Majored students’ listening skill

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  • The study aims at investigating the influence of Google Forms on English majored students’ listening skill at the School of Foreign Languages, Thai Nguyen University. There was a controlled group in which the students were given printed homework and an experimental group in which the participants were sent listening homework designed on Google Forms.

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  • The results of the research will help improve listening skills for English Majors. More importantly, the study helps me find out the causes of those difficulties so that I can work out the right solutions to the problems. With the hope of improving students’ listening competence, I have tried my best to do this thesis by my own experiences and knowledge in English teaching methodology.

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  • The paper investigated the foreign language listening anxiety of 171 first-year non-English major students at School of Foreign Languages - Thai Nguyen University. To achieve the desired aims, questionnaire and semi-structured interviews were conducted. The analysis of the collected data reveals that although the respondents considered listening as an important skill in learning English process, they could not have enjoyment when being in listening class.

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  • The result of the study revealed that students that the main reason that caused listening problem for the students is the listening text. However, the factors that mostly caused listening problems were lack of practicing listening skill and lack of exposure to different kinds of listening materials.

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  • Listening has long been considered a hard-to-deal skill for both ESL teachers and learners. Although there are abundant studies on this field aiming to diversify in-class listening activities and make them more efficient for learners, the demand for one which manages to provide or reinforce necessary linguistic knowledge for students is still high.

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  • The study was conducted to find out the listening difficulties of the first year Medical doctor students who were studying English 1 and English 2 at University of Medicine and Pharmacy - Thai Nguyen University and then proposed some possible solutions to improve their listening skill. The study employed quantitative method to collect data via questionnaire and interview. The results of the study revealed that the majority of listening difficulties pertains to two main factors, namely the speakers, and the listeners.

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  • This study was conducted with thirty of Second year English major students at Hai Phong private University with the aim of investigating their English listening problems and listening proficiency. Questionnaire, and Interview were used in this study as tools to collect data. As a result, the data will be analyzed by using SPSS.

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  • This paper is devoted to examining the effects of aural authentic materials to motivate second year English major students in listening classes at Hung Yen university of Technology and Education. 25 majored English students are invited to experience aural authentic materials applied in the listening class and they also are assigned to choose their own favorite aural authentic input to practice at home. The data from interview, observation and weekly reflection of what they self practiced were collected to be analyzed and then be presented in this paper.

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  • This thesis was done with a view to find out students‟ difficulties in learning written translation in order to orient students who begin to study this subject in good manner of study. The study also aims at understanding the students‟ expectation in learning the subject and then suggesting some possible solutions to overcome difficulties as well as satisfy their expectations to improve and adjust both learning‟s style and teaching method.

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  • Investigate the current situation of learning listening skill to the first year English non-major students at Haiphong Private University (HPU). Propose some suggestions to motivate first-year English non-major students in learning listening skill.

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  • This study examines what obstacles hinder Quy Nhon University’s first year English-majors from comprehending English acoustic texts. The data, elicited from a questionnaire survey on two classes of first year English-majors enrolled in Listening 1, suggest that the students significantly have difficulty comprehending oral texts in English due to most of the 28 obstacles.

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  • To find out the most common difficulties in learning listening comprehension faced by the HPU first-year English major. To identify the causes of the problems of listening comprehension faced by the HPU first-year English major. To find out and give some solutions to minimize the difficulties and improve efficiency in listening comprehension.

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  • Self-regulated learning (SRL) has been well-documented in prior studies as a critical factor for academic success. While previous educational researchers have acknowledged the fact that SRL is both domain and context-dependent (Wolter & Pintrich, 1998), research examining learners’ self-regulatory activities in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) context is rather limited.

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  • This paper aims at presenting students’ attitudes towards the use of English captioned movies in English classes at Ho Chi Minh City Industry and Trade College. One hundred and fifty college freshmen who were studying Information Technology, Mechanics, Accounting, Electronics and Business Administration participated in answering the questionnaire, and twenty-five students of them were invited to take part in the semi-structured interviews.

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  • The findings implied significant factors to consider in the ESP curriculum design for students of BA: (i) speaking and listening should be prioritized; (ii) workplace-oriented skills such as telephoning, writing emails, reading business texts and interviewing should be included; (iii) content-based and skill-integrated materials should be used or developed and (iv) interactive and project-based activities were suggested.

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  • 'Public speaking is speaking to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner intended to inform, influence, or entertain the listeners' (Wikipedia). Therefore, a good speech should be substantial and engaging. There are three main points which the most orators should concern for making a good public speaking including preparation, body languages, and speaking skills. A study has been undertaken during the month of May 2018 to assess the knowledge level and skill level regarding public speaking for employment among the students of GBPUA&T, Pantnagar, and Uttarakhand.

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  • The purpose of the TOEFL® is to evaluate a non-native English speaker's proficiency in the English language. Almost one million students every year from 180 countries register to take the TOEFL®: the majority of universities and colleges in North America as well as in other English-speaking countries require official TOEFL® score reports for admission. The test is also used by institutions in other countries where English is the language of instruction.

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  • Main language focus: Reading comprehension 4. Integrated language skills: Writing, listening I. Objectives: Students will demonstrate successful reading for comprehension of relating causes and effects. Prior Knowledge Most students have knowledge on Basic English. Teaching Aids: Reading text, tapes, projector, laptop Teaching Points: I. Cause and effect 1. Vocabulary

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  • This article examines the alignment between the ESP course materials – English for hotel majored students – and the English language used in the hotel setting in Vietnam. English textbooks which were commonly used in the ESP courses for hospitality students were reviewed for the limits on the portion of the written materials in comparison with the English language used by the hotel staff in the real-life setting. Content analysis was adopted for analyzing the course materials, particularly the activities provided for students to practice listening and speaking skills.

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  • The Elon University School of Law opened in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina, in fall 2006 with a charter class of 100 students. The school builds on Elon University’s national reputation for excellence in engaged learning and leadership education. It provides experiential opportunities for law students in a learning laboratory environment, with direct access to the region’s major courts, law firms and government and nonprofit agencies. Elon law students acquire excellent knowledge of the law.

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