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  • A β-1,3-glucanase gene from Arthrobacter sp. driven by the 35S promoter was singly transformed into two lettuce cultivars, Cobham Gree and Diana, using the binary vector system of Agrobacterium tumefaciens.

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  • Using methods of solarization, bio fumigation, burning and keep drying soil control root knot nematodes on lettuces, in Lam Dong. Root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne sp.) are an important plant – parasitc group on green lollo lettuce. Experiments, included solarizion, bio-fumigation, burning and keep drying soil were carried out to control root-knot nematades on lettuces in Lamdong p rovince.

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  • This is the basis for the choice of soil treatment, irrigable water or the choice of plants with capacity of absorbing the desired metal to clean up arable land. Moreover, because it costs much money and time to handle soil, water in current conditions, we envisage the results of this kind of research will initially provide the basis for the selection of plant varieties suitable for the soil conditions and current pollution.

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  • Lettuce or chard can be seeded around an early crop like peas, to fill in when the peas die out in early summer heat. Tomatoes can go in where you harvested the spring greens. Fall greens like kale can be started around corn or tomatoes. Young greens like lettuce can be sown thickly, then cut as they grow to thin them and allow space for larger plants to mature. Radishes will fit in anywhere for a quick harvest. thinning and spacing plants Follow the spacing directions on the seed packet. After seeds sprout and have a few leaves, thin (remove) seedlings to...

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  • The purpose of irrigation is to prevent water stress, especially during the formation of the part of the plant that will be harvested. Water stress can occur in a crop when the soil moisture is excessive or when it’s deficient. When oxygen concentration levels in the soil atmosphere are lowered due to displacement by water for an extended period of time, the root system can be severely damaged. Lettuce and green-leaf plants are especially susceptible to water stress due to their shallow root systems.

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  • Raised beds are ideal for lettuce production and they help prevent damage from soil compaction and fl ooding. They also improve air fl ow around the from soil compaction and flooding The also impro e air flo aro nd the plants, resulting in reduced disease incidence. Plant populations range from 60 000 to 100 000 per hectare. Lettuce is regularly sown directly in the fi eld to a depth of 10 to 15 mm. The seedlings are later thinned out to the desired spacing and...

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  • Healthy soil is the foundation of organic farming. Regular additions of organic matter in the form of cover crops, compost, or manure create a soil that is biologically active, with good structure and capacity to hold nutrients and water (note that any raw manure applications must occur at least 120 days before harvest). Decomposing plant materials will activate a diverse pool of microbes, including those that break down organic matter into plant-available nutrients, as well as others that compete with plant pathogens in the soil and on the root surface.

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  • When water or soil has the presence of a metal at a certain level, the metal can inhibit or stimulate the absorption of other metals in plants. Therefore, the study on competitive absorption among metals in plants is very necessary. The aim of this study is to find out the competitive absorption between Cu2+ and Pb2+ from polluted soil to lettuce.

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  • The virus protein linked to the genome (VPg) of plant potyviruses is a 25-kDa protein covalently attached to the genomic RNA 5¢ end. It was previously reported that VPg binds specifically to eIF4E, the mRNAcap-binding protein of the eukaryotic translation initiation complex. We per-formed a spectroscopic study of the interactions between lettuce eIF4E and VPg from lettuce mosaic virus (LMV).

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  • Xanthomonas campestrispv.vitians is a Gram-negative plant-associated bacterium that acts as causative agent of bacterial leaf spot and headrot in lettuce. The lipopolysac-charide of this bacterium is suspected to be an important molecule for adhesion to and infection of the plants. The lipopolysaccharide has been isolated from the phenol phase and the O-specific chain characterized by compositional analysis, high fieldNMRandMALDI-TOFMS.

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