Lighting techniques

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  • In lighting there are two goals: get enough light; use the light you have to shape and define objects in the scene. Lighting is often tried out "on paper" by using a lighting diagram before it's actually set. Many potential problems can be spotted in the process of constructing a lighting diagram. The most common of these is to light for a theoretical "stage front" instead of lighting for specific camera positions. It's also useful in anticipating problems with shadows falling where they're not wanted. Every light casts a shadow. The lighting diagram will make it easier to see where...

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  • From architecture to animation, film to photography, the vital role of lighting is understood across a whole spectrum of creative disciplines. The modernist architect Le Corbusier poetically summed up the considerable role it plays in his quote, above. Though speaking specifically about architecture, his words express succinctly just why lighting is so important in the world of 3D. Equally, he speaks for those working across the full spectrum of visual arts.

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  • Critical aspects for the wider application of ultraviolet (UV) light in drinking water treatment sometimes have been described, in spite of the success of the method as established in the field: • Absence of well-established and generally accepted design rules • Absence of a permanently active residual agent in the treated water • Suspicions of the possible photochemical formation of by-products • Possibility of revival–reactivation by repair mechanisms of irradiated organisms • Need for operational control of the permanent reliability of the technique...

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  • This also applies conversely: indoor film is generally used for outdoor night scenes, as the dominant light in this situation would be artificial lights. For an outdoor rendering, if you wanted to mimic daylightbalanced film, you’d start with a color balance of 5500 K. Your light representing the direct sun, depending on the time of day, would, according to Table 2.01, have a color temperature of somewhere between 4300 K and 5000 K. Being slightly less than your chosen color balance of 5500 K, you’d give this light a yellow tint, with the saturation increasing the lower the value. ...

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  • Organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) have attracted enormous attention in the recent years because of their potential for flat panel displays and solid state lighting. This potential lies in the amazing flexibility offered by the synthesis of new organic compounds and by low-cost fabrication techniques, making these devices very promising for the market.

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  • Semiconductor nanostructures are currently one of the largest and most exciting areas in solid state physics. Low-dimensional electron systems (realized in semiconductor quantum structures) are particularly appealing because they allow one to study many-particle effects in reduced dimensions. Inelastic light scattering gives direct access to the elementary excitations of those systems.

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  • In 1665, a book was published that inaugurated the use of the microscope to investigate the natural world. The author was Robert Hooke, a talented artist, architect, and amateur scientist. Hooke wrote Micrographia: Or Some Physiological Descriptions of Minute Bodies Made by Magnifying Glasses with Observations and Inquiries Thereupon, at the behest of the newly chartered Royal Society in London, for whom he was working as curator of scientific experiments. In Micrographia, he presented the first detailed observations of everyday objects made with his self-constructed light microscope....

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  • Pastels, color pencils, graphite, oil paint, and acrylics — it doesn't matter what medium you choose to draw with. What you are essentially doing whenever you draw or paint is capturing light. Everything that you see is because of light, no matter how little or how abrasive the amount of it may be. Think about it. Light illuminates everything you see in life. Everything that you draw or capture is the act of capturing that light through your own perspective.

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  • This paper presents a new approach to bitext correspondence problem (BCP) of noisy bilingual corpora based on image processing (IP) techniques. By using one of several ways of estimating the lexical translation probability (LTP) between pairs of source and target words, we can turn a bitext into a discrete gray-level image. We contend that the BCP, when seen in this light, bears a striking resemblance to the line detection problem in IP.

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  • In this paper, using light-emitting diodes operating in the near ultraviolet spectral regions, fluorescence imaging and spectroscopy techniques were incorporated into studying fluorescence properties of healthy and cariousv human dentine samples.

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  • In this study, leaf area index (LAI), light transmission, and gap were estimated by using the hemispherical photograph analysis technique with Hemisfer software version 1.5.3 for a temperate mixed deciduous forest.

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  • AutoCAD is a very powerful 2D drafting application, but behind the user interface (toolbars, pull-down menus, and drawing window) lie the capabilities of navigating and creating 3D models and generating presentation-quality images from 3D models to share with your clients. Before you begin navigating or creating your own 3D models from 3D solids or surfaces or using materials and user-defined lights to generate a photoreal- istic rendering of a 3D model, you must become familiar with how AutoCAD’s user interface works in 3D.

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  • Mình lược dịch bài này với tiêu đề "Studio Lighting Techniques" của tác giả Chuck McKern để giới thiệu sơ qua khái niệm về ánh sáng trong ảnh chân dung. Tuy tiêu đề nói về ánh sáng trong studio nhưng vẫn có thể sử dụng được khi dùng ánh sáng tự nhiên. Trong ảnh chân dung ánh sáng có thể được sử dụng khéo léo để nhấn mạnh hoặc xóa bớt những điểm khác nhau trên khuôn mặt nhân vật. Sử dụng đèn trong studio, ánh sáng tự nhiên, tấm phản quang, vv.

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  • Debra Kaufman, Series Editor Animation Writing and Development From Script Development to Pitch Jean Ann Wright 3D for the Web Interactive 3D Animation Using 3ds max, Flash and Director Carol MacGillivray Anthony Head Character Animation in 3D Steve Roberts Stop Motion: Craft Skills for Model Animation Susannah Shaw Producing Independent 2D Animation: Making & Selling a Short Film Mark Simon Essential CG Lighting Techniques Darren Brooker A Guide to Computer Animation: for TV, Games, Multimedia & Web Marcia Kuperberg Animation in the Home Digital Studio: Creation to Distribution Steven Sub...

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  • Studio photography covers a wide range of disciplines. In its simplest form it is part of the documentation process for a driver’s licence, ID, passport, etc.; at its most complex, cinematography and its role in the creation of films. Within this spectrum fall portraiture, fashion, still life, film library, product, advertising illustration, industrial, corporate and architectural.

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  • Mình lược dịch bài này với tiêu đề "Studio Lighting Techniques" của tác giả Chuck McKern để giới thiệu sơ qua khái niệm về ánh sáng trong ảnh chân dung. Tuy tiêu đề nói về ánh sáng trong studio nhưng vẫn có thể sử dụng được khi dùng ánh sáng tự nhiên. Trong ảnh chân dung ánh sáng có thể được sử dụng khéo léo để nhấn mạnh hoặc xóa bớt những điểm khác nhau trên khuôn mặt nhân vật. Sử dụng đèn trong studio, ánh sáng tự nhiên, tấm phản quang, vv.

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  • Important notice Many practical techniques described in this book involve potentially dangerous applications of electricity and engineering equipment. The authors, editors and publishers cannot take responsibility for any personal, professional or financial risk involved in carrying out these techniques, or any resulting injury, accident or loss. The techniques described in this book should only be implemented by professional and fully qualified electrical engineers using their own professional judgement and due regard to health and safety issues....

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  • Low specific speed centrifugal pumps have low flow rates and high heads. They are widely applied in the petroleum, chemical, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, and light industries, among others. With the development of space technology and petrol chemical industry, the highly stable cavitation performance of centrifugal pumps has been put forward. Poor cavitation performance is one of the key problems in low specific speed centrifugal pumps.

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  • Includes a chapter on developing games in Flash for the iPhone! Gary Rosenzweig's ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University, Second Edition is the best hands-on tutorial for learning ActionScript 3.0, the programming language behind Flash Professional CS5. You will master all the basics of ActionScript programming by building 16 robust games. One step at a time, you'll learn techniques (and get tested code) that can be adapted to virtually any project, from games to training and advertising....

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