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  • Mover’s Distance (EMD) to explicitly align the volumes. In contrast to the fixed volume-to-volume matching used in [25], the space-time volumes of two videos across different space-time locations can be matched using our ASTPM method, making it better at coping with the large intraclass variations within the same type of events (e.g., moving objects in consumer videos can appear at different space- time locations, and the background within two different videos, even captured from the same scene, may be shifted due to considerable camera motion).

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  • You’ve been thinking about starting your own business, but until now, it’s been just a dream. After all, you’re a busy person. You have a full-time job, whether it’s running your home or working outside your home. Or perhaps you’ve been through some life-changing event and are ready to take off in a new direction. Then the economy took a turn for the worse, and you were understandably reluctant to make a big career change.

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  • The diagnosis of stroke is a feared yet unfortunately common event. Despite its prevalence, however, both the lay public and medical profes- sionals harbor many misconceptions about it. The very term “stroke” describes the way this disorder often occurs. Frequently an active, inde- pendent person is literally “struck down.” Stroke is a sudden, life-altering event that often gives no warning of its approach.

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  • The Ohio Department of Insurance has created this guide to help you understand some of the basics of health insurance .This guide is intended to help individuals, families, self-employed people and small business owners evaluate their options . If you have health coverage, try to keep it .Unless the policy owner (you or your employer) stops paying premiums, the health plan cannot cancel your coverage — even if you get sick .The law allows you to keep coverage through life-changing events (divorce, changing jobs, job loss, etc .

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  • The science of human development seeks to understand how individuals change on physical, cognitive, and social dimensions of functioning across the life span. Although many informative developmental studies have relied on cross-sectional comparisons among individuals of different ages, optimal designs for addressing developmental questions must involve the study of intraindividual change across time.

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  • The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors By Michele Young-StoneNow an art student in New York City, Becca Burke is a gifted but tortured painter who strives to recapture the intensity of her lightning-strike memories on…

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  • The way you think about events in your life profoundly influences the way you feel about them; change the way you think and this will, in turn, change the way you feel. This is the essence of a widely practised and research-based counselling approach called cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT). Understanding your view of events provides the insight into why you feel and act in the ways that you do (e.g. you are anxious about public speaking and avoid it because you fear that your performance will be less than perfect).

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  • THE CAMBRIAN RADIATION, which commenced around 550 million years ago, arguably ranks as the single most important episode in the development of Earth’s marine biota. Diverse benthic communities with complex tiering, trophic webs, and niche partitioning, together with an elaborate pelagic realm, were established soon after the beginning of the Cambrian period. This key event in the history of life changed the marine biosphere and its associated sediments forever.

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  • Another important point made in the FSA study is the reason that some individual households find it hard to keep up with their home mortgage payments. Adverse life events were mentioned by individual households as the reason that these households had difficulties in paying back outstanding debt. 32% explained that unemployment was the reason, 26% quoted relationship break-downs, 15% serious ill health/accidents, 11% care for children and 7% partner’s health or accident.

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  • For many of us, the tragic events of September 11, 2001, changed everything. Those whose lives were directly touched by the loss of a loved one, a job, or a place to live were forced to rethink their goals and their lives. For the millions of us who watched the events in stunned horror from the safety of our homes that morning, the need to rethink things was gentler and yet, for many, no less insistent. We suddenly were reminded that there is no guarantee of tomorrow. As the shock was barely wearing off, millions of Americans from every walk of life responded to the events of September 11th...

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  • Of the historical events that have shaped the character of the specialty dealing with ear, nose, throat, head, and neck disorders, probably none has carried the impact as did the appearance of antimicrobial agents for clinical use. It is a story that continues to unfold even today with the appearance of new antibiotics every year and the continuing emergence of new strains of resistant bacteria. Such change gives our knowledge a short half-life, and perhaps in no other clinical discipline is reeducation as important as in the use of antimicrobials....

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  • “I went to Sandi's Read Their Mind Book Tour to wildly grow my business! I knew I'd learn amazing things that would allow me to connect with my ideal clients in a deeper way. Over the weekend, I absolutely learned those things and sooo MUCH MORE!! Sandi's prayers over my life at this event have been such a HUGE blessing to me! Now, I'm utilizing my solution blueprints to help women entrepreneurs manage their online marketing AND weight management goals!” Pamela Wright “Sandi has helped me find what I am passionate about. I have changed the direction of my...

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  • Women’s health is composed of a broad range of both normal physiological events in a woman’s life, and conditions which occur as a result of abnormality of the genital tract and pregnancy. During the last century, the field of women’s health (and ill health) have rapidly changed and evolved as a clinical discipline. This is in part due to the changing roles and expectations of women.

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  • Human activities are affecting the global environment in myriad ways, with numerous direct and indirect effects on ecosystems. The climate and atmospheric composition of Earth are changing rapidly. Humans have directly modified half of the ice-free terrestrial surface and use 40% of terrestrial production. Our actions are causing the sixth major extinction event in the history of life on Earth and are radically modifying the interactions among forests, fields, streams, and oceans.

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  • The first edition of Specialty Cut Flowers arrived on book stands in 1993 and immediately became a highly popular book on the subject. A good deal has changed since the first edition, including the emergence of additional crops in the cut flower market and the decline of others. The world has seen new leaders, breakthroughs in medicine and science, boom and bust of economic indicators, conflicts, peace, and unimagined visions of terrorism. Through all these events, people went about their business. Companies emerged and others failed, money was made and life savings were lost.

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  • Assessing the Patient's Readiness to Change An attempt to initiate lifestyle changes when the patient is not ready usually leads to frustration and may hamper future weight-loss efforts. Assessment includes patient motivation and support, stressful life events, psychiatric status, time availability and constraints, and appropriateness of goals and expectations. Readiness can be viewed as the balance of two opposing forces: (1) motivation, or the patient's desire to change; and (2) resistance, or the patient's resistance to change.

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  • This book is a product of a collaborative project funded by the Australian Research Council on the relationship between inter- national law and the Australian legal system. The change in the Australian public’s attention to international law during the life of the project, prompted by events such as the Iraq war, international criticism of Australia’s refugee policy, the signing of a free trade agreement with the United States and the continuing ‘war against terror’, has been remarkable.

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  • The impacts of climate change ranging from sea level rise, melting ice caps and glaciers, severe weather events, drought, flooding, warming, subtle changes in ecosystems – will impinge on every aspect of society and economic life. The costs of inaction will more than outweigh the costs of action. There is only a narrow window of opportunity to redress the situation.

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  • The rambling personal notes threaded together in these pages were written at the urgent request of my family, and have provided a pleasant diversion during otherwise lonely hours. The idea of their publication was highly distasteful to me until the often repeated importunities of many of those whose judgment commands my respect persuaded me that some of the facts and incidents I have recalled would prove of interest to a large circle of readers. The narrative is concerned with persons and events that have interested me during the busy hours of a lengthy life.

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  • In the summer of 1893, after nine years of hard but happy literary life in Boston and New York, I decided to surrender my residence in the East and reëstablish my home in the West, a decision which seemed to be--as it was--a most important event in my career. This change of headquarters was due not to a diminishing love for New England, but to a deepening desire to be near my aging parents, whom I had persuaded, after much argument, to join in the purchase of a family homestead, in West Salem, Wisconsin, the little village from which we had all adventured some thirty...

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