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  • effect of nitrogen application levels on growth of rice under drought stress conditions. The aim of this study was to investigate effects of nitrogen (N) application on root system development, photosynthetic rate and dry matter production under different drought stress conditions. The experiments were conducted in a line source sprinkler system creating a soil moisture gradient under a rain-out shelter

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  • This study was conducted to determine the effect of different water levels on the sugar rate, sugar yield and root yield of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) under Kahramanmarafl climatic conditions in the production season 1999-2000.

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  • The objectives of this study were to analyse deficit irrigation with the mathematical optimisation method using the wateryield relationship and cost functions of red pepper, and to determine alternative deficit irrigation water levels.

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  • Rural development as an integrated concept of growth and poverty elimination has been of paramount concern in all the consequent Government Schemes. The major challenge for our Governments is to offer solution that enables rain fed farming towards sustainable agriculture. “Krishi Bhagya” is the Government„s flagship programme is a step towards to achive sustainability among rainfed farmers of the state. Government is supporting farmers to make a farm pond with polythene lining (to prevent percolation), install pump and sprinkler irrigation system (for efficient water utilization).

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