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  • Frolog is a text-adventure game whose goal is to serve as a laboratory for testing pragmatic theories of accommodation. To this end, rather than implementing ad-hoc mechanisms for each task that is necessary in such a conversational agent, Frolog integrates recently developed tools from computational linguistics, theorem proving and artificial intelligence planning.

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  • Virtual instructors can be used in several applications, ranging from trainers in simulated worlds to non player characters for virtual games. In this paper we present a novel algorithm for rapidly prototyping virtual instructors from human-human corpora without manual annotation. Automatically prototyping full-fledged dialogue systems from corpora is far from being a reality nowadays.

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  • Previous approaches to instruction interpretation have required either extensive domain adaptation or manually annotated corpora. This paper presents a novel approach to instruction interpretation that leverages a large amount of unannotated, easy-to-collect data from humans interacting with a virtual world. We compare several algorithms for automatically segmenting and discretizing this data into (utterance, reaction) pairs and training a classifier to predict reactions given the next utterance.

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