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  • INTRODUCTION In the world market for industrial machinery there is a requirement that machines must work with a minimum of down time, especially for machine cells with two or more machines. In the manufacture of these machines there are two important requirements. First, the machine drive must be sized correctly to provide the required torques and thrust. Second, the machine feed servo drive must provide the required accuracy and be stable.

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  • The PIC 16F877A microcontroller is used as the reference device in this book, as it contains a full range of peripherals and a reasonable memory capacity. It was also used in the previous work on interfacing, so there is continuity if the book series is taken as a complete course in PIC application development. Microcontrollers are traditionally programmed in assembly language, each type having its own syntax, which translates directly into machine code.

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  • AMATH 581 Homework 2 Shallow Liquid Simulation Erik Neumann 610 N. 65th St., Seattle, WA 98103 November 19, 2001 Abstract A model of shallow fluid behavior is evaluated using a variety of numerical solving techniques. The model is defined by a pair of partial differential equations which have two dimensions in space and one dimension of time. The equations concern the vorticity ω and the stream function ψ which are related to the velocity field of the fluid. The equations are first discretized in time and space.

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  • In this paper, a novel and complete process to simulate an active vibration control system in a centerless grinding machine is presented. Based on the updated finite element (FE) model of the machine, the structural modifications performed to incorporate active elements are detailed, as well as the subsequent reduction procedure to obtain a low-order state space model.

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  • We use a machine learner trained on a combination of acoustic and contextual features to predict the accuracy of incoming n-best automatic speech recognition (ASR) hypotheses to a spoken dialogue system (SDS). Our novel approach is to use a simple statistical User Simulation (US) for this task, which measures the likelihood that the user would say each hypothesis in the current context. Such US models are now common in machine learning approaches to SDS, are trained on real dialogue data, and are related to theories of “alignment” in psycholinguistics.

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  • In this paper dynamics of a vibrating crush machine is considered. The main subjected of the present work is to build a mechanical model of a vibrating equipement for crushing industrial materials.

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  • This paper presents the preliminary investigation on the implementation of two dimensional finite element modeling (FEM) with two approaches, Lagrangian mesh description and Arbitrary Eulerian-Lagrangian (ALE) mesh description, to simulate the stress and cutting temperature in the orthogonal cutting processes.

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  • Induction machines are widely used in many industries due to their robustness, ruggedness and easy maintenance feature. Due to the addition of power electronics devices and the complexity involved in the design of induction machines, their study and analysis can be very difficult.

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  • The transient energy margins are calculated and compared to assess the transient stability in multi-machine power system. Basing on this algorithm, the PC program uses the elements of the eigen-image matrix to bring the specific advantages for the simulation of the transient features of state variables.

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  • The Von-Mises stress distribution and equivalent plastic strain (PEEQ) during cutting are then investigated. Finally, the evolution of cutting forces in cutting was examined. The presented Finite element model in this study proved to be useful in determination of cutting parameters, especially in high-speed machining.

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  • We specify a maximum number of stopped machines for an operating system and our aim is to give the main steady-state performance measures of the system, such as, server utilization, machine utilization, mean waiting times, mean response times, the probability of an operating system and the mean operating time of the system.

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  • In this paper, a novel method for analog circuit fault diagnosis based on extreme learning machine (ELM) as classifier which is optimized firefly algorithm (FA) is proposed. The feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed method are verified by the simulations of Sallen-Key lowpass filter circuit.

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  • The conventional methods such as firewalls, encryption is no longer adequate. In this paper, we identify three types of threats against AODV which influence the routing message in MANET. Our solution is based on the use of Time based Finite State Machine to identify correct and malicious behavior in AODV. The TFSM have been modelled using JFLAP and simulated in MANET environment using C#.

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  • This paper presents the results of calculation and numerical simulation to improve the bearing film stiffness of the medium cylindrical grinding machines with a reasonable hydrostatic parameters.

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  • This paper presents a study in vibration field of a large-scale hydraulic cylinder actuator via numerical simulation. A model of hydrostatic hoisting machine which is built with dynamical parameters is executed for implementation and performance evaluation.

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  • In this study, a software testing method using a simulation-based software test bed is proposed. The test bed is developed by emulating the microprocessor architecture of the programmable logic controller used in NPP safety-critical applications and capturing its behavior at each machine instruction. The effectiveness of the proposed method is demonstrated via a case study.

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  • Verification has been performed to check the VVER-1200 NPP simulator installed at Nuclear training Center, VINATOM by comparing main parameters in nominal power operation with design data given in safety analysis report of VVER-1200/V392M as well as Ninh Thuan FSSAR. A good agreement was found between the VVER-1200 NPP simulator and VVER-1200/V392M.

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  • This article presents analysis of inverse dynamics of a serial manipulator in milling process. With the exception of positioning accuracy issue, machining by robots have more advantages than by conventional CNC milling machines, due to higher flexible kinematics (many links and degrees of freedom) and larger working space. Therefore, motion of the robot links is more complicated. Process forces and complicated motion involve to difficulties in solving dynamic problems of robots. This affects the robot control to match machining requirements.

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  • This paper presents an analytical method to determine optimal parameters of tuned mass damper (TMD), such as the ratio between natural frequency of TMD and shaft, the ratio of the viscous coefficient of the TMD. Two novel findings of the present study are summarized as follows. First, the optimal parameters of the TMD for the shafts are given by using the fixed-point theory (FPT). Next, a numerical simulation is done for an example of the machine shaft to validate the effectiveness of the results obtained in this study.

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  • In this paper, a new hybrid algorithm based on multi-objective genetic algorithm (MOGA) using simulated annealing (SA) is proposed for scheduling unrelated parallel machines with sequencedependent setup times, varying due dates, ready times and precedence relations among jobs.

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