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  • .vegetation so much for granted that I'd ceased to notice it. Now it was gone. There were no round fruits growing from tender grasses, no tubers dangling from the fungus trees, no legume vines sprawling over the rocks. Everywhere lay desert, barren dunes shaking their crests with tidal motion. I lowered myself to the ground and dug my big fibrosities into the sod. No green lea

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  • IT SEEMS unnecessary to say that my story began a long time ago, but I do not intend to be subtle. I am not clever and my lying is unpolished, almost amateurish. So I certainly could not be subtle, which requires both cleverness and an ability to tell the truth and a lie in the same breath. Let us turn back the clock a few ages. I was lying in the sun thinking of love. I understand that you human beings have an aversion to biological discussion, so I will not go into detail. But I must remind you that...

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  • .About Winterbotham: Russell R. Winterbotham (1904-1971) was a writer of western and science fiction genre fiction, and the author of several Big Little Books. He also wrote crime under the pen name J. Harvey Bond. Also available on Feedbooks for Winterbotham: • The Whispering Spheres (1941) Copyright: Please read the legal notice included in this e-book and/or check the copyright status in your country. Note: This book is brought to you by Feedbooks http://www.feedbooks.com Strictly for personal use, do not use this file for commercial purposes....

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  • Các từ hay bị nhầm lẫn nhất trong tiếng Anh (Phần 3) .Alone: hàm ý là một người hay một vật nào đó đang ở riêng lẻ - không có ai hoặc vật gì khác ở xung quanh. Lonely (ở Mỹ dùng lonesome) đề cập đến sự bất hạnh do tình trạng đơn độc gây ra. Và lonely hay lonesome? House hay home?

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  • The research described in this monograph was sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense and conducted within the International Security and Defense Policy Center of the RAND Corporation’s National Defense Research Institute, a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, the Unified Combatant Commands, th

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