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  • This up-to-date text and reference is designed to present the fundamental principles of robotics with a strong emphasis on engineering applications and industrial solutions based on robotic technology. It can be used by practicing engineers and scientists -- or as a text in standard university courses in robotics. The book has extensive coverage of the major robotic classifications, including Wheeled Mobile Robots, Legged Robots, and the Robotic Manipulator. A central theme is the importance of kinematics to robotic principles. The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM with MATLAB simulations....

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  • Scientists often have the feeling that, through their work, they are learning about some aspect of themselves. Physicists see this connection in their work; so do, for example, psychologists and chemists. In the study of robotics, the connection between the field of study and ourselves is unusually obvious. And, unlike a science that seeks only to analyze, robotics as currently pursued takes the engineering bent toward synthesis. Perhaps it is for these reasons that the field fascinates so many of us.

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  • This is a book about creating robots with the LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ Robotic Invention System (RIS)™. If you've always dreamed of building and programming your own robots, this is your big chance—the RIS set makes it easy to get started.

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  • Luận văn đã hoàn thành trong thời gian, mặc dù trong quá trình làm luận văn gặp r ất nhiều khó khăn trong việc tìm kiếm thông tin và tài liệu nghiên cứu nhưng được sự hướng dẫn, chỉ bảo tận tình của PGS. TSKH. Nguyễ n Phùng Quang đề tài đã đạt được một số kết quả s au: - Nghiên cứu tổng quan về Robot nói chung và Robot song song nói riêng.

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  • When they hear the word ‘robot’, many people immediately think of the R2-D2 or the robots of the film I, Robot. These are robots similar to humans in some ways, but not in all. There are many kinds of robot, one major group being the mobile robots, sometimes called mobile platforms. Examples of mobile robots include the human-like robots mentioned above and a wide range that mimic animals. Some walk about on six legs, like insects, and others jump around like frogs.

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  • Most research in robotics centers on the control and equations of motion for multiple link and multiple degree-of-freedom armed, legged, or propelled systems. A great amount of effort is expended to plot exacting paths for systems built from commercially available motors and motor controllers. Deficiencies in component and subsystem performance are often undetected until the device is well past the initial design stage.

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  • One example of the application of this new theory is in the context of robotic locomotion.For a large class of land-based locomotion systems—included legged robots, snake-like robots, and wheeled mobile robots—it is possible to model the motion of the system using the geometric phase associated with a connection on a principal bundle (see KRISHNAPRASAD [1990], KELLY &MURRAY [1995] and references therein).

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  • IV Robotics Miomir Vukobratovi´ c 451 © 2002 by CRC Press LLC 19 Robot Kinematics 19.1 19.2 19.3 19.4 19.5 19.6 19.

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  • From a mechanical viewpoint, a robotic system generally consists of a locomotion apparatus (legs, wheels) to move in the environment and a manipulation apparatus to operate on the objects

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  • The study proposes an intelligent lower extremity rehabilitation training system controlled by adaptive fuzzy controllers (AFCs) and impedance controllers (ICs). The structure of the robotic leg exoskeleton can be divided into three parts including hip joint, knee joint, and ankle joint, which are driven by linear actuators and pulleys. Therefore, the movement of the robotic leg exoskeleton can be controlled by driving the linear actuators. The results of simulation reveal that the design of the proposed controllers presents good performances and effectiveness.

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