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  • former / latter Some people insist that you should use the phrases the former and the latter only to refer to the first of two things and the second of two things, respectively: “But Flynn preceded Casey, as did also Jimmy Blake, and the former was a lulu and the latter was a fake” (Ernest Lawrence Thayer). It is easy to find violations of this rule in the works of good writers, but since former and latter are comparatives, many readers feel uneasy when the words are used in enumerations of more than two things, just as they would feel uneasy...

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  • To my dogs, Lulu and macho , and my cat, Vito: thanks for keeping me company in the cold basement while i cranked out page after page in the wee hours of the morning while cveryone alse was asleep. Writing is a lonely gig, and your company helped the time pass much easter ( and kept my feet and lap warm too ).

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  • GIÁO ÁN TIẾNG VIỆT LỚP 2..TẬP LÀM VĂN: KHEN NGỢI - KỂ NGẮN VỀ CON VẬT LẬP THỜI GIAN BIỂU..I. MỤC TIÊU: - Dựa vào câu và mẫu cho trước , nói được câu tỏ ý khén ( BT1) . - Kể được một vài câu về một con vật nuôi quen thuộc trong nhà (BT2) biết lập thời gian biểu ( nói hoặc viết ) một buổi tối trong ngày (BT3) * THGDBVMT: GD ý thức bảo vệ các loài động vật II. ĐỒ DÙNG DẠY HỌC: - Tranh vẽ minh họa các con vật nuôi trong nhà. III. CÁC HOẠT ĐỘNG DẠY HỌC:..

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  • Chunnel Surfer II Scott Sherman "Scix" Maddix .CHUNNEL SURFER II ©2007 Scott Maddix Published by Scott Sherman "Scix" Maddix Printed through Lulu Press:, America's fastest-growingPrint-on-Demand service. Book Design by Scott Maddix This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. This book and e-book are works of fiction and metafiction. Everything you read is a lie. There is no secret message in the copyright page. ISBN: 978-1-4303-1536-0 Spring 2007 First Edition ~~ .

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  • When my younger brothers expressed interest in my work, I realized they needed an introductory primer that covered a broad range of alternative subjects in the simplest and most concise manner possible. Fringe Knowledge for Beginners is the result. This book offers the most important and practical concepts known to

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  • Your thyroid is your master gland of metabolism. So when it’s slows down -- as is the case for as many as 50 million Americans -- you may find that losing weight becomes a losing proposition. A thyroid problem can sabotage even your best effort at weight loss! Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans with a thyroid

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  • Nối tiếp phần 1, phần 2 gồm 37 câu chuyện. Lời lẽ mộc mạc, hình ảnh minh họa sống động, "365 truyện kể hằng đêm" sẽ là món ăn tinh thần bổ dưỡng, chắp cánh cho mỗi giấc mơ hằng đêm của bé. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo chi tiết nội dung phần 2 tài liệu.

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  • This book may be reproduced, copied and distributed for non-commercial purposes, provided the book remains in its complete original form. Your support and respect for the property of this author is appreciated.

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  • Praise for Mediactive “Dan Gillmor has thought more deeply, more usefully, and over a longer period of time about the next stages of media evolution than just about anyone else. In Mediactive, he puts the results of his ideas and experiments together in a guide full of practical tips and longer-term inspirations for everyone affected by rapid changes in the news ecology. This book is a very worthy successor to his influential We the Media.

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  • Pharo is a modern open-source development environment for the classic Smalltalk-80 programming language. This book, intended for both students and developers, will guide you gently through the language and tools by means of a series of examples and exercises. We are making this book available to you under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license. You can either download the PDF for free from, or you can buy a softcover copy from (You can also pay for the PDF download from, if you would like to make a contribution to this effort.

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  • Mục đích nghiên cứu bài viết này nhằm đánh giá ảnh hưởng của hàm lượng cadimi (Cd) và chì (Pb) trong đất đến khả năng sinh trưởng và hấp thu các kim loại này của cây lu lu đực (Solanum nigrum L.) đồng thời xác định được khả năng loại bỏ chúng ra khỏi đất chuyên canh rau sau 3 tháng thí nghiệm.

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