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  • There is a common belief, significantly shared by many beginning formal tertiary studies in education, that ‘education’ has a fixed meaning, and distinct aims, which can be unveiled either by turning up a dictionary or by consulting a favoured authority. So, in the very first lecture of every course I give, I stress that ‘education’ is a changing, contested and often highly personalised, historically and politically constructed concept. To illustrate this I read a few dictionary definitions of ‘education’, as well as a selected set of stated ‘aims of education’.

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  • Be prepared, learn all you can, both broadly and specifically. That is, become as well-rounded as you can. Concentrating on sports and beer will serve you well in some settings, but will not be enough for most others. The more knowledgeable you are, the higher you can rise, and a liberal education will add to the scope and quality of your judgment. At the same time, employers want to know what you can do well, and it is valuable to become expert in some particular sphere(s).

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  • This paper highlights the importance of combining liberal arts skills with digital fluency in the education of the 21st -century professional. This is the single most important aspect that will identify a person as “literate” in the century of information. The transformative experience of the liberal arts has traditionally led to successes across many different fields and it stands to make an even greater impact in the information economy.

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  • Epidemiology 101 should be conceptual rather than technical so that the underlying methods are apparent to a broad range of students. For example, the course might employ stratification rather than regression methods to illustrate adjustment for confounding, because the emphasis is on active engagement and ensuring an intuitive and clear understanding of key principles.

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  • This manual represents the institutional guidelines, policies and procedures governing the selection, appointment, evaluation and promotion of residents at the University of Kansas School of Medicine. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information presented, the content of this manual is subject to change. Unless otherwise noted, all policies included in and revisions of this document become effective upon their publication on

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  • The Financial Valuation Workbook (FVW) contains both educational exercises that guide the reader through a complete business valuation and valuation tools that professionals can use in preparing business valuations. It is structured to be used on a stand-alone basis. It is also a companion text to Financial Valuation: Applications and Models (FV) (John Wiley & Sons), where the subject matter contained in the workbook is expanded upon.

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  • Globalization exerts positive and negative impacts on health and has been linked to reduced government expenditures on health, education, and social programs, and restructured workplace and home life. Globalization is altering gender roles and relationships and influencing health determinants. Asymmetric rights and responsibilities, labor market segregation, consumption patterns, and discrimination are influenced differently by globalization and affect men and women’s health in distinct ways.

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  • The following essays have been written and published at various times, and my thanks are due to the previous publishers for the permission to reprint them. The essay on "Mysticism and Logic" appeared in the Hibbert Journal for July, 1914. "The Place of Science in a Liberal Education" appeared in two numbers of The New Statesman, May 24 and 31, 1913. "The Free Man's Worship" and "The Study of Mathematics" were included in a former collection (now out of print), Philosophical Essays, also published by Messrs. Longmans, Green & Co.

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  • I show that, just as investment bankers are key drivers of financial markets, shocks in financial markets have important and lasting effects on the careers of investment bankers. Specifically, using data from a 1996 and 1998 survey of several thousand Stanford MBAs, I find that stock market conditions while MBA students are in school have a large effect on whether they go directly into investment banking upon graduation. This effect of themarkets on initialMBA placement turns out to be a lasting determinant of career choice and earnings....

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  • As students juggle many responsibilities, education and training in such a system would be provided in a flexible manner with appropriate services to help students stay in school. Programs would be built on appropriate and innovative curricula and pedagogy, and those that are occupationally-focused developed in close collaboration with local employers and other workforce stakeholders. The funding streams and reporting requirements of Federal and state workforce programs would allow for innovation in the delivery of services.

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  • The purpose of the following selections is to present to students of English a few of Huxley's representative essays. Some of these selections are complete; others are extracts. In the latter case, however, they are not extracts in the sense of being incomplete wholes, for each selection given will be found to have, in Aristotle's phrase, "a beginning, a middle, and an end." That they are complete in themselves, although only parts of whole essays, is due to the fact that Huxley, in order to make succeeding material clear, often prepares the way with a long and careful definition.

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  • In 2008, NLM evaluated the work of two companies who provide mass digitization services for library materials. Several staff visited a shared use installation of the Internet Archive at the Library of Congress. In July, Kirtas Technologies set up digitization equipment at NLM and more than 80 staff and visitors attended demonstrations of their processing. NLM began a multi-year inventory of the serials collection in FY2006. By the end of FY2008, the contractor, CBase Solutions Inc., had inventoried 17,072 serial titles.

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  • 76 Business aT a Crossroads High levels of inequality cause serious social problems. In their book, The Spirit Level, Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett marshal a wealth of evidence showing that social ills, including rates of physical and mental illness, teenage births, crime, obesity and violence, and relatively low educational performance and social mobility, all correlate much more closely with the degree of inequality within societies than with absolute levels of income. Inequality is the curse of mature, liberal capitalist societies, particularly of the U.S. and the U.K.

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  • Nearly 25 years ago, I found myself at one of those crossroads in life. I was nearing the completion of a liberal arts bachelor’s degree, and like so many graduating college students, I had no clue as to which career would utilize the education I had worked so hard to complete. I feared that I would be one of those proverbial waiters, waiting tables while waiting for something better to come along. While scanning the employment section in the local paper, I noticed the numerous employers seeking registered nurses.

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  • Anarchism is a social and political ideology which, despite a history of defeat, continually re-emerges in a new guise or in a new country, so that another chapter has to be added to its chronology, or another dimension to its scope. In 1962 George Woodcock wrote a 470-page book, Anarchism, which, continually reprinted as a Penguin Book and translated into many languages, became probably the most widely read book on the subject in the world. Woodcock wrote a series of updating postscripts until his death in 1995....

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  • Since 1967, the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) has provided nearly five million people with the opportunity to reach their educational goals. CLEP participants have received college credit for knowledge and expertise they have gained through prior course work, independent study, or work and life experience. Over the years, the CLEP examinations have evolved to keep pace with changing curricula and pedagogy. Currently the examinations represent courses typical of the first two years of college study, stressing the areas of liberal arts and business.

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  • This powerful volume represents the broadest engagement with disability issues in South Africa yet. Themes include theoretical approaches to and representations of disability, governmental and civil society responses to disability, aspects of education as these pertain to the oppression / liberation of disabled people, social security for disabled people, the complex politics permeating service provision relationships, and consideration of disability in relation to human spaces - physical, economic and philosophical....

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  • However, through a combination of luck and persistence, I did end up going into IT after I graduated from college with a liberal arts degree. I got some formal technical education through professional training courses, and I ended up getting a couple of technical certii cations to show that I at least had some minimal competency in IT. But in the i ve years after I left college in the mid-1990s, the IT i eld exploded. Lots of new workers poured into IT, and like me, most of them did not have a formal education in IT management....

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  • The definition from the Toulouse Conference in 1991 reads that, «Media edu- cation is an educational process / practice that seeks to enable members of a community creatively and critically to participate (at all levels of production, distribution and exhibition) in the use of the technological and traditional media for the development and liberation of themselves and the community, as well as for the democratization of communication».

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'kemetic roots of library and information science, by itibari m. zulu', kinh doanh - tiếp thị phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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