Liquid crystallinity

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  • Polyurethane [PU] is a class of polymers built up of carabamate linkages, which provide special characteristics to the material. It is the outcome of pioneering research work of Otto Bayer and his coworkers in 1937 at I.G. Farben laboratories, in Leverkusen, Germany. Initial PU consisted of foams and fibres, while today, innovations and researches in the past decades have brought colossal changes in the world of PU.

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  • The field of molecular biophysics is introduced in the following pages. The presentation focuses on the simple underlying concepts and demonstrates them using a series of up to date applications. It is hoped that the approach will appeal to physical scientists who are confronted with biological questions for the first time as they become involved in the current biotechnological revolution. The field of biochemistry is vast and it is not the aim of this textbook to encompass the whole area.

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  • The enzymatic kinetics of glycoside hydrolase family 7 cellobiohydrolase (Cel7A) towards highly crystalline celluloses at the solid–liquid interface was evaluated by applying the novel concept of surface density (q) of the enzyme, which is defined as the amount of adsorbed enzyme divided by the maximum amount of adsorbed enzyme.

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  • Using synchrotron X-ray diffraction the thermal behaviour was studied of the cubic phases in the 1-monooleoyl-rac-glycerol (MO)/n-octyl-b-D-glucopyranoside (OG)/ 2 H2O system with 58 or 45 wt % MO concentration and varying OG/ 2 H2O contents. These MO contents correspond to a Pn3mcubic single-phase or aPn3mcubic phase in excess water on the binary MO/water axis of the ternary phase diagram. The cubic liquid crystalline phases are stable with small fractions of OG, while higher OG concentrations trigger a cubic-to-lamellar phase transition. ...

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  • We report a comprehensive physicochemical characteriza-tion of a glycoglycerolipid from Mycoplasma fermentans, MfGl-II, in relation to its bioactivityand compared thiswith the respective behaviors of phosphatidylcholine (PC) and a bacterial glycolipid, lipopolysaccharide (LPS) from deep rough mutantSalmonella minnesotastrain R595. Theb«a gel-to-liquid crystalline phase transition behavior of the hydrocarbon chains withTc¼30Cfor MfGl-II as well as for LPS exhibits high similarity between the two glycolipids.

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  • The interaction of bacterial endotoxins [lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and theendotoxic principle lipid A], with high-den-sity lipoprotein (HDL) from serum was investigated with a variety of physical techniques and biological assays. HDL exhibited an increase in the gel to liquid crystalline phase transition temperature Tc and a rigidification of the acyl chains of the endotoxins as measured by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy and differential scanningcalorimetry.

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  • Boutinguiza et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:255 NANO EXPRESS Open Access Production of nanoparticles from natural hydroxylapatite by laser ablation Mohamed Boutinguiza*†, Rafael Comesaña†, Fernando Lusquiños†, Antonio Riveiro† and Juan Pou† Abstract Laser ablation of solids in liquids technique has been used to obtain colloidal nanoparticles from biological hydroxylapatite using pulsed as well as a continuous wave (CW) laser.

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