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  • Difficulty of obtaining supplies.--Letter to Dr Franklin, (St Ildefonso, September 10th, 1781), requesting supplies of money to meet the bills drawn on him; new financial regulations of Mr Morris; they will probably spare him the necessity of making further demands.--Receives advances from M. Cabarrus.--Dr Franklin permits Mr Jay to draw on him.--The Court prepares to go to the Escurial.--Note from Mr Jay to the Count de Florida Blanca, informing him of his intention of returning to Madrid.--Reply of the Count de Florida Blanca to the preceding.

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  • During his recent sojourn in the United States, the Author did not conceive the intention of writing a book on the subject. All he contemplated was the publication of a few letters in a London Journal on which he had been accustomed to rely for intelligence from Europe when residing in Berbice. So much he was disposed to attempt for several reasons. Having entered the States by their most Southern port--that of New Orleans, and finding himself at once in the midst of Slavery, he had opportunities of observing that system not often enjoyed by a British "Abolitionist.

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  • THE following are the circumstances which occasioned the succeeding pages. A gentleman and a friend, requested the writer to assign reasons why he should not join the Abolition Society. While preparing a reply to this request, MISS GRIMKÉ's Address was presented, and the information communicated, of her intention to visit the North, for the purpose of using her influence among northern ladies to induce them to unite with Abolition Societies. The writer then began a private letter to Miss Grimké as a personal friend.

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  • Event related potentials (ERP) corresponding to stimuli in electroencephalography (EEG) can be used to detect the intent of a person for brain computer interfaces (BCI). This paradigm is widely used to build letter-byletter text input systems using BCI. Nevertheless using a BCI-typewriter depending only on EEG responses will not be sufficiently accurate for single-trial operation in general, and existing systems utilize many-trial schemes to achieve accuracy at the cost of speed.

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  • This dictionary was originally inspired by John Carter’s ABC for Book Collectors (first published in 1952). What he had done for books it seemed reasonable to do for manuscripts. Not, however, that the audience would be the same, for it is not necessarily collectors who handle manuscripts most. Almost everyone has been using, writing, annotating, or signing documents of one kind or another, whether letters, shopping lists, or tax forms, for most of their lives.

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  • This letter was dated 30th April, 1876. I will give here as much of it as concerns the public: "I wish you to accept as a gift from me, given you now, the accompanying pages which contain a memoir of my life. My intention is that they shall be published after my death, and be edited by you. But I leave it altogether to your discretion whether to publish or to suppress the work;--and also to your discretion whether any part or what part shall be omitted. But I would not wish that anything should be added to the memoir. If you wish to...

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  • The letter of intention to audit is issued in the post to the organisation selected for inspection. In addition, an electronic notification may also be sent via email provided that a valid e-mail address for the compliance officer/regulatory function is to hand. The letter of intention to audit will specify a date for the inspection to take place and request that the data controller contact the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner to confirm whether the date is agreeable.

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  • The letter of intention to audit provides a general outline as to the function or purpose of audits conducted by the Office, indicating that the inspection will have a focus on areas and systems within the company where personal data is held and processed. If there are any areas or issues of particular concern in advance of the audit, these may also be highlighted in the letter. In some cases an indication will be given as to why the organisation has been selected for audit. In the event of the audit of a large organisation, particular areas may...

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  • As indicated above, in some instances, the Commissioner may decide to utilise powers conferred under section 24 of the Data Protection Acts and order an inspection team comprised of authorised officers to arrive unannounced at the premises of a particular data controller or data processor. In such cases, authorised officers will carry official photo identification and a signed letter from the Commissioner on logo-headed paper.

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  • In order to increase competitiveness of the company in this economic situation, the production volumes are being increased by more rational use of company resources, by organization of long-term cooperation with providers of resources and by searching for new markets and analyzing client’s solvency. The increase of production volumes is being based on the existing, already concluded realization agreements and already signed letters of intent.

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  • arranged according to alphabetical order. Names of scientists and/or family names are in all capital letters. However, when used adjectively (e.g., Mendelian) or as a unit of measure (e.g., Ångström), only the first letter is capitalized. Explanations to a given term may be more or less extensive. Several definitions have simply been separated by a semicolon. Terms that are either very general in nature or self-explanatory have been avoided. Alternate names of terms have been given within the definition.

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  • Section A aims to cover the sounds of English and their main spellings. The units are organised by letters rather than sounds. The intention is that this would be a more intuitive route in for non-specialist users. At the same time, this organization helps to highlight sound-spelling regularities in English.

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