Lens and glaucoma

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  • In the assessment of a patient with eye disease, it is important to take a good history, examine the eyes with adequate illumination and test the visual function. Recently, retinal and macular diseases have become more common as causes of severe visual loss. In these cases, a fundal examination with dilatation of the pupils in a darkened room is necessary.

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  • Chapter 15 (part a) provides knowledge of the eye and vision. In this chapter, you will learn to: Describe the structure and function of accessory eye structures, eye layers, the lens, and humors of the eye; outline the causes and consequences of cataracts and glaucoma; trace the pathway of light through the eye to the retina, and explain how light is focused for distant and close vision; outline the causes and consequences of astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia.

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  • Sharpness of vision (visual acuity) gradually declines and eventually bifocals are need. One may be less able to tolerate glare, and may have more trouble adapting to darkness or bright light. The fluid inside eye may change. Small particles can create "floaters" in the vision not a dangerous condition. However if someone suddenly develop floaters or have a rapid increase in the number of them, she should have checked her eyes by a professional.

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