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  • When something goes wrong with your computer, it's frustrating and potentially expensive. With Fix Your Own Computer For Seniors For Dummies, you can find out what's wrong, how to fix it, whether you need to call in professional help, and how to practice preventive maintenance. This friendly guide avoids techie jargon and shows you how to diagnose the problem, find out whether the software or hardware is at fault, make simple repairs, and add external devices such as scanners, printers, and hard drives.

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  • Almost every homeowner in the world has a list—either written on paper or floating at the back of his or her mind—of small repairs that need to be done around the house.Most homeowners are waiting for the right time, the right materials, or the right information to come along so they can get started on these projects.Well, now that you’re armed with the information in 10-Minute Home Repairs, that time is now! Mantesh 12 Make Time If you think you’re too busy to get your home in better shape, think again.

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  • If the dent is very small or shallow, it may well be easier to simply carry out the repair with only bodyfiller without restoring the metal surface. Remember, bodyfiller applied in thick layers is not as flexible as the metalwork, leading to cracks and other problems especially near panel edges or on unsupported areas. Avoid deep filling on flexible panels. Assess the extent of metal damage first to make sure it really is repairable, otherwise consider panel replacement or professional help.

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  • In what follows, we construct a simple nancial system involving entities with interlocking balance sheets and use these techniques to model the spread and probability of contagious default following an unexpected shock, analytically and numerically. Unlike the generic, undirected graph model of Watts (2002), our model provides an explicit characterisation of balance sheets, making clear the direction of claims and obligations linking nancial institutions. It also includes asset price interactions with balance sheets, allowing the effects of asset-side contagion to be clearly delineated.

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