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  • we decided to write this in response to the many positive feedbacks we received from freelance translators. they told us we made their business so simple yet so different. they said that after implementing our methods, they started enjoying their working hours while doubling their output. we believe you are already the best at what you do - you have all the skills of translation. instead, we are going to show you how to make the best of your translation skills. be forewarned – at, we think differently; some of the translators defined it as thinking outside...

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  • Love allows life to become the effortless dance it was always meant to be. It opens the doors to happiness, joy and dreams come true, and returns you to a place of clarity and truth. It is the ultimate consciousness raiser and purifier. Love lies at the heart of all that you seek, and separation from it at the root of your troubles and pain. There is ultimately nothing that enough love can not heal, transform and transcend.

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  • A wise man once said, "Passion is the source of our finest moments." How true! Think about your life. Aren't your greatest memories filled with passionate feelings? It could have been joy, love, pride, or even sadness, but the one thing in common with all of these emotions is passion. Passion intensifies your total experience of any moment and inspires you to bring your dreams to life. It prevents you from filling your existence with lackluster episodes of boredom.

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  • men aren’t stupid. and nine other free lessons that will change your life copyright july 2012 roslyn hardy holcomb published by roslyn hardy holcomb at smashwords all rights reserved. this copy is intended for the original purchaser of this e-book only. no part of this e-book may be reproduced, scanned or distributed in any printed or electronic form without prior written permission from roslyn hardy holcomb. cover artist: whit holcomb this is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. this may not be re-sold or given away to other people. if you would like to share this book with...

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  • what others are saying about evolve your life mini-books “i loved reading the evolve your life mini-books and am already implementing their suggestions in my life. everything was presented beautifully. each mini-book kept my attention throughout. the pacing and flow were great.” -john eskew, library assistant smashwords edition license notes: thank you for downloading this free . you are welcome to share it with your friends. this book may be reproduced, copied and distributed for non-commercial purposes, provided the book remains in its complete original form. ...

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  • Live Your Life by Design Marlene Isabel Shirazi Rasmussen Copyright © 2012, MINDS HORIZON Publishing Original version, English Please note that this publication is based on personal experience and that the publisher has used its best efforts in preparing this article. Although the author and publisher have made every reasonable attempt to achieve complete accuracy of the content in this article, they assume no responsibility for errors or omissions. Also, you should use this information as you see fit, and at your own risk.

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  • This booklet is written for those of you who didn't stop to think thirteen years and nine months ago. Because you didn't, you are now faced with this alien being commonly called a teenager. So what do you do to survive the next five years? Well you could drown the little beastie but that seems rather pointless after already investing the best years of your life in its growth. No a much better idea is to read this booklet.

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  • If you are passionate about software craftsmanship, if you want to be a great software developer, if you want to love your work, or if you want to raise the bar and turn software development into a profession instead of a job, then read this book. In these pages, Chad Fowler presents a set of no-nonsense heuristics, disciplines, and attitudes that will teach you how to respect and love your profession—and be great at it. Bob Martin President, Object Mentor, Inc. The great thing about this book is that it is full of plans—things I can do. It keeps responsibility...

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  • Hard to believe anything other than luck and maybe fate, never mind a book, can make someone fall in love with you, but oddly enough, Leil Lowndes seems to offer the advice that can do just that in How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You. The sensation of falling in love comes from a chemical secreted by the nervous system, phenylethylamine (or PEA, as Lowndes calls it, as in "Scientists tell us only PEA-brained people fall in Love"), and the trick is to trigger the manufacture of PEA in your potential love partner, giving him or her the...

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  • Just imagine sharing such a deep and everlasting passion that – even after 30 years together – your heart still skips a beat whenever you see each other. Envision everyday life with someone that thrills you so much that they're the one you check out at parties as they walk across the room. How can you deepen your relationship to such a passionate level? One of the critical keys to developing and maintaining such a relationship is the language of love. What is this language and how can you master it? Simply speaking, it's loving communication....

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  • Chapter 1: Your Neurons at Work Chapter 2: Framing Your Thoughts Chapter 3: Putting Your Brain to Work Chapter 4: Tools for Clear Thinking Chapter 5: Food for Thought Chapter 6: The Conscious Mind Chapter 7: A Model of the Mind Chapter 8: Solving Problems Chapter 9: Getting it Right Chapter 10: Managing Your Resources Chapter 11: Clear Thinking and

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  • Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs a person will ever have. We all want the best for our children and for them to live a life full of love, happiness and abundance. There’s so much excitement when a child is born; all the hopes and dreams. As the baby grows and begins to explore their world, parents often begin to feel frustrated and overwhelmed at how to best manage the new behaviors exhibited by their child.

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  • Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine I'm leaving my life in your hand People say I'm crazy and that I am blind Risking it all in a glance How you got me blind is still a mystery I can't get you out of my head Don't care what is written in your history As long as you're here with me Chorus I don't care who you are Where you're from What you did As long as you love me Who you are Where you're from Don't care what you did As long as you love me

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  • how to create your future all copyrights for the individual articles remain with the original authors. however, reproduction of this in its entirety is highly encouraged. please share this with everybody you know! please visit our websites for more free tools to help change your future. get the free book “mind over money: how to program your mind for wealth” at get all the latest news, science, research and opinion on the power of the mind with our weekly newsletter mind power news.

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  • Ehikhamen Samuel Osagie was born to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ehikhamen on the 9th day of October 1983, in a suburb at Ijora Badia area of Lagos State, Nigeria. He was raised by God himself for this purpose as nothing his family had points to such a future. He loves to learn, but loves more to teach what he knows. He has always had a passion everyone around saw as a weakness, CHARITY. This attribute has, and is still pushing him to selflessly commit himself to poverty alleviation in Nigeria and the world at large. He is...

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  • Change is an inevitable part of life, but when it comes to being laid off, it's often a change that occurs against your will. You may have seen the warning signs for months, heard the rumors and ignored that sinking feeling in your stomach that something terrible was about to happen, and now it really has. You've got two months, or two weeks or two hours to clean out your desk. It doesn't matter you've spent years or decades at the firm, worked Saturdays and missed your kid's ball games so you could make that next promotion - they want...

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  • setting your vision and defining your goals shelp etting your vision and defining your goals will guide individuals and business owners alike through the process of establishing a personal mission statement that helps provide clarity and a sense of purpose. how do you want to live? what impact to you want to make? what do you value? a series of exercises will help you answer these questions and more as you begin building a life you love.

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  • M ike Reeves-McM illan, Health Coach and Hypnotherapist, presents... Change Techniques How You Can Use Simple, Effective Techniques to Train Your Own Brain to Change in Ways That You Control ...and How to Succeed in the Personal Goals You Set For Yourself. .Contents Change is always around us - but not always within us Change is hard. With the right knowledge, it gets easier.

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  • The five jewels of wisdom are a fundamental part of the path of awakening and the way of enlightenment. They provide a source of inspiration for people to draw upon and benefit from. You are not asked to believe, but rather to discover for yourself the truths outlined in these jewels of wisdom and how they can transform your life. This teaching is essentially a spiritual cleansing as the five jewels (karma, harmlessness, desire, love and freedom), when internalise, can take one rapidly to the threshold of spiritual awakening....

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  • I was a closet meat eater, a vegetarian trying not to get caught with a pork chop, beef patty, or chicken sausage in my hand. Now I am a fl exitarian and don’t have to wear a scarlet letter for eating a little red meat. I want to be a vegetarian because of the countless health benefi ts. I also want to enjoy backyard barbecue hamburgers in the summertime, hot dogs at a Cubs baseball game, Grandma’s pork roast made with love, my father-in-law’s beef chili, Mom’s perfectly seasoned steak grilled to perfection by Dad, and Th anksgiving turkey....

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