Logical thinking

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  • This book aims to help readers develop an understanding of what is meant by critical thinking and to develop their own reasoning skills. These skills are essential to those progressing to higher levels of academic study, whether at advanced or degree level. However, the underlying concepts are useful to anyone who wishes to:

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  • Thinking Skills are some of the most valuable skills you can learn today. The reason is simple. While in the past, people went to work for their manual skills, today they go to work for their mental skills. We live in an Information Age, no longer an Industrial Age. That’s why brain has replaced brawn, and strength in thinking has replaced strength in muscles. No matter what kind of business you work for, nor what kind of job you do, today you are expected to apply a range of thinking skills to the work you carry out. This includes using...

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  • According to the objective idealist philosophy, thinking is a product of "absolute idea" as a supernatural instinct, independent, not dependent on the material. According to George Wilhemer Fridrick Heghen: "The concept of absolute origins and its activities can only be expressed in thought, in the form of speculative science alone". [1]. Karl Marx said: "For Heghen, the movement of thinking he personified under the name" the idea "that God created reality; reality is only appearance of ideas"

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  • The chess playing mind does not work like a machine. Selecting a move results from rather chaotic thought processes and is not the logical outcome of applying a rational method. The only problem with that, says International Master Willy Hendriks, is that most books and courses on improving at chess claim exactly the opposite. The dogma of the chess instruction establishment is that if you only take a good look at certain ‘characteristics’ of a position, then good moves will follow more or less automatically....

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  • This electronic book is dedicated to the millions of people to pursue excellence in research, education, scholarship and life. Its goal related to how the techniques and procedures should be used to enhance intelligence and intelligence.Thinking is a philosophical category refers to the activities of the spirit, the sense of bringing people to modify and improve the world through physical activity, making people aware of things right and behave positively to it

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  • Think Python is an introduction to Python programming for beginners. It starts with basic concepts of programming, and is carefully designed to define all terms when they are first used and to develop each new concept in a logical progression. Larger pieces, like recursion and object-oriented programming are divided into a sequence of smaller steps and introduced over the course of several chapters.

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  • General approaches to the analysis of complex synthetic problems, general approaches to the analysis of complex, synthetic problems,... as the main contents of the document "The logic of chemical synthesis". Invite you to consult for additional documents for the academic needs and research.

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  • “6 chiếc mũ tư duy” là một công cụ trợ giúp tư duy được Edward de Bono giới thiệu trong cuốn “6 Thinking Hats”. Đây là một phương pháp cực kỳ hiệu quả, giúp bạn đánh giá sự việc từ nhiều góc nhìn khác nhau để đưa ra quyết định tốt hơn. Nhờ vậy, bạn sẽ hiểu rõ hơn mọi ngóc ngách của sự việc, nhận diện được những nguy cơ và cơ hội mà bình thường bạn có thể không chú ý đến....

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  • Anything can be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not can live a really complete or successful unless rich people. no one can increase the maximum height may be developing his talent or soul unless he a lot of money, to open up the soul and talent development, he must have many thi

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  • We all know someone who is incredibly bright and yet cannot seem to pull their life together. The brilliant student who flunks out of university, or the incredibly intelligent worker who can’t seem to get ahead in their company. We know from our familiarity with them that they have a good to superior intelligence level, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to ensure success. And at the same time, we can probably describe in some form why we feel these people have not been successful. Our descriptions would include certain traits or behaviors that have nothing to do with...

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  • In Leading Change, John Kotter examines the efforts of more than 100 companies to remake themselves into better competitors.

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  •   Tư duy đột phá VÀI NÉT VỀ TÁC GIẢ Edward de Bono sinh năm 1933 tại Malta. Ông có bằng thạc sỹ về tâm lý học, sinh lý học và hàm tiến sĩ y khoa, là giáo sư tại các Đại học Oxford, London, Cambridge, Harvard và giáo sư thỉnh giảng tại 52 quốc gia khác nhau. Edward de Bono là tác giả của gần 70 tác phẩm chuyên khảo về tư duy đặc biệt là các phương pháp tư duy định hướng (lateral thinking), được dịch ra nhiều ngôn ngữ khác nhau. Một số trường sử dụng tác phẩm của ông...

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  • Tư duy phê phán (critical thinking) là quá trình vận dụng tích cực trí tuệ vào việc phân tích, tổng hợp, đánh giá sự việc, xu hướng, ý tưởng, giả thuyết từ sự quan sát, kinh nghiệm, chứng cứ, thông tin, và lý lẽ nhằm mục đích xác định đúng - sai, tốt - xấu, hay - dở, hợp lý - không hợp lý, nên - không nên, và rút ra quyết định, cách ứng xử của mỗi cá nhân. Tư duy phê phán là nền tảng để phát triển tư duy độc lập, yếu tố không thể thiếu của...

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  • Thuộc tính của người thành đạt Tư duy phê phán (critical thinking) là quá trình vận dụng tích cực trí tuệ vào việc phân tích, tổng hợp, đánh giá sự việc, ý tưởng, giả thuyết… từ sự quan sát, kinh nghiệm, chứng cứ, thông tin, và lý lẽ nhằm đưa ra nhận định về sự việc, ra quyết định, và hình thành cách ứng xử của mỗi cá nhân.

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  • For centuries the human race has noted and recorded for the following purposes: memory; communication; problem solving and analysis; creative thinking; and summarisation, etc. The techniques that have been used to do this include sentences, lists, lines, words, analysis, logic, linearity, numbers, and monotonic (one colour) usage. Good though some of these systems seemed, they have all used what you know to be the dominantly 'left cortical' thought modalities.

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  • This book is written for all those interested in arguments and arguing—and especially for students enrolled in courses designed to improve their critical thinking abilities. My goal in this work is to present enough theory to explain why certain kinds of argument are good or bad and enough illustrations and examples to show how that theory can be applied. The book includes lively illustrations from contemporary debates and issues and ample student exercises. Responses to some exercises are provided within the book, while the remainder are answered in a manual available to instructors.

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  • Critical thinking không hướng vào sự thể hiện năng lực tư duy lôgic qua sự phân tích, chứng minh vấn đề (mặc dầu điều này rất cần cho Critical thinking) mà quan trọng hơn và cần thiết hơn là xác lập quan niệm, thiết kế một kế hoạch ý tưởng - hành động với mục đích nhất định.

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  • The logical data design is the middle stage of the natural progression from conceptual design to physical design. The process of deriving a logical data design from the conceptual data design accomplishes the following: Translates conceptual data needs into real data requirements. You must turn the conceptual data needs identified during conceptual design into actual entities and relationships that will define how the data interacts. Helps organize your thinking about the data.

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  • This approach has strengths and weaknesses. Its great strength is that it is supremely logical: think before you build, write it all down, follow a plan, and keep everything as organized as possible. It has just one great weakness: humans are involved. For example: this approach requires that the good ideas all come at the beginning of the development cycle, where they can be incorporated into the plan.

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  • After the first laboratory assignment several students came to my office and asked questions that were very similar. Thus, this addendum to Chapter 1 was written. When a program is assigned to you the first thing you should do is to understand the problem. Even though you may think that the assignment is very easy and you can do it at the last minute, most of the time this is not the case. Therefore, I require you to solve the problem assigned to you with "paper and pencil" first.

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