Loss of privacy

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  • This book is by no means unique. People have gathered case studies together and published them for many years. After all, the value of case studies--particularly in the education of young managers and executives-in-training B is well known. Cases provide both the instructor and the learner with an opportunity examine authentic, real-world problems in a careful and detailed way. The facts of each case are laid out in methodical, if sometimes incomplete, fashion for the student of management to examine...

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  • Today, there is an ever-growing dependency on computer networks for business transac- tions. With the free flow of information and the high availability of many resources, managers of enterprise networks have to understand all the possible threats to their networks. These threats take many forms, but all result in loss of privacy to some degree and possibly malicious destruction of information or resources that can lead to large monetary losses.

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  • Media sanitization is one key element in assuring confidentiality. Confidentiality is “Preserving authorized restrictions on information access and disclosure, including means for protecting personal privacy and proprietary information…” [44 U.S.C., Sec. 3542] “A loss of confidentiality is the unauthorized disclosure of information.

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  • A new problem in 2008, “Undocumented Workers (Illegal Aliens)” ranks 70th and is a critical issue for 11 percent of small business owners. Despite strong and diverse opinions on this issue and the extensive press coverage on it, undocumented workers are not a top-of- the-line issue for small business people in their business ownership capacity. The principle reason for concern is the problems that arise from unfair competition by those hiring illegal immigrants. Such competition apparently is not a pressing issue for many.

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  • Policies of aggressive capitalization and extended amortization periods of use. Unlike enterprises that improve their results by increasing revenue, some companies increase their result by minimizing costs. They minimize their costs by aggressive capitalization of costs that should affect the profit and loss account also by depreciating amounts for extended periods. There are cases where expenditure to be capitalized is not easily determined and thus, it is recommended to appeal to professional judgment in order to determine whether or not capitalization is required.

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