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  • If an oscillating force is applied to an inverted pendulum it is possible to keep it completely vertical,that is r/2 degrees from the surface the pendulum lies on, with some stability depending on the frequency it osculation at.This paper describes how and why this stability occurs a particular inverted pendulum created by Mr.Janhan Sarashid

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  • The neutron flux and Cdratio are 8.72 × 106−2 .s−1 and 134, respectively, determined by the gold foil activation method. A new PGNAA system with a HPGe detector of 58% relative efficiency and a digital spectrometer was used to detect prompt gamma rays from the 35Cl(n, γ) 36Cl reaction. In this work, relative intensities of 23 prompt γ-rays have been determined on the filtered thermal neutron beam. The present results are in good agreement with literature values and data from previous measurements.

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  • Several years ago, I was invited to write a review surveying the recent theoretical work on consciousness by authors in several fields, ranging from quantum physics and chemistry through neuroscience and psychology to philosophy and literature. A swift survey of the good new books lined up on top of my book- shelf (it numbers 78, today, January 28, 2004, and those are just the books) persuaded me that I should beg off the job. It has been a tumultuous decade, so rambunctious that several people are writing books just about the tumult.

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  • In one sense, pharmacology can be considered a “good news, bad news” scenario. The good news is that exciting and innovative changes in drug therapy continue to occur at lightning speed. The bad news is that it is often difficult for health care practitioners to stay abreast of this rapidly changing field. Oftentimes, drug therapies that were considered state-of-the-art only a few years ago are now outdated and replaced by more contemporary treatments.

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