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  • This manual is designed to help teachers establish a principled framework for developing English at Key Stages 1 and 2. Covering all aspects of English, it will help teachers raise standards of achievement in pupils at all levels of fluency and confidence. The author uses case study material to relate theory to practice, covering issues such as classroom organisation and management. She also provides guidance for planning and developing ideas with colleagues and with children, and offers suggestions for teaching strategies and ways to evaluate teaching....

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  • The Grammar and Writing Handbook shows you precisely which rules need to be followed, how to choose the correct words, and the most effective way to structure every sentence to help you compose more persuasive, stronger material that's flawlessly written. The book includes a brief history of the English language, as well as comprehensive information on every thing from singular vs. plural, to composing a legal memorandum.

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  • Technology Literacy Applications in Learning Environments presents readers with a view of technology literacy in a learning environment. While word processing skills are important, the development of technology skills covers the areas of presentation software, storage, human interaction, and virtual reality. Instructional technology is dedicated to discovering and developing the pedagogical skills of teaching and learning in a technology-enhanced learning environment.

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  • Technology Literacy Applications in Learning Environments presents readers with a view of technology literacy in a learning environment. While word processing skills are important, the development of technology skills covers the areas of presentation software, storage, human interaction, and virtual reality. Instructional technology is dedicated to discovering and developing the pedagogical skills of teaching and learning in a technology-enhanced learning environment

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  • These are trying times for teachers. We know more than we ever have about teaching, learning, and literacy and their complexities. Yet we persist with public policies that assume that if we just increase the pressure on teachers to improve their students’ test scores, they will somehow teach better— and perhaps faster—and that children will develop literacies that will engage them and carry them into the future.

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  • We also learned many new things about interventions to mitigate the effect of low health literacy. First, we identified several design features of interventions that were effective in one or a few studies (enumerated above); they all warrant further study in broader populations. Second, interventions focused on a broader range of outcomes, allowing us to make inferences about effect across outcomes.

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  • This book is sold subject to the conditional that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, re-sold, hired out, or otherwise circulated without the pupilisher's prior consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar conditon including this condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.

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  • As their name suggests, the deep dives allowed attendees to delve into the questions under consideration in a profound way. In these intensive dialogs, participants worked to tease out the vital requirements, questions, issues, and assumptions surrounding 21st century literacy. What new ways of thinking, learning, and assessing are possible or implied by this concept of 21st century literacy — and what new kinds of technologies, organizations, structures, and infrastructures? These were key questions for the attendees.

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  • The aim of this document is to provide guidance for teachers, and learning support assistants where appropriate, on ways to teach writing skills in order to help learners to become more effective writers. This document is designed to raise awareness of the many individual skills that a learner has to grasp (including consideration of the content of their writing, the ideas, arguments or plot) when learning to write.

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  • It is crucial that the teaching of writing skills is carried out in a consistent way across the whole school. In a primary setting, this means that all teachers should have reached agreement on the messages about required structure and content that they will give to learners (for example about the layout of a particular genre of writing) so that learners are not confused when they move into a class taught by someone new. In a secondary setting, as learners move between different departments as part of their learning, this is particularly important.

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  • Facilitating access is concerned with assisting people to command appropriate health care resources in order to improve or preserve their well-being. If services are available, then a population may ‘have access’ to health care provision. The extent to which access is gained can depend on administrative, political, social and cultural factors and barriers. The services available must be relevant and effective if people are to gain access to improved health outcomes.

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  • The American Youth Policy Forum (AYPF) is a non-profit professional development organization based in Washington, DC. AYPF provides nonpartisan learning opportunities for individuals working on youth policy issues at the local, state and national levels. Participants in our learning activities include: Government employees—Congressional staff, policymakers and Executive Branch aides; officers of professional and national associations; Washingtonbased state office staff; researchers and evaluators; education and public affairs media.

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  • Income tax rates are at the center of many recent policy debates over taxes. Some policymakers argue that raising tax rates, especially on higher income taxpayers, to increase tax revenues is part of the solution for long-term debt reduction. For example, in the 112th Congress the Senate passed the Middle Class Tax Cut (S. 3412), which would allow the 2001 and 2003 Bush-era tax cuts to expire for taxpayers with income over $250,000 ($200,000 for single taxpayers). Other policymakers argue that maintaining low tax rates is necessary to foster economic growth.

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  • When I fi rst read the draft of The Fundamentals of Literacy Coaching, a wave of memories and emotions overwhelmed me. Six years ago, I was one of four elementary school principals who initiated the Reading Excellence program in Iowa’s Waterloo Community Schools. I had a lot to learn about such concepts as walk-throughs, gradual release of responsibility, scaffolding, peer coaching, modeling, and cognitive coaching—all while leading the staff of what was then the district’s largest elementary school....

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  • However, the handbook is also intended for all teacher aides who do not speak the language of the students they are working with, including those teacher aides who speak only English. All teacher aides can use the information in the handbook in different ways, with the support of a coordinating teacher in their school (e.g. SENCO, Syndicate leader, ESOL teacher, Literacy leader, Learning support teacher).

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  • We should support projects that help stations demonstrate the value of public media and the powerful impact that it has on their communities.

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  • Teaching about literacy and numeracy, involves many learning experiences over all the years of schooling. The time allocated to these areas and others such as science, historical and social studies, culture and the arts etc., is always in excess of the time available for health. Simply, there is very little time in the curriculum to achieve many of the educational goals of health education, let alone the wishes of the health sector for the adoption of practices conducive to better health.

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  • After you have mastered the material in this chapter, you will be able to: What is computer? history and classification of computers, examples of computer, brief history of computers with timeline, introduction to computers - learning about input devices, input devices.

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  • Three other programmes come within the scope of this report: the Junior Certificate School programme (JCSP), introduced in 1996; the Transition Year programme, introduced in 1984 and mainstreamed in 1994; and the Leaving Certificate Applied programme (LCA), introduced in 1995. Each is aimed at a particular cohort of students and has specific objectives appropriate to these, but all share an emphasis on the development of language skills, from the basic literacy of reading and writing to the critical literacy required for analysing and interpreting texts....

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  • Everyone is talking about coaching. As people who work within the field of learning and development, we find that we are constantly asked for training in coaching skills and to help organizations introduce coaching schemes. Line managers are told that an important part of their role is coaching. Trainers are increasingly asked to coach individuals. In researching background material for training courses we have found that much of the training and reading material available focuses on the skills of a coach – the art of active listening, asking questions, and summarizing action points.

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