my head. If it had, I should have thought it would be a very short book indeed. However, in the late 1990s, when carrying out research for an article on the developing concept of family in European Union law, I came across references to family law in discussions regarding the prospects for a European civil code.

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  • This book is intended to provide guidance on the subject of governance of corporations and similar organizations that is authoritative yet concise and easy to understand. It is primarily oriented toward the needs of thosewho have no legal training but who need to keep abreast of the rapidly changing governance requirements and responsibilities of audit committees. Its writing style especially avoids use of legalese.

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  • Against expectations that the turn away fromstate socialismwould initiate aturnaway from Marxist thought, recent years have seen a resurgence of interest inMarxism and its reassessment by a new generation of theorists. This book pursues that interest with specific reference to international law. It presents a sustained and ground-breaking exploration of the pertinence of Marxist ideas, concepts and analytical practices for international legal enquiry from a range of angles.

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  • Five preeminent legal theorists tackle a range of fundamental questions on the nature of the philosophy of criminal law. Their essays explore the extent to which and the ways in which our systems of criminal law can be seen as rational and principled. The essays discuss some of the principles by which, it is often thought, a system of law should be structured, and they ask whether our own systems are genuinely principled or driven by basic contradictions, reflecting deeper political and social conflicts....

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  • Producers thought it was too technical, chaotic, and fastmoving. As he writes on his website, “It sat on a shelf for the next nineteen years—brought out every five or ten years, for updating, and for the studios and networks to look at, and reject yet again. Finally NBC made it as a TV pilot. And it became a series.” That’s a bit of an understatement: ER has been the winner of 22 Emmy Awards including Outstanding Drama Series (1996), with an industry record 115 nominations.

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  • (Because the question was in English, I’ll answer in English first - and this can be translated to Vietnamese later) Many thanks for sharing your experience and for your questions. Unfortunately because of lack of a complete medical records and particularly also because of medico-legal implications, I will not be able to present to you my answer specifically about THIS case (note: for these same reasons, I've therefore declined to render my opinion about specific cases sent to me via the Internet).

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  • A unified vision of intellectual assets lends itself to diverse perspectives. In addi- tion to each and every author who devoted significant time and care, and without whom this book would be impossible, I am indebted to a number of people, sev- eral of whom should be singled out. Their thoughtful comments, counsel, and en- couragement made a great deal of difference in the final product.

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  • This chapter is short, but very important. Every router should have an appropriate warning banner for all login access. These banners, however, are often thought of as pure fluff by those technically inclined. How could a warning banner serve as any protection against a hacker? What hacker is going to go away because a warning banner tells him to? It is important to remember that warning banners are not implemented to provide technical protection. They provide legal protection.

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  • The World Beyond The old woman was dying. There could be no doubt of it now. Surely she would not last through the night. In the dim quiet bedroom he sat watching her, his young face grim and awed. Pathetic business, this ending of earthly life, this passing on. In the silence, from the living room downstairs the gay laughter of the young people at the birthday party came floating up. His birthday—Lee Anthony, twenty-one years old today. He had thought he would feel very different, becoming—legally—a man. But the only difference now, was that old Anna Green who had...

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  • Let’s look at real CM scenario, explained to me by Patrick Taylor, CEO of Oversight Systems and a thought leader on CM. The CFO of one of Oversight’s clients, a $6 Billion technology company with global operations, was concerned about how he could ensure better controls overmanual journal entries. He noticed an enormous area of risk and large expenditures for manual testing. When financial departments close the books, they book adjust- ments to various estimates, based on analysis, to account for non- systemic, often judgmental, reserves for such things as legal settle- ments.

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  • It is fair to say that the city, the Circuit, and the West Riding itself, have all played an important part in our legal history. Given the entrepreneurial nature of its lawyers, they are playing an important part today, and I am sure they will continue to play an equally important part in the development of the law in the future. And, rather than dwelling on the past, I thought that I would focus tonight on the present, delivering justice at a time of economic pressures, and on the future, delivering justice in...

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  • The opinions expressed in this manuscript are solely the opinions of the author and not the opinions or the thoughts of the publisher. The author represents that he/she has the sole legal right to the material and to publish the material. If you believe this to be incorrect, please contact the publisher.

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  • The production of an identification guide for traditional Asian medicines in trade was thought necessary to assist enforcers to determine which medicines and ingredients are legal or illegal, in the context of the cases they are dealing with. The majority of law enforcers have no knowledge of Chinese characters and the many forms that these medicines take. This guide is primarily for law enforcers based outside Asia, in countries where large volumes of traditional Asian medicines are imported.

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