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  • “The Message of a Master” is a magical story about an ordinary man. The Master is in possession of a secret that is as available to you as to me, for this great secret is no respecter of persons. In this story, the Master began his instruction to the author by saying: “You may have come here in expectation of seeing a mysterious being endowed with mystic powers. A sort of magician who can pull a fortune out of air and pass it over to you. You have very much misled yourselves. I am just an ordinary man, no different than you...

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  • Roberto Giobbi has produced one of the only complete courses in card magic that is easy to follow and practical, this series has already received enormous praise from within the magic community! This series has received the highest praise from amateur and professional magicians alike, throughout Germany, France and Spain. Now, with its appearance in English, acclaim for Card College has grown even more enthusiastic. The idea of producing a thorough course in card magic has seldom been attempted, and those few rare efforts are dated and often difficult to obtain.

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  • Beginning birdwatchers face many frustrations: birds, it seems, are constantly in motion, taking flight before the fledgling birder can turn to a photograph or drawing that might help pinpoint its identification. The experienced birdwatcher, Edward Cronin writes in this friendly manual, is by contrast able to identify a dozen species in a few seconds, which compounds the beginner's lack of self-confidence. Never fear, Cronin reassures us: The "magician's trick of rapidly identifying species is, in truth, based on a logical procedure that anyone can master.

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  • The Baital-Pachisi, or Twenty-five Tales of a Baital is the history of a huge Bat, Vampire, or Evil Spirit which inhabited and animated dead bodies. It is an old, and thoroughly Hindu, Legend composed in Sanskrit, and is the germ which culminated in the Arabian Nights, and which inspired the "Golden Ass" of Apuleius, Boccacio's "Decamerone," the "Pentamerone," and all that class of facetious fictitious literature. The story turns chiefly on a great king named Vikram, the King Arthur of the East, who in pursuance of his promise to a Jogi or Magician, brings to him the Baital .

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  • William Tufnell Le Queux (July 2, 1864 London - October 13, 1927 Knocke, Belgium) was an Anglo-French journalist and writer. He was also a diplomat (honorary consul for San Marino), a traveller (in Europe, the Balkans and North Africa), a flying buff who officiated at the first British air meeting at Doncaster in 1909, and a wireless pioneer who broadcast music from his own station long before radio was generally available; his claims regarding his own abilities and exploits, however, were usually exaggerated....

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  • It has sometimes been claimed that the earliest medicine in Mesopotamia was a “rational” or “scientific” medicine which was only later “contaminated” by magical practices. Recently published letters from Mari (modern Tell Hariri), however, clearly show the physician, asû(m), and magician, (w)āšipu(m) or mašmaššu(m) working side by side on the same cases. There is no hint in the ancient texts that one approach was more legitimate than the other.

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