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  • Hệ Thống tòa án Việt Nam hiện tại được tổ chứ và vận hành thuần túy... tạo cho tòa án đòi hỏi phải có sự điều chỉnh cách diễn ... viên trong xã hội đều được thực hiện trong khuôn khổ ứng xử đã được xác lập như một tiền lệ. ...

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  • The authors acknowledge the contribution of several colleagues, academics, experts, and lawyers. The IP/Antitrust group at Parsons Behle & Latimer pro- vided valuable input into the chapters on litigation and the patent and antitrust inter- face. In particular, Raymond Etcheverry, David Mangum, and Kevin Speirs have been mentors and helped the authors appreciate the importance of damages in intellectual property cases.

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  • .A Litigator’s Guide to DNA .This page intentionally left blank .A Litigator’s Guide to DNA From the Laboratory to the Courtroom Ron C. Michaelis, PhD, FACMG Robert G. Flanders, Jr., Esq. Paula H. Wulff, JD Amsterdam • Boston • Heidelberg • London • New York • Oxford Paris • San Diego • San Francisco • Singapore • Sydney • Tokyo Academic Press is an imprint of Elsevier .

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  • Asthma Wellness Keeping Children with Asthma in School and Learning Liability & Litigation: A Legal Primer Asthma & Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Asthma Management, Policies and Procedures .S t r a i g h t By Paul D. Houston t a l k In School and Healthy: A Critical Component of Academic Success School administrators know that numerous factors, from family support to language skills, academic readiness to physical health, affect a child’s academic success. Children cannot learn if they are hungry. They cannot learn if their teeth hurt. Children also cannot learn if they cannot breathe.

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  • 88 Understanding the Numbers EXHIBIT 2.35 Adjustment worksheet for sustainable earnings base: Baker Hughes Inc., years ended September 30 (in millions).

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  • Litigation is not always the only or best way to resolve conflicts.Mediation offers an alternative approach and it is one that can be quite efficient and successful. Mediation can be faster, less expensive, and can lead to creative solutions not always possible in a court of law. Additionally, mediation focuses on mutually acceptable solutions, rather than on winning or losing.

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  • James R. Hitchner, CPA/ABV, ASA is the managing director of the Financial Valuation Group (FVG) in Atlanta, GA. FVG is a national financial advisory services firm specializing in valuation and litigation services. Mr. Hitchner is a founding member of the Financial Consulting Group, L.C. (FCG). FCG is a national association of professional services firms dedicated to excellence in valuation, financial and litigation consulting.

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  • Trong các thiết chế dân chủ hiện đại, tòa án hành xử quyền tài phán, một trong ba quyền nền tảng của hệ thống quyền lực quốc gia – vừa thực hiện vai trò xét xử tranh chấp để tạo lập và duy trì công lý trong xã hội, vừa thực thi trách nhiệm giải thích luật pháp thông qua những luận điểm pháp lý nêu trong phán quyết, và qua đó ấn định khuôn khổ ứng xử cho hành vi của các tổ chức và cá nhân. Hành xử thẩm quyền này đòi hỏi hoạt động của...

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  • The practice of law is not monolithic. Professional directories for the United States sort one million lawyers and 50,000 law firms into some 65 core practice areas. In Lawyers at Work, I interview fifteen lawyers in fifteen practice areas selected to be representative of the lawyering spectrum: employment law, corporate defense, criminal prosecution, financial services, international project finance, family law, international law, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, antitrust, intellectual property, entertainment, nonprofit, civil rights, trusts and estates, and civil litigation.

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  • Environmental forensics is the systematic examination of environmental information used in litigation. The purpose of this book is to provide a working reference for the practicing environmental attorney or environmental consultant. As a working reference, the topics and examples selected are common denominator issues encountered in environmental litigation; as such, this book is not intended to be a treatise on a particular subject but rather to present information that you will likely encounter.

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  • Robert Reilly is a managing director of Willamette Management Associates and Willamette Capital. He performs valuation consulting, economic analysis, and finan- cial advisory services including event analyses, merger and acquisition valuations, divestiture and spin-off valuations, solvency analyses, fairness opinions, ESOP fea- sibility and formation analyses, purchase price allocations, business and stock valuations, restructuring and workout analyses, litigation support analyses, tangible/ intangible asset transfer pricing studies, and lost profit/economic damages analyses....

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  • The professional practice of counseling and mental health has become overly complex and litigious. Public outcry over recent corporate and government scandals has led to a proliferation of litigation and has fueled calls for increased ethics training and accountability for management professionals. Not surprisingly, scrutiny of ethical practice has extended beyond business and government to all professional sectors, including the mental health profession.

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  • Gordon V. Smith is chairman of AUS, Inc. and president of AUS Consultants. He has advised clients in valuation matters for over 40 years. His assignments have included appraisals of nearly every type of tangible and intangible property as well as consultations relative to royalty rates, economic life, and litigation damages for intellectual property. Clients have been many of the Fortune 500 and major international law firms, as well as research and educational institu- tions, regulatory bodies, and the U.S. government. Mr.

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  • Christopher L. Culp is an adjunct professor of finance at the Graduate School of Business of the University of Chicago, where he teaches graduate-level courses on derivatives, alternative risk transfer, risk management, and investments. He also offers a graduate seminar on insurance during winter quarters as a guest professor of risk and insurance in the Institut für Finanzmanagement at Universität Bern in Switzerland.

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  • 4 Forensic Techniques Used in Environmental Litigation Scientific method vs. junk science 4.1 INTRODUCTION When evaluating the merits of performing non-intrusive forensic analysis (e.g., contaminant transport modeling or aerial photo-interpretation) and/or intrusive sampling and testing, three questions should be considered: 1. Does the analysis or testing advance the understanding of the technical aspects of the case? 2. Can the test results be damaging to your client? 3.

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  • The purpose of this book is to assist students in their study of criminal law and it is aimed primarily at those who are studying on degree courses and courses leading to professional examinations. It is not intended to replace standard textbooks, law reports and academic journals but to complement them by providing illustrations of answers to typical examination and course assessment questions.

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  • Russell L. Parr, CFA, ASA is president of IPRA, Inc. (Intellectual Property Research Associates). He is a consultant, author, publisher, and lecturer focused on the valuation, pricing, and strategic management of intellectual property. For over twenty-five years, he has advised his clients about the value and pricing of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. His books are published in Japanese, Korean, Italian, Chinese, and Russian. Mr.

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  • This book weaves strands of research that date back more than 20 years, to approximately 1990–1991. Although I worked at a futures commission merchant (that is, a brokerage firm) while in graduate school, that work involved financial futures exclusively. Deciding to leave that business in mid-October 1987 (thereby causing the 1987 crash), first for a stint in litigation support consulting and then on to academia at the Michigan Business School, I worked on research completely unrelated to futures markets.

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  • 5 Contaminant Transport Modeling A useful approximation of realty or an intellectual toy? 5.1 INTRODUCTION A contaminant transport model is a work-in-progress hypothesis. Contaminant transport models are useful because they simplify reality for the purpose of predicting outcomes. In environmental litigation, contaminant transport models are used to confirm or challenge the allegation that a contaminant release occurred at a discrete point in time based on the observed presence of a contaminant some distance from the source.

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  • On first glance, official identification of human remains and certification of the cause of death appear to be mundane endeavors that serve mainly private needs of families, insurers, and litigants. In truth, however, valid and reliable data on the circumstances and causes of deaths serve a variety of important public needs, including fair and accurate adjudication in criminal and civil cases, maintenance of accurate vital statistics, effective public health surveillance and response, advances in health and safety research, and improvement in quality of heath care....

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