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  • Two cryoprotectant solutions, including trimethylamine oxide (TMAO) and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), and several loading durations were used to evaluate the cryopreservation of the shoot tip of Eriobotrya plants.

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  • To successfully complete the whole project, initially we need to choose the proper solar panel with appropriate power rating and weight. Because, these things are directly related to the efficiency of the car. So, we did an experiment which involved the load management of the car while driving along with the V-I rating. Here, we chose a random car and put different bars with different weights on different position (i.e. front hood, roof top/ seat, back hood) of that car.

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  • causing a voltage sag with duration of more than 1 cycle occurs within the area of vulnerability. However, faults outside this area will not cause the voltage to drop below 0.5 pu. The same discussion applies to the area of vulnerability for ASD loads. The less sensitive the equipment, the smaller the area of vulnerability will be (and the fewer times sags will cause the equipment to misoperate). The voltage sag performance for a given customer facility will depend on whether the customer is supplied from the transmission system or from the distribution system.

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  • Impact Effect of Moving Vehicles 56.1 56.2 Mingzhu Duan Quincy Engineering, Inc. 56 56.3 56.4 56.5 Philip C. Perdikaris Case Western Reserve University Introduction Consideration of Impact Effect in Highway Bridge Design Consideration of Impact Effect in Railway Bridge Design Free Vibration Analysis Structural Models • Free Vibration Analysis Wai-Fah Chen Purdue University Forced Vibration Analysis under Moving Load Dynamic Response Analysis • Summary of Bridge Impact Behavior 56.

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  • Caching Application Pages and Data FIGURE 29.10 Programmatically caching a User Control. LISTING 29.26 ShowDynamicUserControl.aspx void Page_Load() { // Load the control PartialCachingControl cacheMe = (PartialCachingControl)Page.LoadControl(“Movies.ascx”); // Change cache duration to 15 seconds cacheMe.CachePolicy.SetExpires(DateTime.Now.AddSeconds(15)); // Add control to page PlaceHolder1.Controls.Add(cacheMe); // Display control cache duration lblCacheDuration.Text = cacheMe.CachePolicy.Duration.ToString(); } ...

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  • Fifteen consecutive recreational athletes (12 men and 3 women; mean age, 44.3 ! 7.0 years) with the diagnosis of Achilles tendinosis and a long duration of symptoms (18.3 months; range, 3 to 100) had pain during running and had tried conventional treatment (rest, nonsteroidal antiin- flammatory drugs, changes of shoes or orthoses, physical therapy, and ordinary training programs) with no effect on the Achilles tendon pain. This group of patients was contacted during the years 1995 to 1996 and selected for preoperative heavy-load eccentric calf muscle training.

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  • Effect of the pulse electric current on mechanical properties of an ultra-high strength steel (UHSS) is experimentally investigated. A single pulse of electric current with a short duration of 0.36 sec is applied to the specimen under tensile plastic loading. The experimental result showed that flow stress of the UHSS nearly instantly drops at moment of electric current, following strain hardening until necking of the specimen. Uniform elongation completely depends on the pulsing strain, while ultimate tensile strength slightly changes after electric current.

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  • Physical exercise is beneficial for bone tissue health, yet its usage is limited for preventing osteoporosis. Even though natural for the bone tissue from development to homeostasis, mechanical loads present with a multitude of physical parameters, including amplitude, duration, frequency, and distribution.

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