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  • The paper proves that helping student teachers to create their own gadgets in their work afterwards is much more important than just using the collected aids effectively. Making any kinds of teaching tools, from simple aids such as drawings to the technological applicable ones like animated cartoons, the student teachers will have chances to approach and experience creative activities.

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  • In the last few years, there has been an exciting growth of interest in questions about what we do as human geographers and how we do it. Reflecting the general shift within the social sciences towards a reflexive notion of knowledge, geographers have begun to question the constitution of the discipline – what we know, how we know it and what difference this makes both to the type of research we do and who participates in it with us either as colleagues or research subjects … An intrinsic part of these debates has been a greater self-consciousness about research methods.

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  • Where did the water in the Oceans come from? Outgassing (H2O, CO2) of the Earth from volcanoes, early in its history, but continuing today Sedimentary rocks as old as 3.8 billion years!A much smaller amount from comets that pass by.Weak electrical attraction makes for “sticky” molecules This explains its unique properties: heat capacity surface tension dissolving power

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  • Though he was already dead, Frank Norris had a good year in 1909. His epic novel Th e Octop u s (1901) was brou gh t to th e screen by vision ary film artist D. W. Griffith—no other filmmaker has touched it since. Titled “A Corner in Wheat,” the film is a confident, bare-bones distillation of the novel’s hundreds of pages into fewer than fifteen minutes of viewing time. It is of course no substitute for the original, a point compounded by the fact that Griffith drew on a second Norris novel, The Pit (1903), also a rather long book....

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  • The Conference “History of Mathematical Sciences: Portugal and East Asia I.” took place at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Macao from the 10* to the 12* of October 1998.

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  • The enclosure movement--the process by which the common-field system was broken down and replaced by a system of unrestricted private use--involved economic and social changes which make it one of the important subjects in English economic history. When it began, the arable fields of a community lay divided in a multitude of strips separated from each other only by borders of unplowed turf. Each landholder was in possession of a number of these strips, widely separated from each other, and scattered all over the open fields, so that he had a share in each of the various grades of land.

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  • Case in point, a student studying Physical Geography can learn about how mountains are formed, thus developing in him a deeper respect for the environment. Consequently, the student may decide to take such a class m order to make sure that our earth is protected from neglect in future generations.

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  • There is a hidden revolution going on: geography is moving from niche to the mainstream. GIS for Web Developers introduces Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in simple terms and demonstrates hands-on uses. With this book, you'll explore popular websites like, see the technologies they use, and learn how to create your own. Written with the usual Pragmatic Bookshelf humor and real-world experience, GIS for Web Developers makes geographic programming concepts accessible to the common developer...

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  • Mathematics is a way of organising our experience of the world. It enriches our understanding and enables us to communicate and make sense of our experiences. It also gives us enjoyment. By doing mathematics we can solve a range of practical tasks and real-life problems. We use it in many areas of our lives. In mathematics we use ordinary language and the special language of mathematics. We need to teach students to use both these languages. We can work on problems within mathematics and we can work on problems that use mathematics as a tool, like problems in science and geography.

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  • Compared to the United States as a whole, California has a relatively young cuisine, the foundation of which is innovation. The third largest state in America and with the largest population, it has a wide variety of microclimates and geography, making it well suited for growing and raising foods of all kinds.

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