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  • The utility of primer pairs in SCoTs was advocated by Gorji et al. (2011). SCoT markers are generally reproducible, and it is suggested that primer length and annealing temperature are not the sole factors determining reproducibility (Gorji et al., 2011). They are dominant markers, however, while a number of co-dominant markers are also generated during amplification, and thus they could be used for genetic diversity analysis (Collard & Mackill, 2009b). This has been validated through study of genetic diversity among rice varieties (Collard & Mackill, 2009b).

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  • Although farmers do not receive any support from society for the contribution of the dehesa to welfare of society and the environment, they still conserve, prune and reforest oaks to maintain fruit production to feed and fatten Iberian pigs during the montanera or pannage. The ability of the Iberian pig breed to feed on acorns is a key feature in maintaining the dehesa.

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  • Over the next 10 years, federal spending on crop insurance is projected to outpace spending on traditional commodity programs by about one-third, which might capture the attention of budget cutters looking for potential sources of savings. Insurance companies, farm groups, and some members of Congress are concerned that additional reductions in federal support will negatively impact the financial health of the crop insurance industry and possibly jeopardize the delivery of crop insurance.

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  • In later eras, new materials have been closely associated with radical change. The development of paper was as important as the printing press in revolutionising communications. The introduction of gunpowder into Europe transformed warfare. In more modern times, gas lighting only became demonstrably superior to oil and candles with the introduction of the gas mantle, composed of novel materials such as thorium and cerium oxides. A hundred years ago electric filament lamps were made possible by other novel and fairly unusual materials, osmium and tungsten.

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  • People use social media for a number of reasons: communicating, collaborating, seeking expert advice, sharing multimedia, presenting opinions, sharing reviews and for entertainment. Many claim that social media brings a new sense of community by allowing people to connect with others who are similar to themselves. While this might involve reconnecting with long lost friends from childhood or former coworkers, it is also used to meet new friends who have similar interests. An increasing number of people are using social media in their buying decisions.

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  • It was during the Depression that hospitals band- ed together to offer prepaid coverage to citizens. Prepaid hospital coverage was a way for hospitals to avoid the financial failure that befell the banking industry. The approach worked so well that doctors followed suit a few years later and Blue Cross Blue Shield organizations were born. Little did anyone know that the seeds for runaway costs eighty years later had been planted. Prepaid, employer-provided insurance quickly dominated the health care landscape.

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  • Possibilities can be explained from several semantic aspects. One way to explain possibility is ease of achievement. Another way is plausibility; that is, the propensity of an event to occur, which relates to the concept of “potential surprise”. A third way to explain possibility is logical consistency with available information. Finally, possibility can be explained as preference, referring to the willingness of an agent to make a decision. Possibility is dually related to necessity in the sense that “not A” being not possible means that A is necessary.

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  • Public authorities are major consumers in Europe, spending some 16 % of the EU’s gross domestic product (which is a sum equivalent to half the GDP of Germany). By using their purchasing power to opt for goods and services that also respect the environment, they can make an important contribution towards sustainable development.

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  • Extraction activities disturb the land surface through clearing of vegetation, removal of topsoil, excavation of ore and overburden and the construction of over- burden dumps or solar evaporation ponds. Removal and stockpiling of topsoil for subsequent rehabilitation is carried out at many mining opera- tions. In a number of cases, topsoil is removed and placed directly on landscaped reclaimed areas. This avoids the cost of re-transporting topsoil from stock- piles and the possible reduction of biodiversity.

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  • In particular, note that there are two potential sources of timing-related fund returns that are correlated with public information. The first, predictable fund risk-loadings, may be due to changing stock-level risk loadings, to flows into the funds, or to manager timing of the benchmarks. The second exploits predictability in the benchmark returns themselves. Such predictability is captured through the time-series regression in Eq. (2). Because both of these timing components are assumed to be easily replicated by an investor, we do not consider them to be based on manager ‘‘skill.

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  • Article 27 of the Federal Constitution serves as the foundation for property rights in Mexico. Under Article 27, only Mexicans by birth or naturalization and Mexican corporations have the inherent right to acquire ownership of land. Even so, the state has the authority to grant foreigners the same right given to its citizens to acquire real property, but only if foreign purchasers agree not to invoke the protection of their governments in matters relating to real property.

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  • From a banking group’s perspective, a range of factors play a role in the choice of branching versus subsidiarization, including banks’ business focus and differences in regulatory and tax regimes across jurisdictions. Banks with significant wholesale operations tend to prefer a more centralized branch model that provides the flexibility to manage liquidity and credit risks globally and serve the needs of large clients. The funding costs for the wholesale group are likely to be lower under the branch structure, given the flexibility to move funds to where they are most needed.

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  • This study examines typical bonus contracts, providing a more complete analysis of their accounting incentive effects than earlier studies. The theory is tested using actual parameters and definitions of bonus contracts for a sample of 94 companies. Two classes of tests are presented: accrual tests and tests of changes in accounting procedures. I define accruals as the difference between...

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  • Mangalore coast is a stretch of about 22 Kms at the western part of the Western Ghats of the Indian peninsula. This area is receiving huge quantity of pollution load from the major industries and factories located nearby. This pollution load is discharged into the sea either directly or through the major west flowing rivers of the region, Nethravathi and Gurupura. The pollution load includes runoff of the sediment, waste from oil refineries, nutrients and pesticides, iron ore residues from the nearby iron are company and chemicals from the chemical factory from the point source.

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  • Unlike other emerging markets, such as China, the Indian passenger car market and industry has followed a pronounced small car path. The latest expression of this development is the introduction of the low cost car Nano by TATA. While India’s small car path initially only involved the production and sale of foreign designed small cars in the domestic market, India is developing towards a global production and R&D hub for small cars. It is this development this paper seeks to understand.

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  • Gas supplies and suction To check the correct function of the oxygen failure alarm involves disconnecting the oxygen pipeline on some machines, whilst on machines with a gas supply master switch, the alarm may be operated by turning the master switch off. As repeated disconnection of gas hoses may lead to premature failure of the Schrader socket and probe, these guidelines recommend that the regular pre-session check of equipment includes a ‘tug test’ to confirmcorrect insertion of each pipeline into the appropriate socket....

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  • The first graph, which shows penetration in 1950, reveals a clear distinction between counties that had a station in their DMA and those that did not. The average penetration in DMAs whose first station began broadcasting before 1950 ranges from 8% in the 1949 group to over 35% in the 1941 group, whereas the average for groups getting television after 1950 never exceeds 1%. The second graph shows that, by 1960, differences in penetration across these DMAs had largely disappeared.

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  • Permanent grass cover crop is a technique used in the vineyards of Villa Bel-Air. As a result, the grass absorbs the water and the nutrients from the top layer of the soil, and forces the vine roots to go deeper and deeper to find nourishment. Throughout the year, de-budding, leaf-thinning and crop thinning are performed by the technical team. All of these manual operations ensure the perfect health and maturity of each bunch. The harvested grapes are then transferred onto a modern sorting table to remove all remaining vegetal matter.

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  • Corn gluten meal is a natural pre-emergent fertilizer (9.5-0.5-0.5) that reduces the germination and establishment of troublesome annual weeds. It is available as a powder or in granular form. It is 60 percent protein and approximately 10 percent nitrogen by weight. It is a by-product of the wet milling process and commonly used in pet and livestock feed. It can be used in vegetable gardens as a fertilizer and can help with weed control, but be careful. It can damage the germination of your food crops. Use it only after your vegetable seeds are up and young plant roots are...

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  • From a broader structural perspective, the Commission notes that the past two decades have seen the consolidation of large firms into even larger firms. After the demise of Arthur Andersen there are now a handful of such large, global firms, with an even lower number of firms being able to perform audits of large, complex institutions.

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