Lipid analysis

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Peripheral nervous system manifestations in a Sandhoff disease mouse model: nerve conduction, myelin structure, lipid analysis

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  • Introduction: Small amount of drugs and poisons incorporated into human bodies are hidden among large amounts of biological components, such as proteins, lipids, nucleic acids and membranes. It is not easy to detect only a target compound from such complicated matrices. Before instrumental analysis, extraction procedure is usually essential and very important.

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  • The first edition of Food Lipids was published in 1998 and the second edition in 2002 by Marcel Dekker, Inc. Taylor & Francis Group, LLC, acquired Marcel Dekker and the rights to publish the third edition. We firmly believe that this book has been of interest and will help those involved in lipid research and instruction. Many have bought the previous editions and we thank you for your support. The need to update the information in the second edition cannot be overstated, as more data and new technologies are constantly becoming available.

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  • The field of biochemistry is diverse and forms parts of diverse fields including cell biology, molecular biology and medical sciences. Biochemistry is the study of the molecules of life like proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids. Studying the structure, properties and reactions of these important molecules would help in better understanding life as a whole. The practical aspect along with the theoretical background would help in better understanding these mechanisms. This book tries to address and compile some of the routinely used protocols in biochemistry for easy access.

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  • Lipids (fats and oils) are a wide range of organic molecules that serve several functions in organisms. Lipids are essential components of our diet, highlighting their important contribution in energy, representing 9 kcal/g (or 37.7 kJ/g), and by some components relevant to the metabolism, such as essential fatty acids, fat soluble vitamins and sterols (cholesterol and phytosterols).

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  • Optimal conditions for the extraction of black fungus polysaccharides were 350 W, 5, 35 min and 90 ◦C, for ultrasonic power, ratio of water to sample, extraction time and extraction temperature, respectively. Gas chromatography (GC) analysis showed that black fungus polysaccharides contained glucose, xylose, mannose and ribose. Their molar percentages were 6.8%, 34.2%, 50.7% and 8.9%, respectively. FT-IR and NMR analysis showed typical chemical structure of black fungus polysaccharides.

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  • We utilized plasmon-waveguide resonance (PWR) spectroscopy to follow the effects of sphingomyelin, cholesterol and zinc ions on the binding and aggregation of the amyloidbpeptide1)40 in lipid bilayers. With a dioleoyl-phosphatidylcholine (DOPC) bilayer, peptide binding was observed, but no aggregation occurred over a period of 15 h.

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  • Bacteroides vulgatus has been shown to be involved in the aggravation of colitis. Previously, we separated two potent virulence factors, capsular polysaccharide (CPS) and lipopolysaccharide (LPS), from a clinical isolate of B. vulgatus and characterized the structure of CPS. In this study, we elucidated the structures of O-antigen polysaccharide (OPS) and lipid A in the LPS. LPS was subjected to weak acid hydrolysis to produce the lipid A fraction and polysaccharide fraction.

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  • The effects of protection of chylomicron remnants from oxidation on their uptake and induction of lipid accumula-tion in macrophages were investigated using chylomicron remnant-like particles (CRLPs) containing the lipophilic antioxidant drug, probucol, andmacrophages derived from thehumanmonocyte cell line,THP-1.The total lipidcontent of THP-1 macrophages was markedly higher (·2.2) after 48 h of incubation of THP-1 macrophages with CRLPs containing probucol (pCRLPs) when compared to CRLPs without probucol, and this was because of increases in tri-acylglycerol (·2.3) and cholesterol (·1.

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  • Ostreolysin is a 16-kDa cytolytic protein specifically expressed in primordia and fruiting bodies of the edible mushroomPleurotus ostreatus.Tounderstand its interaction with lipid membranes,we compared its effects on mamma-lian cells,on vesicles preparedwith either pure lipids or total lipid extracts,and on dispersions of lysophospholipids or fatty acids.

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  • The structure of the lipid A and core region of the lipo-polysaccharide (LPS) fromFrancisella tularensis(ATCC 29684) was analysed using NMR, mass spectrometry and chemical methods. The LPS contains a b-GlcN-(1–6)-GlcN lipid A backbone, but has a number of unusual structural features; it apparently has no substituent at O-1 of the reducing end GlcN residue in the lipid part in the major part of the population, no substituents at O-3 and O-4ofb-GlcN, and no substituent at O-4of the Kdo residue.

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  • Lipid rafts are liquid-ordered membrane microdomains with a unique protein and lipid composition found on the plasma membrane of most, if not all, mammalian cells. A large number of signalling molecules are concentrated within rafts, which have been proposed to function as signalling centres capable of facilitating efficient and specific signal transduction. This review summarizes current knowledge regarding the composition, structure, and dynamic nature of lipid rafts, as well as a number of different signalling path- ways that are compartmentalized within these microdomains....

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  • The oxidant function of pro-apoptotic protein Bax was investigated through heterologous expression in yeast. Direct measurements of fatty acid content show that Bax-expression induces oxidation of mitochondrial lipids. This effect is prevented by the coexpression of Bcl-xL. The oxi-dation actually could be followed on isolated mitochondria as respiration-induced peroxidation of polyunsaturatedcis-parinaric acid and on whole cells as the increase in the amount of thiobarbituric acid-reactiveproducts. ...

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  • Vibrio choleraehemolysin (HlyA), a water-soluble protein with a native monomeric relative molecular mass of 65 000, forms transmembrane pentameric channels in target bio-membranes.TheHlyAbinds to lipid vesicles nonspecifically and without saturation; however, self-assembly is triggered specifically by cholesterol.Here we show that the HlyA partitioned quantitatively to amphiphilic media irrespective of their compositions, indicating that the toxin had an amphiphilic surface.

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  • Ma trận chuẩn bị mẫu thực phẩm khác nhau đòi hỏi các thủ tục khai thác khác nhau. Các thủ tục này bao gồm thủy phân kiềm, thủy phân enzyme, alcoholysis, khai thác dung môi trực tiếp, và khai thác chất lỏng siêu tới hạn của hàm lượng lipid tổng.

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  • was perhaps a mark of how successful the second edition of Instant Notes in Biochemistry was that we recall seeing a final year student avidly reading it even as he waited to have his viva with the External Examiner. Although we would strongly recommend to any student not to leave revision to such a very late stage, this experience alone proved the value of a concise book that focused on essential biochemical information in an easily accessible format! Let us be clear.

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  • The direction of science is often driven by methodological progress, and the topic of this book is no exception. I remember sitting with a visitor on the terrace of a hotel overlooking Lake Constance in the early 1970s. We were discussing the gravimetric method of measuring total lipids in zooplankton. A few years later, as a visitor in Clyde E. Goulden’s lab, I was greatly impressed by the ability of an instrument called an Iatroscan to discriminate and quantify specific lipid classes (e.g., triacylglycerols, polar lipids, wax esters).

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  • Ag-NPA-1 (AgFABP), a 15 kDa lipid binding protein (LBP) fromAscari-dia galli, is a member of the nematode polyprotein allergen/antigen (NPA) family. Spectroscopic analysis shows that Ag-NPA-1 is a highly ordered, a-helical protein and that ligand binding slightly increases the ordered sec-ondary structure content. The conserved, single Trp residue (Trp17) and three Tyr residues determine the fluorescence properties of Ag-NPA-1.

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  • Part 1 Ensuring product safety, quality analysis part 2, part 3 Improving quality in the supply chain,... are the main contents of the in three parts "Ebook Safety and quality issues in fish processing". Each reference peers

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học quốc tế cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài:CapZ-lipid membrane interactions: a computer analysis

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