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  • Information retrieval (IR) and figurative language processing (FLP) could scarcely be more different in their treatment of language and meaning. IR views language as an open-ended set of mostly stable signs with which texts can be indexed and retrieved, focusing more on a text’s potential relevance than its potential meaning. In contrast, FLP views language as a system of unstable signs that can be used to talk about the world in creative new ways.

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  • Software to translate English text into American Sign Language (ASL) animation can improve information accessibility for the majority of deaf adults with limited English literacy. ASL natural language generation (NLG) is a special form of multimodal NLG that uses multiple linguistic output channels. ASL NLG technology has applications for the generation of gesture animation and other communication signals that are not easily encoded as text strings.

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  • The lexical transfer phase is the most crucial step in MT because most of difficult problems are caused by lexical differences between two languages. In order to treat lexical issues systematically in transfer-based MT systems, we introduce the concept of bilingual-sings which are defined by pairs of equivalent monolingual signs. The bilingual signs not only relate the local linguistic structures of two languages but also play a central role in connecting the linguistic processes of translation with knowledge based inferences. ...

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  • With a language disappearing every two weeks and neologisms springing up almost daily, an understanding of the origins and currency of language has never seemed more relevant. In this charming volume, a narrative history written explicitly for a young audience, expert linguist David Crystal proves why the story of language deserves retelling.

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  • This volume descibes, in up-to-date terminology and authoritative interpretation, the field of neurolinguistics, the science concerned with the neural mechanisms underlying the comprehension, production and abstract knowledge of spoken, signed or written language.

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  • This article is about the following issues: - Defining the concepts of “idiomatic variants” and “synonymous idioms” - Criteria for the distinction between idiomatic variants and synonymous idioms - Forms and signs of idiomatic variants and synonymous idioms 1. Introduction* Several linguists have given a lot of definitions about an idiom basing on its fixed characteristics.

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  • On 21 April 1998,Jean-Fran~ois Lyotard succumbed to an aggressive form of leukemia. Shortly after, at the annual meeting of the International Association for Philosophy and Literature hosted by the University of California, Irvine, an impromptu commemorative event was organized that included several "witnesses," among them Dalia Judovitz, his colleague at Emory University, who read from his then-unpublished manuscript on Augustine, and Jacques Derrida, then in residence at Irvine. Among the several s'omber remarks made by Derrida, two bear repeating here.

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