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  • The views and designations expressed in this publication are those of its authors and do not necessarily repre- sent officially-adopted views of the Ramsar Convention or its Secretariat or of The World Health Organization. All reasonable precautions have been taken by the Ramsar Convention to verify the information contained in this publication. However, the published material is being distributed without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. The responsibility for the interpretation and use of the material lies with the reader.

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  • The data collected and analyzed helps to inform dental public health policy and programming. It also provides a baseline for noting any improvements that may occur as a result of new oral health promotion and disease prevention initiatives with the goal of achieving better outcomes. One of the reasons oral health was included as a component of the CHMS was to enable future evaluation of the association of oral health with major health concerns such as diabetes, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

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  • Periodontitis is a chronic infection that results from the interaction of periodontopathogenic bacteria and host inflammatory and immune responses and is the most common bacterial infection worldwide. Estimates reveal that 10-15 % of adults have advanced periodontitis, and periodontal disease can contribute to widespread oral health dysfunction and enhanced susceptibility to other systemic diseases (Pussinen et al. 2007).

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  • We hope that readers will find valuable information and interesting new material in the chapters of it. Since biomass means many things to so many people, it is no wonder that original book title, Remote sensing of biomass has attracted a series of papers, many of them very far from remote sensing topics. If there is an odd number that can not be filed in accordance with the subject at all, the choice will be simple. check quality of the paper and if it is good, the authors suggest that it would be better to works elsewhere....

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  • In the study performed by Purushotham et al. (2011) showed that about 28% of total hardness in the study site exceeded the desirable limits at 600 mg L-1. Naturally, the water hardness is due to the presence of alkaline earths such as calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). Excess of magnesium affects the soil quality, which results in poor crops yield. The high concentration of magnesium and calcium can cause decrease in water quality and may cause encrustation in the water supply structure.

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  • The scientific literature suggests that the best unit to assess ecosystems is the 'socio-ecological system (SES)' (Gallopin, 1991, Glaser, 2008). SES integrates ecosystem functions and dynamics as well as human activities and the interactions of all these. The SES is equivalent to the SNA's institutional unit. Considering the production of ecosystem services, and in particular provisioning services, SESs are more or less homogenous.

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  • This book, which presents- standing work from leading researchers HRI includes a wide spectrum of leading ics, is an attempt to capture and present some of the important contributions of HRI a volume. I hope that this book will bring benefits to both experts and novices and professional Vide an insight into the exciting field of HRI.

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  • Although interior design involves creative solutions that can be fairly subjective, a set of quantifiable design criteria has long been accepted in the industry. Specifically, such criteria deter- mine whether the design is functional and suitable for human in- habitants. Panero and Zelnick [1979] conducted a detailed study on human dimensions and ergonomics, by carefully defining met- rics such as height, width, reachable-range, and visibility, which are believed to be conducive to functional and comfortable de- signs.

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  • The estimated worldwide pesticides application is about 4 million tons (Elersek and Filipic, 2011) and according to Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario (ICA) Colombia produce 16.999.216 litters of herbicides, 6.392.387 litters of insecticides, and 19.690.293 kilograms of fungicides (ICA, 2010) during 2010. Approximately 1.8 billion people worldwide are engaged in agriculture and it has been estimated that up to 25 million agriculture laborers have suffered non-intentional intoxications every year (Alavanja, 2008).

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  • Our model identifies new explanations for why large and small firms make different insurance offer decisions; they are based on turnover rates and within-firm and between-firm heterogeneities. Large firms tend to have greater within-firm heterogeneity than small ones, and so they are more likely to have some employees who strongly desire health insurance and less likely to attract only workers who do not find health insurance attractive.

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  • Managing water for all is not only a question of resource availability and money, but also a matter of good governance. Water involves a wide range of stakeholders at basin, municipal, regional, national and international levels. In the absence of effective public governance to manage interdependencies across policy areas and between levels of government, policymakers inevitably face obstacles to effectively designing and implementing water reforms. In addition, good governance and financial sustainability are inextricably linked.

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  • While the term “Sovereign Wealth Fund” was coined only recently, SWFs have a more than 50-year history, with the first fund established by Kuwait in 1953. 12 There is no universally agreed upon definition of SWFs. The U.S. Treasury Department narrowly defines SWFs as “a government investment vehicle which is funded by foreign exchange assets, and which manages those assets separately from the official reserves of the monetary authorities (the Central Bank and reserve-related functions of the Finance Ministry).”13 The U.S.

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  • The purpose of this study is to examine a current land development decision within a one-shot decision framework. The main contributions of this study are as follows. A private real estate investment decision model is proposed within a one-shot decision framework, which is an innovative study on analyzing real estate investment problems from an economic viewpoint by using tools from the possibility theory. The analysis in this paper demonstrates the relation between the amount of uncertainty and the investment scale for different types of personal investors.

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  • The extensions of the environment with the integration of sensing systems in any space, in conjunction with ubiquitous computing are enabling the so-called Smart Space Sensor Networks. This new generation of networks are offering full connectivity with any object, through the Internet of Things (IoT) and/or the Web, i.e., the Web of Things. These connectivity capabilities are making it feasible to sense the behaviours of people at home and act accordingly. These sensing systems must be integrated within typical elements found at home such as furniture.

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  •   The Center  for Audit Quality  (CAQ) was  founded  in order  to promote a  robust dialogue about  issues of importance to the U.S. capital markets for the benefit of investors, the public company  auditing  profession  and  the  markets  as  a  whole.  As  part  of  that  mission,  the  CAQ  recently  commissioned  a  survey  to  examine  an  essential  participant  in  the  preparation  of  audited  financial statements: audit committees.

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  • In January 2006, the Committee met again for a two-day session during which another in-depth evaluation of each chapter was conducted. At this meeting, members reviewed the literature that appeared in 2005—using the same criteria developed for the update process. The list of 285 publications from 2005 that were considered is posted on the GINA website.

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  • Mercury is thought to be one of the first metals used by humans. Historical records provide evidence of mercury use by ancient Chinese and Hindu civilizations. Archaeologists have also found traces of mercury in an Egyptian tomb dating from 1500 BC and in the writing of a Chinese alchemist around 4500 BC. Both the Egyptians and Chinese may have been using the mercury ore, cinnabar, as a pigment to paint their tombs, anoint their statues and even preserve their dead. Many civilizations believed mercury had mystical properties and the power to prolong life.

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  • The US dollar appreciated by roughly 25% with respect to the euro and Swiss franc in the five months following the collapse of Lehman Brothers, and by even more against many other currencies during this period. Unless accounted for, exchange rate movements of this size severely distort credit growth rates for those economies where credit stocks have large foreign currency components. Moreover, they complicate the construction of regional and global credit aggregates (and growth rates), which requires that credit to borrowers in different countries be expressed in a common currency....

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  • As this document explains, we and our partners are now implementing a programme that combines laying firm foundations for sustainable improvement with other initiatives designed to have more immediate impact. The FSA alone will spend up to £10 million this year in supporting the programme. Taken together, these initiatives will reach many millions of people over the next five years. The programme takes specific account of the needs of people who may be excluded from the financial system.

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  • Based on a review of the current performance values for Alberta mills, other Canadian mills, and top performing mills in the U.S. and to allow sufficient flexibility for plant operations during shutdown, start-up and upset conditions, Alberta’s standards for colour are a monthly average of 50 kg/ADt and a daily maximum of 100 kg/ADt for both new and existing mills. The values may be applied at approval renewal for existing pulp and paper mills, and applied directly to any new mills.

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