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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'the life of captain james cook the circumnavigator by arthur kitson', giải trí - thư giãn, du lịch phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • In publishing a popular edition of my work, Captain James Cook, R.N., F.R.S., it has, of course, been necessary to condense it, but care has been taken to omit nothing of importance, and at the same time a few slight errors have been corrected, and some new information has been added, chiefly relating to the disposition of documents. I must not omit this opportunity of thanking the Reviewers for the extremely kind manner in which they all received the original work—a manner, indeed, which far exceeded my highest hopes. ARTHUR KITSON. LONDON, 1912. ...

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  • How beautiful to see Once more a shepherd of mankind indeed. Who loved his charge, but never loved to lead; One whose meek flock the people joyed to be, Not lured by any cheat of birth, But by his clear-grained human worth, And brave old wisdom of sincerity! They knew that outward grace is dust; They could not choose but trust In that sure-footed mind's unfaltering skill, And supple-tempered will That bent like perfect steel to spring again and thrust. His was no lonely mountain-peak of mind, Thrusting to thin air o'er our cloudy bars, A sea-mark now, now lost in vapors blind; Broad prairie...

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  • Abraham Lincoln's forefathers were pioneers--men who left their homes to open up the wilderness and make the way plain for others to follow them. For one hundred and seventy years, ever since the first American Lincoln came from England to Massachusetts in 1638, they had been moving slowly westward as new settlements were made in the forest.

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  • When I consented to prepare this volume for a series, which should deal with the notables of American history with some familiarity and disregard of historic gravity, I did not anticipate the seriousness of the task.

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  • The Chinese War having terminated, Captain Keppel in H.M.S. Dido appointed to command of the Straits station.--Meeting with Mr. Brooke.--Sketch of his life.--Mr. Brooke's outward voyage in the Royalist.--Touch at Singapore.--Arrival off the coast of Borneo.--Land at the island of Talang Talang.--Intercourse with the Bandar.

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  • In the second year of Baldwin, king of Jerusalem, Joppa was besieged by the Turks of Cairo; and Baldwin embarked from the town of Assur, in a vessel called a buss, commanded by one Goderic an English freebooter, intending to proceed to the relief of the besieged. Fixing the royal banner aloft on a spear, that it might be seen of the Christians, they sailed boldly towards Joppa, with but a small company of armed men. The king knew that the Christians in Joppa were almost hopeless of his life and safety, and he feared they might shamefully abandon the defence of the place, or...

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  • It’s time for a revolution. For too long, you’ve been taught a pack of lies about productivity. You’ve been told that if you have 43 folders and your inbox is at zero, you’ve got it made. All you have to do is write every single idea down the moment each one arrives, organize those ideas into contexts, and spend your every waking hour tending your system. If you follow the directions, you’ve been promised a black belt and the title of Captain and Commander where you’re in total control and you’ve got a clear view of the horizon. But every productivity...

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  • "Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth." -Henry David Thoreau .I am balls deep in an ocean of tears. The night sky is awesome. The moon has a smile on its face, but the stars are all frowning at me. I think that I might be dreaming. I awake to the sound of tires sailing on the wet street. The thick glass window deflects the rain into the surrounding L.A. madness. The rain continues to bomb hard and heavy. The wet black asphalt keeps on beneath the bus. Public transit is like a prison cell....

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  • Palindrome Verses Children crying at their Birth Unpublished Letter of Lord Nelson, by E. G. Bass Page 343 343 344 FOLK LORE:—Devonshire Superstitions—Quacks—Burning a Tooth with Salt 344 Parallel Passages, by H. L. Temple, Cuthbert Bede, &c. MINOR NOTES:—Vallancey's Green Book—Herrings—Byron and 345 Rochefoucauld—"Abscond"—Garlands, Broadsheets, &c.—Life-belts—Turkey 347 and Russia—"Verbatim et literatim" QUERIES:— Prints of London before the Great Fire Battle of Otterburn, by J. S. Warden De Beauvoir Pedigree, by T. R.

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  • In this volume are presented examples of men who shed lustre upon ordinary pursuits, either by the superior manner in which they exercised them or by the noble use they made of the leisure which success in them usually gives. Such men are the nobility of republics. The American people were fortunate in having at an early period an ideal man of this kind in Benjamin Franklin, who, at the age of forty-two, just mid-way in his life, deliberately relinquished the most profitable business of its kind in the colonies for the sole purpose of developing electrical science.

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  • The repulse of a British squadron, at Stonington, by a few undisciplined volunteers, having only two effective guns, imperfectly protected by a low earth-work,--and this repulse accomplished without the loss of a single life,--was not the least glorious achievement of the War of 1812-14. The fiftieth anniversary of the action is close at hand. Few who witnessed,--only three or four who participated in it, survive. In this day of great events, when armies and navies are gathered on a scale of magnitude of which our fathers never dreamed,--when from the heights of modern science...

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  • Abraham Lincoln was a man among men. He was earnest and keen. He was honest and kind. He was humble and inwardly refined. He was a freeman in very deed. His conscience was king. These few words contain the total sum of the following book. In unfolding what they severally mean, and what their living unison implies, the aim has been to bring to view the clear and simple beauty of a noble personality; to show how such a human life contains the final test of any proper claim in all the bounds of Ethical research; and to stir in thoughtful minds the query whether...

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