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  • In Better, Faster, Lighter Java, authors Bruce Tate and Justin Gehtland argue that the old heavyweight architectures are unwieldy, complicated, and contribute to slow and buggy application code. As an alternative means for building better applications, the authors present two "lightweight" open source architectures: Hibernate--a persistence framework that does its job with a minimal API and gets out of the way, and Spring--a container that's not invasive, heavy or complicated.

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  • When you are out in a clear night in summer, the sky looks very warm and friendly. The moon is a big pleasant place where it may not be so humid as where you are, and it is lighter than anything you've ever seen. That's the way it is in summer. You never think about space being "out there". It's all one big wonderful thing, and you can never really fall off, or have anything bad

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  • SOME JOKER in the dear, dead days now virtually beyond recall won two-bit immortality by declaring that, "What this country needs is a good five-cent cigar." Which is, of course, Victorian malarkey. What this country really needs is a good five-cent nickel. Or perhaps a good cigar-shaped spaceship. There's a fortune waiting somewhere out in space for the man who can go out there and claim it. A fortune! And if you think I'm just talking through my hat, lend an ear … Joyce started the whole thing. Or maybe I did when for the umpteenth time I suggested she...

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  • In petroleum industry, it is desirable to produce lighter hydrocarbons such as gasoline, kerosene and gas–oil from unused heavy oils. Thus we have developed zirconia-supporting iron oxide catalysts View the MathML source to decompose petroleum residual oil (atmospheric distilled residual oil) with steam.

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  • Inverter Technology variable power supply voltage and frequency adjustment can not be fixed, the power supply voltage and frequency are required to use energy. Advantages of this technology is microwave lighter, smaller but wider oven cavity, energy and cooking time, especially as a result of better food.

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  • Introduction: The rapid growth of the miniature electronic and computer-related industries has led to great demand for smaller and lighter batteries with improved safety, energy, and power characteristics. Lithium polymer batteries are expected to meet the above requirements and are thus considered as next-generation rechargeable batteries. The conventional lithium-ion batteries, which contain a large amount of liquid electrolyte, emit an appreciable amount of gas and this is attributed to the decomposition of a protective layer at the carbon surface. ...

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  • Busy vegans, rejoice! award-winning husband and wife chefs/authors Reinfeld and Murray present 150 delicious, easy-to prepare recipes for everyday vegan cooking—all dishes that can be prepared in a half-hour. Sections include The Lighter Side of Life: Smoothies & Satiating Beverages; Snacks, Pick Me Ups & Kids’ Favorites; Lunches: Wraps, Rolls, Bowls, and More; Extraordinary Salads; Sumptuous Soups; Small Plates: Appetizers, Side Dishes, Light Dinners; Wholesome Suppers; Guilt-Free Comfort Food: Healthy Translations of Old Stand-bys; and Divine Desserts...

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  • Some years ago a consortium of enterprises and a university from different European countries and industrial sectors was established to work together in the development of lighter lead–acid batteries for electrical and conventional vehicles with new innovative materials and process techniques, with the final goal of increasing the energy density by means of a battery weight reduction. Its main idea was to substitute the heavy lead alloy grids mechanical support of the active masses and collectors of the current produced during the charge and discharge reactions.

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  • Welded joints and their advantages: Welding is a very commonly used permanent joining process. Thanks to great advancement in welding technology, it has secured a prominent place in manufacturing machine components. A welded joint has following advantages: (i) Compared to other type of joints, the welded joint has higher efficiency. An efficiency 95 % is easily possible. (ii)Since the added material is minimum, the joint has lighter weight.

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  • Mobile ad hoc networks consist of wireless hosts that communicate with each other in the absence of a fixed infrastructure. Some examples of the possible uses of ad hoc networking include soldiers on the battlefield, emergency disaster relief personnel, and networks of laptops. Sensor networks are a similar kind of network that have recently been investigated. Nodes in a sensor network are lighter, computationally less powerful, and more likely to be static compared to nodes in an ad hoc network....

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  • The "Voyages Extraordinaires" of M. Jules Verne deserve to be made widely known in English-speaking countries by means of carefully prepared translations. Witty and ingenious adaptations of the researches and discoveries of modern science to the popular taste, which demands that these should be presented to ordinary readers in the lighter form of cleverly mingled truth and fiction, these books will assuredly be read with profit and delight, especially by English youth. Certainly no writer before M.

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  • Step 1 Firstly just draw the basic outlines and mark the parts in which you want to shade and keep in mind about the light shades and all. Step 2 After you are done with basic outlines and single lined drawings, Start shading the parts with small and light stokes using any number of pencil varrying according to you if you want dark portrait use 4B pencils to 9B and if you want to use lighter tones use HB pencil to 3B pencil. Then start smudging using a piece of cloth or .your thumb.

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  • The bees behaviour When the worker honeybee emerges from its cell, by biting around the capping and squeezing itself through the hole, it is slightly lighter in colour and more hairy than its older sisters. Young adults often take quite a while to get out of their cells because the other workers take little or no notice

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  • Numbers cited for hair loss only take into account the absolute number of hairs. They do not reflect the fact that the regrowing hairs are lighter and thinner than before, which also adds to apparent clinical hair loss. Hair color was measured by calculating the absorption coefficient from the hairs’ transmission of 700 nm light. Hair diameter was measured from digital photographs. The study showed that the regrowing hairs appeared lighter (with a transmission coefficient 1.

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  • Their hardened hooves and lighter bones enable them to endure long migrations. These adaptive attributes have facilitated their importation and spread by Indian and Arabian merchants across the Red Sea to the drier agro-ecological regions of the Horn of Africa (Loftus and Cunningham 2000). The Large East African Zebu cattle breeds, like the present-day Boran of Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia, and the Butana and Kenana of the Sudan have very similar morphological characteristics to that of the zebu breeds of Asia. They are maintained by mainly pastoral communities in the Horn of Africa....

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  • I thank my fellow language writers and lexicographers who were generous in their encouragement, advice and assistance: Reinhold Aman, a brave and brilliant pioneer, the late Robert Chapman, Gerald Cohen, Trevor Cralle, Jim Crotty, Connie Eble, Jonathan Lighter, Edward MacNeal, Geoffrey Nunberg, Judi Sanders, Leslie Savan and Oliver Trager.

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  • APACHE2 AND MOD PYTHON IN A SHARED HOSTING ENVIRONMENT 295 1 nohup python & Then, (re)start the web server with: 1 /etc/init.d/lighttpd restart Notice that FastCGI binds the web2py server to a Unix socket, not to an IP socket: 1 /tmp/fcgi.sock This is where Lighttpd forwards the HTTP requests to and receives responses from. Unix sockets are lighter than Internet sockets, and this is one of the reasons Lighttpd+FastCGI+web2py is fast.

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  • There are a few different tips that I can share about pencil shading. They are quite simple to get the hang of. All shading can be done with the use of a pencil and line. It is how you use the line that makes the shading effective. There are two different ways that you can do pencil shading. All the rest is merely strategy and preference. 1. Use the tip When using the tip of the pencil you will have more control over the tones that are put on the paper. You can get much lighter tones with lighter pressure...

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  • By the middle of the seventeenth century it had come to be understood that the world was enclosed in a sea of air, much as the greater part of it was covered by water. A scientist of the period, Francesco Lana, contended that a lighter-than-air ship could float upon this sea, and he suggested how such a ship might be built. He was unable to put his invention to a practical test, but he saw only one reason why it might not work:

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  • It is important to consider the local market situation. Medium-weight hybrids should only be chosen if there is a good market for eggs and meat and a steady supply of good, balanced chicken-feed. If you want to concentrate on selling eggs, consider buying lighter, white layers. In all other situations, the heavier, usually brown breeds would be a bet- ter choice. If you live far from a market and mainly want to produce for home consumption, only selling extra eggs and meat locally, you are best off with a local breed. If you have no experience of raising chickens, it is...

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