Level set extentions

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  • Chapter 1 is for readers who have less background in partial differential equations (PDEs). It contains materials which will be useful in understanding some of the jargon related to the rest of the chapters in this book. A discussion about the classification of the PDEs is presented. Here, we outline the major analytical methods. Later in the chapter, we introduce the most important numerical techniques, namely the finite difference method and finite element method. In the last section we briefly introduce the level set method.

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  • The study was conducted in Hisar district of Haryana state. The objective of the study was to identify the extent of bullying; victimization and fighting behaviour among rural and urban children. Three secondary and senior secondary schools from Hisar city and three secondary and senior secondary schools from village Ladwa (Hisar district) were selected at random. The study was conducted with all children enrolled in classes 6th to 10th from six selected schools. Total sample constituted of 1070 students, 570 from rural area and 500 from Hisar city.

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  • Bacon (1989) rightly said, “Reading makes a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man”. Writing is an important medium and it is used for different purposes. Writing performs many functions in a person’s day to day life in different areas like academic, official, media, social, cultural and personal settings. Communication to a major extent is carried on through the medium of writing – personal correspondence, telegrams, circulars, reports, memos, minutes of meetings, instructions, email messages, assessment reports, project reports etc.

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  • This paper proposes the use of local histograms (LH) over character n-grams for authorship attribution (AA). LHs are enriched histogram representations that preserve sequential information in documents; they have been successfully used for text categorization and document visualization using word histograms. In this work we explore the suitability of LHs over n-grams at the character-level for AA. We show that LHs are particularly helpful for AA, because they provide useful information for uncovering, to some extent, the writing style of authors.

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  • Agricultural drought is a natural hazard that characterized by shortage of water supply. In recent decades, the scientists usually deal with phrases Agricultural drought monitoring as an essential component of drought risk management and using remote sensing (RS) and Geography Information System (GIS) based on drought indicators, proposed and widely used in the field of drought monitoring. This paper presents some agricultural drought indicators to generate a suite of drought levels at monthly, seasonal, and annual time scales for the North Central regions, Vietnam.

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  • Imbalanced application of inorganic fertilizer generates undesirable over soil physicochemical properties to a great extent. Short term aerobic incubation experiment was implemented with soil samples (Typic Haplustert) collected from top soil horizon (0-15cm) of cabbage field in Viraliyur, Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu. Intention of study is towards examining the pattern of changes in pH and electrical conductivity (EC) in soil added with varied levels of fertilizers (NPK) under field capacity condition. Fertilizer was applied in accordance with the treatments viz.

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  • A minority of European countries have participated in international comparisons with high level data on lung cancer. However, the nature and extent of data collection across the continent is simply unknown, and without accurate data collection it is not possible to compare practice and set benchmarks to which lung cancer services can aspire.

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  • The primary step to biofortify rice can be successfully achieved after screening the folate distribution in rice germplasm accessions. The extent of natural variation in folate content needs to be determined to employ selection of genotypes or breeding for enhancement of folate levels. As such, there is very limited study in India on the genetic variation in rice germplasm for folate content. Selection of rice genotypes with higher folate content is the first step towards enhancement of folate levels in rice based foods.

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