Love and war

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  • From the point of view of literature, the Great War of to-day has brought us into a new and closer sympathy with the England of the past. Dr. Woods and Mr. Baltzly in their recent careful study of European Warfare, _Is War Diminishing?_ come to the conclusion that England during the period of her great activity in the world has been "fighting about half the time." We had begun to look on war as belonging to the past and insensibly fallen into the view of Buckle that in England "a love of war is, as a national taste, utterly extinct." Now we have awakened to...

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  • He sees God as love and community, as the expression of organic wholeness and dynamic, harmonious interaction— a theme he develops in the first part of his essay. It is his commitment to this faith that sustains him in the light of the horrors he describes. What is important about Arnold’s thinking is that he goes beyond the salvation of the individual. .

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  • This tale of love and valor is woven around an episode of international history, the fifth siege of Quebec by the Continental troops, under General Richard Montgomery, during the war of the American Revolution. No event chronicled in the annals of the Republic or of the Dominion surpasses it in romantic interest and picturesqueness of detail; and for daring, courage and endurance of hardship, few adventures equal that midwinter attack on what was then an impregnable stronghold.

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  • When this romance touches history the author believes that it is, in every respect, with one possible exception, in accord with the accepted facts. In detailing the history of "the '45'" and the sufferings of the misguided gentlemen who flung away the scabbard out of loyalty to a worthless cause, care has been taken to make the story agree with history.

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  • There are other villages a short drive away if that also make a lovely visit and the medieval town of Korcula is within easy striking distance. Snorkelling is lovely around the bay but there are also local snorkeling trips which are well worth a try which take you around some of the uninhabited local islands. There is even a World War 2 wreck not too far away if you are a keen diver! Internally, the villa comprises 3 double bedrooms (2 upstairs and 1 down). A King sized sofa bed is also available in the living room. Both upstairs bedrooms both...

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  • Edward Wilson's second novel will prove familiar territory for fans of A River in May. The setting is 1950s London, at the height of the Cold War. Kit Fournier is ostensibly a senior diplomat at the US embassy in Grosvenor Square, but it actually CIA bureau chef in London. The Arms Race informs much of the action in this fast-paced page turner which sees Kit go undercover to meet a dissident KGB agent, lose a loved one, have a crisis of soul and get blackmailed into becoming a double agent for M16......

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  • (bq) part 2 book “the minder brain” has contents: the sexual brain, bonding, motherhood and love, the brain goes to war, the rhythm of life, the brain breaks down, individualit.

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  • Tottochan - The little girl at the window is engaging series of childhood recollections tells about an ideal school in Tokyo during World War II that combined learning with fun, freedom, and love. This unusual school had old railroad cars for classrooms, and it was run by an extraordinary man-its founder and headmaster, Sosaku Kobayashi-who was a firm believer in freedom of expression and activity.



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  • Champlain, Samuel de. Explorer, geographer, and colonizer. Born in 1567 at Brouage, a village on the Bay of Biscay. Belonged by parentage to the lesser gentry of Saintonge. In boyhood became imbued with a love of the sea, but also served as a soldier in the Wars of the League. Though an enthusiastic Catholic, was loyal to Henry of Navarre. On the Peace of Vervins (1598) returned to the sea, visiting the Spanish West Indies and Mexico. Between 1601 and 1603 wrote his first book--the Bref Discours. In 1603 made his first voyage to the St Lawrence, which he ascended as far as the Lachine...

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  • The sacred formulas here given are selected from a collection of about six hundred, obtained on the Cherokee reservation in North Carolina in 1887 and 1888, and covering every subject pertaining to the daily life and thought of the Indian, including medicine, love, hunting, fishing, war, self-protection, destruction of enemies, witchcraft, the crops, the council, the ball play, etc., and, in fact, embodying almost the whole of the ancient

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  • This beautiful lake owes its name to Samuel de Champlain, the founder of Quebec. In 1609, long before the Pilgrim Fathers landed at Plymouth, he joined a band of Huron and Algonquin warriors on an expedition against their enemies, the Iroquois, since known as the Five Nations of New York. While gratifying his own love of adventure, he expected to make important geographical discoveries. After a grand war dance at the infant settlement of Quebec, the allies set out together.

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